Goku had been told everyone had a 'soft spot'. After asking Hakkai what it meant, he was delighted to know that Sanzo had a 'soft spot'. The only thing was, was that Goku didn't know where the monk's soft spot was. He'd only asked Sanzo twice and both times, he got the same answer – a smack over the head with a paper fan, and a gentle "Die!" before being booted out of the room.

However, there was nothing Sanzo could do now.

The blond was lying unconscious on the bed opposite Goku. The battle had eaten up most of Hakkai's energy reserves, so Sanzo would just have to wait a day or two to be healed. Until then: Sanzo was to stay in bed. Not an easy task for the small group, but with the help of sedatives and painkiller, Sanzo was out like the cheap-brand light that shone above them.

Goku took this opportunity to search.

He poked.

He prodded.

He took a short break for tea and then started looking again.

And finally, he smirked to himself in satisfaction.

"Dear God, Monkey, what the hell are you doing?" Gojyo asked, rooted in the doorway.

Goku looked up, delighted and exclaimed, "I found Sanzo's soft spot!"

Gojyo stayed silent, cigarette hanging from his lips – which twitched. "Monkey, move your hand . . ."


" . . ."


"Never mind, your death wish."