Chapter 4

Getting Settled In

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Authors Notes: Alright, people. First of all, I want to thank all my reviewers for what they have sent me. Most of you enjoyed the story I wrote, even though I was using 'Shinji Saotome' as my basis. There were times I was worried it would be close to plagiarism, as Rakna mentioned. Though I had hoped it would be different enough to stand on it's own.

Apparently I was wrong in this assumption.

I am not going to rewrite the other chapters, but I am going to make a lot of different changes to the direction I was originally going to go with for the rest of the chapters.

Summary: Shinji and company get settled into the Tendo household, where Shinji and Shampoo get closer, only to be interrupted by Mousse who comes looking for the man who took Shampoo from him. And Shinji becomes more aggressive in his fight, which scares him.



"Shinji! What the hell!" the now-female Ranma shouted.

"Sorry, Ranma. But I thought it would be appropriate if you were going to spar with Akane." Shinji said innocently.

"Appropriate? How is this appropriate?" the redhead asked.

"Well... you're both girls now. That way you don't have to hold back or worry about hitting and hurting her."

Ranma blinked. "Oh. Right. Cool. Thanks." the redhead said as she turned around and walked back to where Akane was finished stretching.

Shinji sighed as he sat on the porch of the Tendo Training Hall that looked out over the large and lush backyard which was used mainly for training.

To his right, hugging his arm tightly was his wife, Shampoo of the Amazons.

Shinji just looked at the young woman and smiled. She was a truly beautiful and athletic girl with a kind and loving heart. Passionate was practically the official term used to describe her personality. And it wasn't a bad thing, it's just that her enthusiasm was a little hard for Shinji to accept. Oh, he had accepted her as his wife in the six weeks they had been traveling from China to Nerima, even though they hadn't had a ceremony to make it official, it was still caked into Shinji's mind that that's what she was to him.

((Is everything alright, Shinji?)) Shampoo asked, noticing Shinji's silence.

((Just thinking, Shampoo. Just thinking.)) Shinji replied in Mandarin.

That was another thing Shinji had noticed was different about him since he had gained Happosan's powers. It was his ability to speak and understand virtually all forms for Asian languages.

Mostly Chinese languages.

He had never bothered to learn any other languages besides Japanese so he was naturally confused when he realized he could fluently speak another language. He had managed to keep this a secret from Ranma, as the older boy knew that Shinji wasn't the type to volunteer any kind of information when he was told about where his new fighting skills had come from. Shinji simply accepted it as another part of his newly gained abilities.

Nevertheless, it was still confusing to Shinji, and he wondered if he was deluding himself by just accepting it like he did.

He was broken out of his musings to look at the two girls who were now ready to demonstrate their skills.

Akane had switched from her school uniform to a white karate gi with a blue belt around her waist. Ranma was dressed in his red shirt and black pants, his feminine features now apparent.

"BEGIN!" Akane shouted as she and Ranma leapt at each other.

What happened next was a fierce competition between the female fighters.

Shinji was quick to notice something, and he didn't need Happosan's insight to confirm it. While both Ranma and Akane studied the same martial arts school, and were obviously experts at this, he noticed that they had something else in common.

They were aggressive.

Ranma, even as a girl, showed distinct aggressiveness when it came to fighting. As if she wasn't a girl at all. That was something that was apparent even in the nearly two months they had known each other.

Akane, however, stunned Shinji with her fierceness as she leapt at Ranma like her feet were on fire and just started punching and kicking the redhead.

Off to the side, Shinji and Shampoo were watching with interest as the pair continued to spar. The boy noticed that the pair were mimicking each other in both punches and kicks, neither even trying to defend against the others attacks.

They just plow ahead like two mountain rams bucking heads with each other. Moving forward as if there was nothing in their paths. Like they have... no fear. Shinji thought as he watched them.

Ranma then made a surprising move as she leaped into the air and flipped forward to kick Akane in the back, knocking her down as she spun around and threw herself on the blue-haired girl.

"Do you yield?" Ranma asked her softly.

"Never." Akane growled as she tried to stand up.

Ranma actually smiled as she let her and sprang back as she rose to face her.

"I admire your spirit Akane Tendo. But I don't think you can beat me."

"A little cocky, are we?" she said as she leaped at her again.

However, Ranma surprised her by stepping to the side and stretched out her arm, catching Akane's outstretched foot and turning it up, which dropped the girl hard onto her back. She groaned as she got back up and attacked again. Ranma pulled the same move, and again Akane went down. The third time she tried it on Ranma, Shinji noticed something.

Akane's movements were wild and aggressive, which made her style more sloppy and predictable.

She's not focusing. She's already lost this fight. Shinji thought.

The blue haired girl launched herself at the red haired girl, flaying her body wildly and leaving her body wide open for a closed fist strike to her torso, above her stomach and below her breasts. The impact was sufficient to knock the girl out and down to the ground. Ranma stood up as Shinji and Shampoo ran over to the pair.

"So?" Shinji asked Ranma as he bent down to check the blue haired girl.

"Okay, okay. You were right. Being a girl definitely has some advantages." Ranma conceded.

"Why fight take red girl so long?" Shampoo asked.

"Well, it would have been sooner had I been a boy!" she argued.

"I don't think that's it." Shinji said as he motioned for Shampoo to help him with Akane. "You two are a lot alike."

"What do you mean by that?" Ranma gasped as Shinji and Shampoo easily carried the blue-haired girl to the house.

"Akane is a lot like you, Ranma." Shinji explained. "Talented and strong, but too aggressive."

Ranma grinned at that. Traveling the road with Shinji the boy had remarked once or twice that his new brother was very aggressive, and had helped him to temper that fierceness. Which is why he had won this fight, but only at the end of it all.

"I guess." Ranma admitted. "Got to admit, she's better than I thought she'd be. Her offense is strong but she's not much for defense." the pigtailed girl said. "Kinda like me, huh?"

"You're getting better at it though." Shinji said as he and Shampoo made it into the porch.

"Thanks to you." Ranma replied. "I just wonder why she fell for the same trick twice."

"Girl get angry. Lose quickly." Shampoo added.

Shinji had been helping her with her Japanese, but she still didn't have a full grasp of it.

"Shampoo's right. It didn't help that she lost control of her emotions." Shinji added as his wife helped him lay Akane down on the couch.

"Yeah, she did seem pretty pissed at you." Shinji said to his sister.

"It's not like I tried to make her mad." Ranma defended herself.

"Ooooooh!" Akane finally groaned out as she blinked her eyes open. "What hit me?" she mumbled.

"But it's nothing to worry about I guess. She's just an uncute tomboy with an attitude problem." Ranma said aloud, which made Shinji wince as he realized that Akane was awake and Ranma didn't realize that.

"WHY YOU BIG JERK!" Akane roared as she leaped from the couch and proceeded to tackle the pigtailed martial artist around the waist before she knew what had happened.

"Oh hell..." Shinji gasped as the pair crashed through the living room door and into the small fish pond in the yard.

"What's going on out here?" Soun Tendo shouted as he and Genma raced into the living room.

"Ranma and Akane are getting to know each other." Shinji said as both he and his wife pointed to the smashed door.

Nabiki and Kasumi joined them a few seconds later as the quartet stood out on the porch to watch the two girls going at it.

"Call me a tomboy will you!" Akane shouted as she kicked at the redhead.

"I'm way more girl than you are now!" Ranma shouted as she blocked the kick and countered with one of her own.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Akane asked as she threw another punch, which clipped Ranma in the arm.

"Do I have to draw you a map, you flat-chested macho chick!" the redhead retorted as she grabbed the blue-haired girls arm and flipped her onto her back.

If Ranma hadn't tried to make Akane mad before, he was definitely trying now.

"WHY YOU..." she screamed as she leaped back into her feet and tackled the redhead.

"Oh my!" pseudo-housewife Kasumi said as the martial arts match degenerated into a cat-fight wrestling match.

"Shouldn't we... stop them?" Soun asked as the pair continued to go at it.

"You want to get in the middle of that?" Genma asked his old friend.

The older men grimaced as the two girls continued to grapple on the lawn. It was when they started tearing at each others clothes that Shinji decided to step in. Actually...

((I think we need to end this, Xian.)) Shinji said to Shampoo in Mandarin.

((Really?)) the Amazon asked back.

((They could kill each other if we don't.))

((Very well. You take your brother... sister, I'll take the angry girl.))


Quick as lightning, the pair leaped off of the porch and ran towards the battling duo. Shampoo was ahead of her husband and leaped into the air, kicking Ranma in the back and Akane in the shoulder. This forced them apart allowing Shinji to tackle his sister while Shampoo wrapped her arms tightly around the angry young woman, restraining her.

"Alright, Ranma, that's enough!" Shinji cried as he pinned his sister face-down to the ground.

"Hey, I still owe her!" the redhead cried out, struggling wildly.

"Fight's Over!" Shinji snapped, using all his strength to hold the thrashing redhead down.

Off to the side, Akane was struggling wildly in the Amazon's grip.

"Let me go, Conditioner, or whatever the heck your name is! I'm gonna pound that gender-changing jerk into powder!" the blue-haired girl shouted as she continued to thrash about.

"Angry girl need time out!" Shampoo said as she held on tightly.

Soun and Genma eventually found their courage and pulled their children back into the house to have a sit down with them. This left Shinji alone with his wife and the other two Tendo sisters.

"So, what's for dinner?" Nabiki asked, breaking the silence.


"Man, this must be serious." Shinji said as he ate his meal that Kasumi had prepared.

"What do you mean, Shinji-san?" Nabiki asked.

"Well, I've never seen father pass up food to talk to Ranma." the boy explained.

"I suppose they must be serious about uniting the schools." Kasumi said.

"I guess." he acknowledged.

In the living room, Shinji sat next to his wife as they ate the meal Kasumi had prepared for them, while Kasumi herself and Nabiki sat on the other side of the table. In the adjoining room the two older men were both dressing down their daughters for their lack of restraint. If they were going to join the schools, then they couldn't be fighting each other all the time. The pair had still been unable to apologize for their actions, and Shinji figured they never would. They were both stubborn people. Actually, he knew Ranma was a stubborn person, but Akane seemed to have a short fuse. So short in fact that she immediately went for Ranma before Shinji got a chance to apologize for hitting her and knocking her out. Granted it was a sparring match, but that was Shinji's nature.

"They've been in there almost the whole day." Nabiki said, cutting Shinji's musings.

"They'll be finished soon." Shinji said.

"How do you know?"

A low growl was heard from the next room as the girls turned to look at Shinji.

"The beast is hungry." he grinned while he patted his stomach, indicating Genma's own stomach.

Seconds later the two older men came crawling into the living room and started eating like starved men. Akane and a female Ranma came in soon after and sat down.

"So, how did it go?" Shinji asked as he handed his brother a bowl of rice.

"Like a broken record, those two." Ranma said as she dug into her food.

"They kept saying the same thing: 'You need to control your emotions', 'you need to try and get along since we're living together', and then there was the part about 'we have to 'unite the schools through marriage'' and then they started all over again." Akane explained.

"And again, and again, and again..." Ranma groaned.

"And over, and over, and over..." Akane stated.

"Once, then twice, then three times..."

"Then four times, then a fifth, then a sixth..."

"Oh yes, I think you've suffered enough. Here, you're going to need this more than them!" Shinji said as he handed the pair a bottle of sake.

"Thanks, bro!" Ranma said as she downed nearly half the bottle.

Akane grabbed the bottle and downed the rest as her sisters watched in shock.

"Oh my!" Kasumi gasped.

"Never knew little sis was a drinker." Nabiki smirked.

That statement was proven wrong when the blue-haired girl fell backwards onto the hardwood floor, unconscious.

"Oh my!" Kasumi gasped.

"My baby! What have you done to yourself?" Soun cried out as he saw his daughter passed out.

Nabiki sighed. "Come on, let's get the lush to bed." she said, poking Ranma.

"Why me?" the redhead asked.

"Because I said so, now come on!"

The pair hefted the unconscious girl up the stairs to her room. Shinji and Shampoo helped Kasumi clean up the food and dishes and then were shown to their own room by the older Tendo sister.

"This will be your room. I'm afraid there is only one bed though." Kasumi said. "There is a spare bed roll in the closet... unless you enjoy sleeping together, since you are married..." she said, not trying to insinuate anything, especially about them not 'officially' being married.

"Uh, thank you, Ms Kasumi." Shinji said quickly. "I'm sure Shampoo and I can work out something. Uh... where is the bath?" he asked politely.

"The furo is just down the hall. It should be open now."

"Thank you again, Ms Kasumi." Shinji bowed. Shampoo mimicked him.


Downstairs the two older men were just sitting out with their own sake in hand.

"So, what do you think about my sons, Soun?" Genma asked.

"I like them. Ranma seems like a strong lad. Shinji as well. Exactly how good are they at fighting?" Soun asked, even though he had seen Ranma's fight with Akane.

"Best I've ever known, and trained.." Genma replied.

Soun nodded at that. "You've told me about your travels with Ranma. But tell me, Genma, what's Shinji like?"

Genma sighed a bit.

"Well, at first I wasn't sure Shinji coming with us was a good idea. The boy's not a fighter, in the sense that he would prefer not to fight, but when push comes to shove you want him on your side. Believe Me! Ranma really took to the idea of having a brother. Shinji doesn't complain about his training, or anything really, unlike his disrespectful brother. He's a capable cook, which has sustained us on our trip. And in a lot of ways its fun to train the boy. He's got a natural talent for the art." he said, not telling him about Shinji being Happosan's successor, or adding the part about wanting Shinji to be his trump card to unite the schools if Ranma proved unwilling.

Though that was a real problem now since he was married to an aggressive-if-provoked Amazon.

"And what about this Amazon, Shampoo, what's she like?" Soun asked.

"She's a strong, skilled fighter, and she can cook like Shinji can. Not the most elegant speaker, but she's not concerned about that." he said with a sigh. "She's quite feisty, and gets easily aggravated at times. She is attractive though, and very loyal to Shinji. Like they're soul-mates or something."

"He actually defeated her in a fight?"

"Yes. And what a fight! Wish I'd met a girl like that when I was younger... But to be honest she and I are not on the best of terms right now."

"Why? Did something happen?"

"Nothing you need concern yourself about, old friend." he said with a goofy smile, not telling him about his panda-side licking Shampoo's thigh because he thought it was a piece of chicken.

"I wonder which of my daughters the boy will choose?" Soun wondered.

"You mean Ranma?" Genma asked, and Soun nodded. "Hard to say. Hopefully he and Akane will get along better, but I think that relationship will take awhile. Kasumi would probably make a better wife for Ranma than Nabiki, but that's just my opinion."

"Hmm." Soun nodded. "At any rate, we should just wait and see what develops. And it'll be good to have some new blood around here now."

Genma and Soun spent the rest of the night just talking about their future under a united school.


Ranma dropped his stuff in his new room after he and Nabiki had placed a drunk Akane in her room. He would have preferred to share a room with Shinji and not his old man, but it couldn't be helped. He figured Shampoo would get mad at the Tendo's for not putting her with her husband.

Once the blue-haired 'macho-chick' had been put to bed, Nabiki directed Ranma to the furo where she was relieved to be able to get back to being a boy.

When Ranma had become a happy male once again, and was effectively washed and cleaned, he stepped out and walked over to the sink to brush his teeth.

However, in the midst of the brushing, he inadvertently passed his hand over the cold water handle and doused the same hand with cold water, turning him back into a girl...

...right as a robed Shinji and Shampoo walked in.

"Oh, Jeez, Ranma! You could have said something!" Shinji gasped as he turned away from his sister.

"What? Oh... you mean the... oh! Sorry, but it's not my fault!" Ranma said as she spit out the paste and washed her mouth out with water.

"Well, don't do it again, alright?" Shinji groaned as he continued to look away.

"Right." Ranma said as he dipped his hand into the warm water and turned back into his male form. He wrapped the towel around his waist and headed back to his room. He turned to Shinji. "Oh, come on, bro. I don't have anything you don't have."

Shinji just glared at the boy.

"Oh, right. My curse." he admitted, grinned and then cautiously stepped around the pair and went back to his room.

"Sometimes I worry about that boy." Shinji grumbled as Shampoo pulled her husband into the furo.

"Does airen want help wash Shampoo's back?" Shampoo asked as she undid the belt on her robe and let the clothing fall from her body.

"Uh, that's... I mean... it's..." Shinji blushed heavily as he tried not to stare at the very-well endowed and shapely woman before him. Tried and failed.

Shampoo noticed his hesitation and smiled, realizing he had never actually seen her nude body, even in the six week journey from China.

((Shinji.)) she said sweetly as she turned him around, taking his hands and wrapping them around her naked form. ((I am your wife. My body is yours to look at freely.)) she said as she nuzzled his nose softly. ((And to touch. Please join me.))

Shinji caved at the woman's request. ((Alright.))


Shinji knelt behind the voluptuous amazon as he massaged her heavily lathered hair.

((Is something wrong, husband?)) Shampoo asked in Mandarin, noticing how quite the boy had been.

((Nothing, Xian. I just... you really have beautiful hair.)) he said as he continued to run his hands through her full mane. ((It's so soft.))

Shampoo smiled. ((It's an Amazon technique.)) she said.

Taking the shower head and washing the shampoo out of Shampoo's long hair, a process that took a full minute, Shinji couldn't help but stare at the beautiful young woman as she turned around to look at her husband. Her wet hair was matted against her face and body, covering her left eye as her right stared back at the boy. She smiled, her appearance so sensuous it made Shinji's heart beat faster.

He took his hand and brushed the wet hairs away, revealing all of her pretty face. Moved by impulse Shinji cupped her cheek with his hand and leaned in, pressing his lips lightly to Shampoo's as she welcomed him warmly.

((You're so pretty, I couldn't help it.)) he said once he had moved back from her.

((I don't mind at all, husband.)) she said kissing him again.

Shampoo leaned in and kissed him on the lips, her hands on his muscular chest as his own hands reached around to wrap tightly her waist.

Shampoo sighed as their lips parted and she was rested her head against his shoulder as he held her tightly in a loving embrace.

((I think you enjoy kissing me, husband.)) Shampoo cooed.

((I think I do, Xian.)) Shinji admitted. ((But we've never done more than that.))

((Do you want to? I'm willing.)) she suggested, turning around in his arms and taking his hands in her own to place them on her breasts. ((It would benefit you to explore your wife's body.))

Shinji was glowing at her suggestion as his hands were held unmoving from her soft mounds. The girls inhibitions were something Shinji had gotten used to in the last six weeks with her. He managed to kiss her cheek again before whispering, ((There isn't any rush, Xian. And personally, just to hold a beautiful woman like you in my arms, is enough right now.))

Shampoo was a little disappointed at that, but nodded in agreement.

((Then do not let go of me, my love.))

Shinji smiled as he gently pulled the young woman into the bath, the amazon sighing contently as she felt the warm water envelope her. But that contentment shifted to pleasure as she felt her husband stroke softly the silky skin of her chest. She moaned deeply with each stroke he took.

She likes that. He thought, enjoying the ability to give the girl pleasure.

((Do not stop... that feels wonderful.)) she cooed softly, leaning her head back against his shoulder.

Shinji kissed her neck as he continued his gentle fondling of his wife.

My wife. She's my wife. His mind replayed over and over as he continued to hold and caress her. He still couldn't believe that he had gotten this beautiful and loving young woman as his wife.

What's more, she was such a libertine that it reminded him of Misato a little bit. The only difference is that she wasn't Misato.

((Do you like that... my wife?)) he whispered into her ears, making her shudder slightly.

((Yes... oh yes!)) she moaned softly as he continued to caress her young body.

His groin rubbed against her shapely rear as she was pulled tight against him, arms wrapped around her body, massaging her breasts with strong yet uncrushing hands. Shampoo moaned as she felt his left hand move lower to slide down her stomach, trailing slower down her body with each inch he went. Her soft hair rested against his head and shoulder as she leaned back to mold herself to his form. The warm water splashed around in the tub as Shampoo's body thrashed lightly in the boys firm embrace.

The reason was that his left hand had found her most sensitive body part, and was stroking it with gentle yet unyielding fingers.

"Xian.." he whispered softly into her ear, making her shiver in pleasure.

His lips kissed down her soft neck, leading up to the side of her face as the girl let herself feel the touch of her love. His hands suddenly found a very sensitive spot that caused her to moan loudly as she threw her head back in amazement.

"SHINJI!" she gasped as pleasure surged through her.

Her body squirmed in his grip, but he held on tightly, kissing the side of her face as she was thrown into and ecstacy he had never before felt.

Shampoo panted louder as she turned her head around to face her husband, their lips meeting in an effort to devour the other. On Shinji's part it was an attempt to muffle Shampoo's screams so that the other members of the household weren't disturbed. However, he couldn't deny how good it felt to hold, to kiss, and caress, this beautiful woman.

Their lips parted and their eyes locked, breath regaining as the young woman felt herself continuing to her tenderly caressed.

((I love you, Shinji-kun!)) she said to him.

((I love you too, Shampoo.)) he said to her.

Their faces rubbed against the other, the level of intimacy and care they were showing the other was threatening to heat the very water they were in.

((My love... please finish what you began.)) she whispered to her husband, kissing his cheek for extra emphasis.

Her response came in the form of a continued caressing of her breast, a continued fondling of her lower area, and the leech-like sucking of her neck.

The sheer pleasure the boy was giving her sent her body into a rapture as her mind was overwhelmed with nothing but his love for her. ((Do not stop Shinji-kun! Please do not stop!!!)) she gasped as she panted fiercely. ((Yes! YES! YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!)) She screamed as she hit her limit, the release causing her body to drain out of nearly all her energy, her body going limp right in his arms. ((Oh god... husband... that was... wonderful.))

((I enjoyed it as well... my wife)) he said softly as he kissed her.


Shinji effortlessly carried Shampoo back to their room, once the girl was properly covered. He didn't notice the silent stares that he got from the other members of the household... the ones who couldn't help but hear the screams that Shampoo was making.

He took her into their room, kicking the door closed and set the young woman down on the bed.

"Airen..." she gasped as she reached out and grabbed his arm. "Please stay."

He smiled at her. "I'm not going anywhere, Shampoo." he said as he bent down to kiss her forehead. "I was just getting a blanket."

She released him so that he could get a blanket and returned to the bed, quickly covering them both and snuggling down against his wife.

It did seem a little odd for him to call her his wife, especially since they hadn't had an actual wedding. But Shinji was quick to realize that such a thing was only for show. He loved this girl and was willing to do anything for her, including pleasure her in ways that would normally have made him pass out from a nosebleed. That actually got Shinji to thinking. He had never in his entire life considered being this bold with a girl. The things he had done to her, the places he had touched her... he had never even thought about doing. Or knew how to do it.

Did I get more than just Happosan's martial arts expertise from the medallion? He wondered. I got his strength and fighting skill, as well as the ability to speak Chinese... but did I get anything else? He wondered.

But his musing was broken by the nestling of his wife.


"Yes, Shampoo?"

"Is something... wrong?"

He snuggled up against her, pulling her close in a hug as he kissed her lips lightly.

"It's nothing Shampoo. I assure you." he said, nuzzling her face with his own. "Just got to sleep now. I'll be right here when you wake up." he said softly to her.

Shampoo smiled as she wrapped her arms and legs around the boy's body, grabbing onto him as if to keep him from ever leaving. Not that Shinji would. He was thoroughly enjoying her affection she was giving him. He hugged her back tightly, enjoying the warmth and softness she offered him.


Morning found Shampoo exactly where Shinji said she would find herself. In his arms.

She stared at his delicate features. His soft brown hair, his slim rounded face. His cute almost angular nose. And even the gentle smile on his lips. And his eyes, she knew, were a dark blue color but held no darkness in them.

Just to look at him it would be almost impossible to tell that he was such a powerful martial artist. Shampoo had seen him fight, and had fought him herself. In the nearly two months since she had met the boy she was still amazed that such a kind and considerate person could be so strong. It was not a combination she had ever encountered before. Then again... she had never left her village in all the years since her birth. That was why her great-grandmother had insisted that Shinji and the Saotome's take her with them when they went to Nerima.

Suddenly, Shinji started to stir.


((Good morning, husband.)) Shampoo whispered before moving in to kiss the boy lightly on the lips. ((Did you sleep well?))

He smiled as he looked at her. ((I've never slept so comfortable in my life.)) he replied.

Shampoo smiled as she hugged the boy again, nuzzling his neck warmly.

Just then, a knock on the door caught their attention.

"Hello? Shinji? Shampoo?" the voice of Kasumi Tendo called from behind the door.

"Yes, Kasumi-san?" Shinji called back.

"Uh... there's someone here to see you."

Shinji and Shampoo just looked at each other in confusion.

"For us? Or for me?"

"Uh... for you, Shinji-kun."


"Back off, you glasses wearing fruitcake!" Ranma shouted.

"Do not get in my way, impertinent youth!" Mousse stated as the glared at the black-haired boy. "My business is not with you. It is with the one who has stolen my love from me."

"Who are you calling impotent?" Ranma shouted, as Genma and Soun held him back.

While the arguing continued outside, Shinji and Shampoo came down from their room and joined the other people outside.

"What's going on here?" Shinji asked.

"Oh, this guy," Nabiki said, indicating the guy with the very long hair, white shirt with huge sleeves and blue pants, black slippers, and very thick glasses, "showed up this morning and demanded to see the guy who, according to him, stole his girlfriend. Named... Shampoo."

Shinji looked at Shampoo in shock.

"Mousse not Shampoo boyfriend. In love with Shampoo, but Shampoo not love him." the amazon said to the boy.

"So... he's here to fight for her." Shinji stated.

"That would be my guess." Nabiki said.

"Well, let's go meet the guy." Shinji said as he jumped off the porch and headed over to the group which consisted of Ranma, Akane, Genma, Soun, and Mousse.


Shinji and Mousse faced each other on the lawn on the Tendo dojo.

Shinji's attempt to quell Mousse's need to fight was less than successful in that the glasses wearing boy wasn't interested in listening to anything the young Saotome had to say.

Shinji, being the person he was, had tried to reason with him, only to get the brush off from the near-sighted boy who challenged Shinji for Shampoo. Naturally Shampoo got into the argument, stating that she was with Shinji, in love with Shinji, and that under amazon law he, not Mousse, was her husband because he defeated her in honest combat.

Naturally, that was what Mousse wanted to hear.

An addendum to that law stated that in a member of the amazon tribe, being a male, wanted to challenge another husband to a fight for the husband's wife, he had the right to do so. Though, Shampoo stated that while this was true, the challenge could only be made once.

"So... are you prepared to lose?" Mousse asked.

"I'm prepared to fight for my wife. I won't lose." Shinji stated.

"Then Fight!" Mousse shouted as he lunged at the boy.

Shinji hopped back a foot, narrowly avoiding the outstretched kick that Mousse threw at him. The foot came down on the ground as Mousse spun around to kick back with his other foot. Shinji was able to duck low to avoid the kick, but quickly sprang up into the air and threw both feet out to kick the Chinese boy in the chest, tossing him across the lawn.

"GO AIREN!" Shampoo shouted from the porch.

Mousse quickly recovered and charged back at Shinji.

The successor Happosan charged at the nearsighted boy.

Their fists and feet flew at each other with tremendous force and speed. Some of their movements were hard to distinguish from each other. From the porch, Kasumi seemed to notice that Shampoo was watching very intently, but so were Ranma and Akane. In fact, they weren't blinking.

"Uh... Nabiki?" Kasumi asked her younger sister.

"Yeah?" the middle Tendo asked.

"What are they doing?" she asked, indicating Shampoo and the others.

"I think they're watching the fight." Nabiki said looking at the others.

"Oh... really?"

"I think so. I've never seen little sis so... focused before. Even when she's training."

Kasumi looked back and forth between the watchers and the fight and seemed to agree with Nabiki's analysis. She had never seen Akane so focused before and that meant she was investing herself a lot into this fight. Even as a watcher.

Turning back to the fight, Kasumi realized she had missed a lot as both Shinji and Mousse seemed to have a whole slew of new bruises and injuries. Nothing life threatening, but she was sure that they weren't there when they started the fight.

Shinji sped towards the boy and threw a barrage of punches that Mousse was forced to block, the nearsighted boy crumbling before the onslaught.

It was then that Shinji noticed something was amiss. His vision was hazing and his body felt numb. Almost like he was in a dream of sorts. He just kept pushing, punching and kicking the Chinese boy as if pain and fatigue didn't mean anything.

He felt nothing. Not even the impacts he was making into Mousse's body.

Something... not... right... what is this... feeling... no feeling... feel nothing... no... no! Must FEEL! He mentally screamed as he forced himself awake, the world coming into focus once again as he now felt the impact his fists were making into Mousse's body.

However, the mental distraction had caused him a delayed reaction movement by a second's breath and allowed Mousse to land several punches into Shinji's body. A fierce kick knocked him against the North wall and Shinji felt his back slam hard into it. A fierce series of punches and kicks shortly followed and Shinji was forced to block everything that was being launched at him.

"Airen..." Shampoo gasped as she saw her unrequited love landing several blow to her husband.

"Come on, Shinji! Come on!" Ranma growled as he watched his brother turn into a punching bag.

Shinji felt every blow the boy gave him, until he felt well and rested enough to propel himself off the wall and into Mousse. The impact caused the Chinese fighter to lose his rhythm as Shinji leaped into the air and kneed him in the chin. While still in the air, Shinji stretched out his foot and kicked the boy in the chest, sending him away from Shinji. The distance was only a meter, but it was enough for Shinji to land and throw a roundhouse kick to the boy's face, knocking his glasses off.

Mousse stumbled around, looking for his spectacles in a hurry. Shinji saw them and quickly snatched them off the ground. Flipping forward, he leaped over the boy and slid the glasses over the boy's eyes.

Everyone paused as they noticed what Shinji had done.

"What... why did you..." Mousse started to ask.

"Because it wouldn't have been fair to fight you like that." Shinji said.

"I see. Thank you." he said, adjusting his frames. "But I won't go easy on you."

"Didn't expect you to." Shinji said as he and Mousse squared off again.

Within a second they were back into their fight, Shinji pressing his advantage as best he could. But for some reason, the young successor felt like his opponent was backing up willingly.

Something's wrong here. He's had several opportunities to press his advantage, yet he hasn't done so. Why? Shinji wondered as he kept pushing the other boy back. Shinji soon received his answer as he threw a roundhouse kick that knocked the boy back, slamming him against the far wall of the Tendo dojo. Shinji paused for a second, and then dashed towards the Chinese boy with the intent of finishing the fight.

However, the second he did, he tensed as he saw a smile pull across Mousse's lips. A second later the boy threw out his arms and launched a half-dozen bladed weapons attached to chains directly at the boy.

The instant the blades launched at him, Shinji felt his adrenaline suddenly spike as his world slowed down. Not exceedingly slow, less than the original pace it had been going, but it was just enough to allow the boy to dodge the blades and maneuver through them and reach his target.

Mousse gasped as Shinji's fist slammed into his gut, his world falling into blackness in seconds.

The boy went limp in his arms as Shinji caught him before he fell to the ground. Shinji hefted the unconscious boy onto his shoulders and proceeded back to the house. The combined Saotome and Tendo clans rushed out to meet the boy, said boys wife was first.

((Shinji! Are you hurt?)) Shampoo asked the boy.

((I'll heal, Xian. Don't worry.)) Shinji replied.

"Bro! Are you alright?" Ranma asked.

"I'm fine. Can someone take this guy?" Shinji asked.

"No prob. Here, give him." the pigtailed boy said as Shinji easily hefted the nearsighted boy onto his brothers shoulders.

"Now... if you'll excuse me... I need a shower." Shinji said as he went back into the house, followed closely by his wife.

Nabiki watched them go and then turned back to the unconscious Chinese boy.

"So... we've got another guest?" she huffed.


Shampoo dipped the large cup in the warm water and poured in carefully over her husband's shoulders, washing the grim and sweat from him.

"Airen sure he alright?" Shampoo asked.

"I'm fine, Shampoo." he assured her.

"What happen? Mousse not very strong. Hit you many times."

"I know." he sighed. "It was like... something was buzzing around inside my head. I couldn't stop it from being there. It was like... a dream or something. Like it wasn't real. Like there was no pain or anything no matter how hard I punched of kicked. I couldn't even feel his hits. It was scary."

"Airen scared?" she asked, confused.

"Sort of. When you don't feel anything... you feel... detached. Like you're not part of the world. That's what it felt like. Like I wasn't even here... it was... more weird than scary."

"But airen good now. No feel scared... or weird?"

"No, I'm fine. I just need some rest." he replied.

"Then Shampoo take you back to room." the amazon said as she dried off Shinji and lead him back to their room. Just then, they were met by Kasumi in the hallway.

"Oh, good. You're awake." the teenage housekeeper said, carrying a tray of food. "This is for you. Your... guest is downstairs sleeping off his fight." she said as Shampoo accepted the tray.

"Thank you, Miss Kasumi." Shampoo bowed graciously.

"Thanks, Kasumi." Shinji said.

"When you're finished with the food just leave the tray out in front of the door." Kasumi said.

The pair nodded and went inside as Kasumi went back downstairs.

Shampoo ushered Shinji to the bed and told him to sit down. He sat at the head while Shampoo set the food at the foot. She then removed her robe, revealing her sexy lace bra and panty underneath as she at on the bed next to Shinji.

"Shampoo feed airen." she smiled sweetly at the boy and took a piece of cut fruit from the tray.

Shinji spent the morning being fed and flirted with by his wife and the afternoon sleeping peacefully in her arms. Shampoo herself was actually proud of her husband, despite the injuries he received. If it was true that something had been bothering him during his fight with Mousse, it must have been major to distract him enough to allow the nearsighted fighter to get in more than a few hits, he had obviously overcome them and defeated Mousse.

She was proud of him for that. And like any good wife, she would remain with him all though his coming trials. And she had a feeling she was going to enjoy life in Nerima.

Shinji felt the exact same way.


Author's Notes:

Well, here's my fourth chapter to my Shampoo's Husband story.

Hope this meets with everyone's approval as something different from 'Shinji Saotome'. I tried to put in as much action, romance, drama and even some comedy into this chapter. And I hope that the chapter doesn't give people the idea that it should be an M-rated story. I tried not to go too far with the bathroom scene.

Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed this and will give me appropriate reviews.



The distance was only a meter, but it was enough for Shinji to land and throw a roundhouse kick to the boy's face, knocking his glasses off.

Mousse stumbled around, looking for his spectacles in a hurry. Shinji saw them and quickly snatched them off the ground. He looked through the thick lenses and felt immediately dizzy.

"OH MY GOD!" Shinji gasped as he tossed the glasses away from him. "Jeez, dude, you must be blind without those things."

"I am... now give them back to me." Mousse said as he batted at the air.

"Somehow I don't think it's gonna make a difference." Shinji said as he handed the glasses back to the boy.


Omake 2

"It's not like I tried to make her mad." Ranma defended herself.

"Ooooooh!" Akane finally groaned out as she blinked her eyes open. "What hit me?" she mumbled.

"But it's nothing to worry about I guess. She's just an uncute tomboy with an attitude problem." Ranma said aloud, which made Shinji wince as he realized that Akane was awake and Ranma didn't realize that.

"WHY YOU BIG JERK!" Akane roared as she leaped from the couch and marched over to the red haired girl.


"Hey! What was that for?" Ranma asked as she held her cheek.

"You insulted me!" Akane shouted.

"Then I'll do it again!" Ranma shouted back.


"Oh hell..." Shinji groaned as he and his wife watched as the two girls kept slapping each other.

"What's going on out here?" Soun Tendo shouted as he and Genma raced into the living room.

"Ranma and Akane are getting to know each other." Shinji said as both he and his wife pointed to slap-fest.

Nabiki and Kasumi joined them a few seconds later as the quartet stood off to the side of the living room as the red-haired girl and blue-haired girl kept slapping the others cheek.

"Call me a tomboy will you!" Akane shouted. SLAP!

"I'm way more girl than you are now!" Ranma shouted back. SLAP!

"What is that supposed to mean?" Akane asked. SLAP!

"Do I have to draw you a map, you flat-chested macho chick!" the redhead retorted. SLAP!

"Oh my!" pseudo-housewife Kasumi said as the slap-fest continued.

"Shouldn't we... stop them?" Soun asked as the pair continued to go at it.

"You want to get in the middle of that?" Genma asked his old friend.

"This could take a while." Shinji said to the group. "Who's up for lunch?"