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It was growing dark and eerily more quiet as Anko leapt from tree to tree. Her bangs lashed at her face, caught in the wind created by her speed, as if trying to perform some violent, ritualistic dance to mimic the emotions coursing through her. Feelings of confusion, anger, fear, and disbelief slammed her frantic brain at once. She had countless reasons to fear this encounter, but all of them seemed inconsequential. His power, his talent for the forbidden techniques, even his ability to melt her very face from her flesh and use her body as a vessel were somehow the very least of her worries. So then why was she afraid?

The same questions replayed inside her head over and over. 'Why are you here? What do you want?' She landed on a branch high above the forest's floor, contemplating whether or not she should turn back. If she turned back to call for an ANBU squad now, it could be too late to stop him, he would get away. But if she faced him... It wasn't that she was afraid that he could easily kill her. In all reality, he certainly could, but she had faced many enemies that could have easily killed her. But if she faced him... 'Oh so now you choose to be afraid!' she shouted mentally at herself. Still, she hesitated. The seal on her neck tingled sharply, like a new supply of blood flowing to a numb limb. She fingered her neck lightly and took in a deep breath. There was simply no turning back now.

She began running once more, focusing on the curse seal's intensity as she raced through the deadly forest. 'I can feel him.' Her heart raced and blood pounded in her ears. She was getting closer now. Closer... closer... 'There!' She landed on the limb of a massive tree. It's surface was sturdy and the top was almost flat, so she could walk without having to worry about losing her balance. There was just enough light for her to see the trunk of the ancient tree as she made her way up to it, slowly, cautiously. Hanging upside-down, embedded in the trunk, was her sensei. His long, black hair hung, splayed out and pooling just inches above the base of the branch. She stopped within a few feet of him, wearing a cold expression. His eyes were closed as if in deep meditation, and part of the face he wore was melted away in fragment, revealing the contrast between his pale skin and the mocha-colored "mask" her wore.

She heard him draw in a breath and his eyes opened as he spoke in the tone that so chilled her. "Anko... It's been awhile."

"We don't have for this. You're an S class criminal, so I suppose that it should be my duty to stop you. Isn't that right, Sensei!" She spat the title at him as she drew her blades, ready to fight him. Just as she threw the blades, his tongue shot out at her grasping her wrists in a jutsu that she was more than familiar with. He had become talented in his abilities to bend his body like that of a serpent. She gritted her teeth and performed her Hidden Snake Hands jutsu, struggling with the appendage wrapped around her wrists. Several snakes slithered from her sleeve and shot towards Orochimaru, latching on to him. She tugged with all the force she could muster, ripping him out of the tree and slamming him into the trunk of another. His tongue withdrew as her snakes slipped back into her sleeve, and she launched herself at him, her kunai gripped tightly in her hand.

She grabbed hold of his right wrist, pinning it to the tree with her own as she slammed her kunai through both of their palms, lodging the blade deep into the wood. She grinned victoriously in his face, studying him as she declared, "Got ya." She remained like that for a moment, then grabbed his left hand. "Now, let me just borrow your left hand," she said as she formed a hand sign that she never thought she would have to use. Orochimaru inhaled sharply, breathlessly uttering, "That hand sign..."

"That's right," she stated almost arrogantly, "You and I will die here." With that, she closed her eyes, not fully believing that she was doing this. She hesitated, feeling almost guilty, almost regretting her action, and was almost afraid of her impending doom. She gathered her strength, blocking out her thoughts as she prepared to carry out the Sacrifice jutsu. Then she heard a chilling voice behind her. "Are you trying to commit suicide?"

Her eyes snapped open wide, her mouth agape in surprise. She looked over her shoulder to see her sensei looming just a few feet behind her. He tugged the melted mask of flesh from his face, revealing his true one, the one that had haunted her dreams for so many years. "Substitution," he stated simply, referring to the figure she had pinned to the tree. She looked back at the clone in time to see it melt back into the mud from which it came, Orochimaru's amused laugh echoing in her ears. She began shaking, hanging her head low, fighting back the tears of anger and humiliation. 'How could I have fallen for that?' She sulked for a moment, but snapped out of her daze when she heard footsteps coming toward her.

She whipped around, tearing the kunai out of the tree and launching it at him desperately. The kunai, slick with her blood, was caught easily between his fingers, and he dropped it on the ground, the blade sticking in the bark. "That won't work, Anko," he said with a sly smile. He raised two fingers under his chin and focused on her curse seal, and within seconds she dropped to her knees, clutching her neck. The pain seared throughout her body, her breathing became labored and she broke into a sweat, trembling in pain and fear. Orochimaru's expression changed from one of amusement to one that was undefinable, as he walked slowly toward his cowering student. "You're one of the elite now, Anko. It's not very wise of you to be using that forbidden jutsu I taught you."

"Fuck you," she choked out. He grinned broadly, her vulgarity obviously humoring him. "It's been a while since we've seen each other, well, since you've seen me, and yet... You're so cold, Anko." She looked at him, dumbfounded for a moment. 'Since I've seen him?' Her eyes widened in shock. A sudden wave of realization washed over her. Had he been spying on her? She shook it off and demanded, "Why are you here? Don't tell me you've come to kill Lord Hokage?"

"Oh no, not yet. I don't have quite enough followers to attempt something like that," he replied, kneeling in front of her. She resisted the urge to back further into the tree. She refused to show him that she was afraid, even though she was quite sure that the trembling was giving it away.

"Then just what the fuck did you come here for?" she spat at him vehemently. "Oh, a few reasons. One of them was to see you, my dear Anko," he said, eyes flashing with a strange light. "Oh please! Just what in the hell do you want with me now? You abandoned me, and now you want something out of me. Fuck you, you smug bastard," she almost screamed at him. It hurt to talk, much less yell at him the way she so wished she could do. But with every word she spoke, though she felt she had the right and that he deserved every curse her body could muster, she felt a strange kind of pain stabbing through her body.

His expression changed almost unnoticeably, and he brought his hand up to caress her cheek. Part of her wanted to recoil from his touch, and yet part of her wanted to lean into it, to return it, but instead, she remained still, looking into his golden eyes. "You can't forgive me, can you?" he asked, looking straight into her eyes. The expression on his face was almost unbefitting of someone such as he. It was not that Orochimaru had never shown concern for her when she was younger, but now this expression was different. It almost seemed as if he were asking for her forgiveness, which was something that she had never seen nor heard of her sensei doing. Even so, Anko was finding it increasingly more difficult to stay angry enough to fight him, even as the pain of the Curse Seal was subsiding. She averted her eyes, unable to answer his question, confused as to why he was even asking it. Her gaze fell upon her wounded hand; She noticed that some of the blood was beginning to coagulate. Orochimaru slipped his fingers under her chin, tilting her gaze to meet his once she forgive him? Is that what he had come here for? To seek forgiveness for tossing her aside like a broken toy?

She felt tears forming in her eyes. Not wanting Orochimaru to see, she jerked her head away from him, eyes squeezed shut, and muttered angrily, "If you have come to ask forgiveness for abandoning me, then you're wasting your time, Orochimaru." Orochimaru visibly flinched, unaccustomed to Anko addressing him so informally. He sighed heavily and wore a frown once more, then took hold of her wrist and inspected her injured hand. Anko tried to pull it away, but he held tight, shooting her a look that even to this day caused her to be still. Keeping a firm grip on her wrist, her reached into the folds of his robes and pulled out a vile. Popping the top, he dipped his finger in and spread a strange, green liquid over her wounds. "That wasn't a rational or a logical attack you decided to use," he stated, lecturing as if she were still his student. He continued to doctor her injured hand, ripping a piece of cloth from his robes and then began wrapping it around her hand while she sat there, frozen and confused. "That attack is to be used as a last resort," he continued, "not a first to run into battle with. When an attack such as that goes wrong, well, I'm sure you can guess the consequences." He looked up at her once more, eyes boring into her. "Besides," he said, smirking, "your heart wasn't in it at all."

She closed her eyes tight; He had caught her. By saying her heart wasn't into it, because she hesitated, he was implying that she didn't really want him dead. He knew it. He had always known exactly how to read her. The pain in her neck subsided and she stood on shaky legs once more, glaring at him coldly. She was still angry, but still not angry enough to attempt anything too radical. "Have you lost your nerve already, Anko? Come on, where's that fire, that anger that fueled you earlier?" Orochimaru taunted, obviously reverting back to his arrogant self. Anko glared at him for a brief moment before launching herself at him once more. She had gotten skilled, but not enough to match him, as he blocked and dodged her every attack. She became frustrated and blinded by her rage, letting her guard down just long enough for Orochimaru to move in for the kill. He easily captured one of her wrists, and then the other, pinning them behind her back. His grip was vice-like as she struggled to free herself.

Anko groaned in frustration and felt herself being pulled closer to Orochimaru's body. Before she could attempt anything, she was spun around and found herself pinned to the tree. She struggled with his hands briefly, but ceased when she caught sight of her sensei. The expression in his eyes was... strange. His eyes flickered with amusement and... something else. She locked eyes with him for several seconds, but looked away, feeling vulnerable and exposed. His familiar chuckle greeted her ears as she tried desperately to wriggle her hands free of his grip. He began to lean his face toward hers, and she was still once more. She suspected that he meant to whisper some insult in her ear to get her worked up once more.

He stayed like that for a moment, his eyes never leaving hers. Anko's heart rate quickened, as if she sensed something was about to happen. She felt vulnerable under his gaze, hypnotized by it. Orochimaru studied her face; He could see her fear and confusion, but underlying those emotions were desire and longing swimming in the depths of her caramel colored eyes. Desire for acknowledgement, for attention, for him.

Before Anko realized it, he was mere inches from her face. She opened her mouth to protest, but was caught off guard as he brought his lips to capture hers. Her soft moan of surprise was muffled by his mouth. Anko's eyes opened wide, but slid shut as she fell into the kiss, giving in to him. His mouth moved over hers slowly, skillfully,his teeth biting into her lower lip, tantalizing her. He snaked his hand into her hair, pulling gently to tilt her head back as he slid his tongue into her mouth, growing excited as he listened to her rapid breathing. He pressed his body into hers, his knee moving between her legs, spreading them as he snapped the clip holding her hair up. Her long, purple tresses cascaded down around her shoulders.

Anko knew that this was wrong, that this alone was the betrayal of her village, of everything she had worked so hard for. And yet... this felt so right. Though every fiber of her being was screaming with want, she knew that she needed this, no matter how wrong it was. She had been denying it for years, but she could no longer deny that she had missed him. Orochimaru broke the kiss, breathing deeply, staring into Anko's half-lidded eyes. He then leaned toward her once more, nuzzling her neck.

Anko felt his hot breath on her ear, tickling and causing her to shudder involuntarily. He stayed like that for a moment, taking in her scent. Anko began to get nervous, her stomach tightening. Suddenly she gasped as she felt his lips wrap around her earlobe, sucking gently, then nibbling. Her breathing halted for a moment before coming in deep, heavy sighs. She couldn't believe that this was happening. Part of her was still screaming that this was wrong, that she should try to defeat him, or, at the very least, escape. She knew he would stop if only she asked; Orochimaru was many things, but he was no rapist, that much she knew. It was strange, but she supposed that even evil shinobi such as he had to draw the line somewhere. But she couldn't move, didn't have the will to move and remained pinned. She couldn't hold back the soft moan that escaped her lips as his mouth moved to her neck, his sharp fangs grazing her sensitive skin, causing goose bumps to form. He withdrew from her neck, hands shifting to pin both of her wrists with one, long-fingered hand as he used his free hand to begin lifting up her mesh shirt.

Anko began to squirm again, trying to get free to stop his hand from exposing her, but he would not relent. She cried out in a mix of pleasure and sweet pain as she felt his fangs sink into the soft flesh of her belly, drawing little droplets of sweet blood. He traced lazy patterns around her wound with his tongue, savoring the sweetness of her life's blood before moving, planting gentle kisses along her sides. His free hand moved to the center of her chest, his fingers slipping under the thin material of her bra. His fingers tugged gently, then simply ripped the material, exposing her voluptuous breasts to him. Anko's eyes opened to find her sensei staring at her, his eyes taking her in. She tried, but could not fight the blush that rose to her cheeks.

She turned her head away, avoiding her sensei's piercing gaze, embarrassed by the attention on her flesh. "Please... don't... don't look at me like that..." She felt his hand on her cheek, turning her to face him. "Do you think that you have something to be ashamed of?" he asked, stroking her cheek gently. Without waiting for an answer, he lowered his head and wrapped his lips around her nipple, suckling gently, eliciting soft moans from her. Her back arched, moving her closer to his teasing mouth. He released her other hand then, wrapping one arm around her waist, pulling her closer as his other began to slip off the trench coat she wore. It slipped off her shoulders and Orochimaru seized it, tossing it over a nearby tree limb. He then busied himself with removing her shorts, slipping his thumbs under the band and pulling them down as he lowered himself to his knees before her.

Anko was in a trance, watching him as he shredded the fishnet stockings she wore like paper. When his tongue met with her wet sex, she cried out in shock and pleasure, her hips shaking, trying to move away from the intense sensations. His hands gripped her hips firmly, keeping them still as he flicked his tongue rapidly over her clitoris. She muttered incoherent words, her hands fisted in Orochimaru's sleek, black hair, and her knees began to buckle. He caught her easily, his hands under her thighs as he all but slammed her back into the tree. She felt his hands as they lifted up his tunic-like robe and then felt his erection on her inner thigh He wanted her badly. That fact both excited and frightened her to no end. She needed him, and he knew it. He gazed into her eyes once more, lust shining brightly in his own. She wrapped her arms around him, bringing him closer before giving him a sharp bite of her own, earning a hiss from him. That was all the incentive he needed before he pushed himself into her.

Anko threw her head back, crying out, her fingernails digging into Orochimaru's back as he moved in and out of her slowly, waiting for her to adjust. Anko bit her bottom lip, drawing blood. Anko couldn't tell whether there was pain in the pleasure or pleasure in the pain. She was no virgin, but she was inexperienced and he was almost too large for her. She didn't care, wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper inside of her. Orochimaru watched Anko writhe before him, loving the sound of her moans each time he thrust into her. His beautiful little Anko. She opened her eyes to meet his, not looking away, watching him with lust-filled eyes. He brought his mouth to hers once more, tasting the blood she drew, his tongue sliding over hers.

His pace was torturously slow, driving Anko insane with need. She bucked her hips, but his pace did not change. She heard him chuckling at her, saw the smirk on his face. Something about that smirk made her heart race, and she clung to him, grabbing handfuls of the black shirt he wore underneath his tunic, ripping it slightly so that his robes fell open, exposing his milk-white skin. She bit hard into his collar bone, earning another hiss and the quickened pace she was so longing for. He thrust into her faster, harder, listening to her moans grow louder and more incoherent. "A-ah...! S-Sensei!" This almost drove him over the edge, but he held back. Her choice of words drove his lust to new heights. It was so taboo to be addressed as such in a situation like this; It drove him mad. His smirk broadened as he leaned down, whispering seductively in her ear, "Come for me, Anko..."

Mere seconds after he uttered those words, he felt her contracting in orgasm, her body shuddering violently as she choked out a faint, "Orochimaru-sama..." After a few more moments, he let out a low growl as he spilled his seed inside of her. He remained still for a moment, catching his breath before pulling himself out of her. Her arms hung around his neck limply as he lowered her down from the trunk. He smoothed her sweaty hair from her face, planting a gentle kiss on her forehead. Anko layed her head down on his shoulder. "Sensei," she whispered, " why... What makes me so important now? Why come back after so many years?"

After a moment, he sighed, "I never really left you."


"I never let you out of my sight. Besides, " he said with that grin of his, "You're mine. You always will be."

She had always known this. She would never truly be free from him, whether it was due to the fact (that she had fiercely denied to herself) that he was her first love, or his curse seal. She had gotten what she had waited so long for. Not his body, but his proclamation of ownership,to hear him claim her, acknowledge her in any little way. So she would never be "free" of him. She didn't care, just so long as he was there, so long as she meant something to him. And for once, laying there with his arms wrapped tightly around her, listening to his breathing, she felt that she did mean something to him.