Ummmm. .....hi. It's Ayumi. ...Obviously.

Good news, I'm not dead! Whoot! But then again, that doesn't excuse the fact that I haven't updated like, any story for more than a year. I failed you guys, I know! But before you all kill me in the most violent way you can think of, just letting ya'll know that yes, I will be updating! Sometime before now break. Yeah, that's vague enough to be believable...

What else, what else...ummmm.....okay, yeah, I also wrote a lil' update on my profile, complete with websites that I want you guys to join and add me on that...since I love meeting my readers and all, and that way you guys have more ways to chat with me, y'know...remind me that I have a bitchload of fanfics to finish, maybe even sprinkle in a few oneshots maybe?

That was an order btw. :D

Still reading? Cool. ... umm. ... Well, I'm 16 now? That's sexy, ain't it? Oh yes. Very sexy. And umm... ... I got a boyfriend. :D And I wuv him very much. Oh, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up my Edo. Oh no. He's still mine bitches. In fact, he's tied up in my closet right now, yup yup. No one can have him. NO ONE. AHAHA. AHAHAHAHA! -eye twitch-

Hey, this is actually fun. Hm. Maybe I should update something right now!!! ....or maybe I can just put it off and wait another couple of months, yeah, that'll work!!!! :D ...nah, I'm just kidding. I wouldn't wait months. Maybe days. Weeks. But not months.

What eeelse, I know there was something else I wanted to say...

Oh yeah, I'm working on a novel! Whoot! It's taking a damn freaking long time to write though. In fact, I haven't exactly started writing it yet, I'm still in the plotting stage. But it'll be good, I hope. And if it's published than I hope people read it. At least. ... I mean, psh. Smeyer got her piece of crap book published and she's filthy freaking rich and is a no-talent hag, so I've got a shot, right?!?!!! -crickets chirp- ...son of a-

Anyway, still reading?!! Shit, you got no life HAHA I'M JUST JOKING I'M THE ONE WITH NO LIFE DUH -shot again- Yeahhh, but now I'm wasting your time, so I'm gonna finish this and go back to texting my boyfriend! Love ya!! Gimme reviews!!! ...I'm serious. I want reviews. Now.