I dunno why…but I needed to write THIS one-shot. THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE FLUFFY VK FANFICTION! Don't let me be the only one!!!


Messing With Zero's Head

Yuuki came out of the room slowly and shut the door behind her. She stopped for a moment and calmed herself down before she walked gracefully into the room where Zero sat and took her seat next to him. His eyes were wide and of course, she noticed this.

He stared at her for a moment and watched carefully as she reached for the coffee table in front of them and picked up the TV guide. He fixed his position on the couch and tried to make himself comfortable, but failed.

He just couldn't help himself any longer… "Well?" he asked, hating the fact that he was starting to fidget.

"Hmm?" Was her response as she looked up from the guide. "Well what?" She questioned back. He took notice that her expression was one of completely fake innocence! That pissed him off.

"Damn it Yuuki, you know!" He practically yelled. She didn't falter for a second though.

"Really Zero," she shook her head. "I have no idea what you're talking about." She focused her attention back on the very interesting television guide.

Damn, Zero thought, turning away from her in anger. If he didn't like her so much he definitely would have killed her right there. No questions asked! But that wasn't going to happen…she was Yuuki.

He started eagerly tapping his foot as Yuuki as Yuuki flipped through the magazine in silence.

He decided to break it. "Seriously! Do I have to beg or something?" He asked. His eyes filled with some emotion that was clearly named annoyance. "Cause I won't!" He had to let her know so she wouldn't have to wait for it any more. It was never going to happen…that is…if she was waiting.

Yuuki shook her head again, "Zero, what are you talking about?" Yuuki HONESTLY looked at him with confusion, and he nearly feel for it too.

"Well are…" he stopped, "DAMN IT! How can you NOT know what I'm talking about?" He finally stood up, towering over her.

"Tell me…or…I'll eat you." He threatened, though obviously joking.

Yuuki smiled and finally put the magazine down. She patted the seat next to her and Zero sat down beside her and turned to face her. He impatiently waited for the words that would come out of her mouth.

She looked at him right in the eye, took his hand, opened her mouth…and let out the loudest joyful scream and person has ever heard in their entire life! She followed this action by pouncing on the man and wrapping her arms securely around his neck.

"YES!" She screamed. Not afraid of deafening the poor guy's ear she shouted in.

He didn't care though.

"YES?" He questioned back, his voice letting out a little too much excitement then he normally would have liked it to be. But this was a special moment.

"YES!!!" She shouted again, hugging him tighter. Zero let out a laugh and ran his hand over his wife's hair.

Yes, yes, yes. He repeated over and over in his mind. He just couldn't believe it was true!

"Did you hear that?" Yuuki asked him, pulling away and looking around their living room.

"What, no…why?" Zero asked, not exactly sure of what she was talking about.

Yuuki shrugged, "Never mind!" She grinned and leaned down to kiss her husband's lips in a way of congratulations…

But what Yuuki and Zero didn't know was that the sound Yuuki heard were the delightful screams of the Chairman yelling: