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Chad's Obsession

"Hey hurry up man", Chad yelled as Troy ran to the bus. Troy almost missed the bus again cuz of Gabriella.

"Hey man, next time get to her locker sooner, Im not gonna be able to hold the bus forever ya know!", I say as we walk down the isle and find a couple of open seats in the back.

Today was Friday and that could only mean one thing. Sleep over. Yes I know what your thinking your 16 and you still like to have sleep overs, yea, Me and Troy have been having weekend sleep overs since we were in pre-school. I'd come over Friday after school and sleep over Friday and Saturday night and then Sunday around noon Troy would go out to lunch with Gabby and id go to the movies with Taylor and then we'd see each other on Monday.

We get dropped off at out stop and walk the rest of the way to Troy's house.

"Wanna shoot some hoops?", I say as I grab a bball and start dribblin it towards the net.

"Yea let me jus go change", Troy says as he runs into the house and heads up to his room.

"The mans gotta learn", Chad said under his breathe as he took off his cloths to reveal a white t-shirt and white gym shorts. He started to make some free throws while he waited for Troy to come down.

After about 5 min. Troy cam down wearing almost the exact same thing. Instead of a white T he was wearing a white wife beater and white shorts and of course white shoes.

We played for about two hours until Troy's dad came home. By that time we were covered in sweat and tired. So coach took the sight of us as time for us to come in and chill, which we gladly agreed to.

The next couple of hours were as they usually were. We watched some T-V, played video games, ate pizza, watched more T-V, played some more bball, ate, and jus chilled. But what was going to happen that night was anything but normal and for me something that I wouldn't normally do.

It was about 9:58 by the time both me and Troy were yawning and ready for bed. Normally we stay up till, well the sun comes up but we out did our selves with our old Friday night tradition of "lets see what can eat the most, the fasted and burp the loudest", I won of course but that can really take a lot outta ya. So we headed off to Troy's room to get to sleep. I would go across the hall to the gust room like I usually do, but I wanted to see what was up with Troy and Gabby. So we talked about our girls for a while, about how evil Sharpay was, and how gay Ryan is, and before we knew it, it was 1 a.m. and we were even tired-er then before. So I jus decided to sleep in Troy's room.

"Hey man I'll be right back Im gonna change in the bathroom", Troy said as he got off his bed went to his dresser and pulled out a lil bag of cloths.

"Bro this is your room, you can jus change in here", I said as I turned around to look at him. Come to mention it I've never seen Troy when hes changin, not even in the locker room he always stays after and showers after every one leaves.

"I gotta go grab my stuff in the other room anyways, you can change in here and Ill change in the bathroom", I say as I get up and walk past Troy out the door.

I grab my stuff and go into the bathroom. I change and head back to Troy's room. I usually sleep in boxers and a wife beater, but it was a hot night so I decided that it would be fine if I jus wore my boxers, plus I got a big package so it wont bother me to be seen in boxers. See the way I figure it, If you have a big dick don't try to hide it, it you don't then you should try to. So followin my own advice I slip off my shirt take off my pajama pants and head back to Troy's room in my black boxers.

I get back to Troy's room and find that hes not there. So I decide to snoop around and see what I can find. I jump on his bed and look through he dresser. The first drawer has necklaces and stuff so I put my hand in and pull stuff out. There are come necklaces, notes, gum, and im surprised to find a box of condoms, but thats not what surprised me what surprised me was what size they were: Magnums.

So I put everything back when I head footsteps out side the door. The door opens and its coach. He asks where Troy is and I tell him that I jus came in and that I didnt know. So he says ok and tells me to get some sleep and then he leaves.

So I open the door and go across the hall to make sure I had what I needed for tonight and went back over to Troy's room. I open the door and there's Troy. He turns around and I can see what hes wearing. Almost nothing. Hes in blue short boxers and has no shirt on. Its then I notice how great of a body he has. Then I look down and see something that I shouldnt be looking at. In the middle of Troy's boxers is a HUGE bulge. And I mean HUGE! And that means he has to be hard...doesnt it? So I stare at this gigantic bulge in his boxers and I realize that I am and snap myself back to reality and hope that he didnt notice me staring. I mean he hard, but hes not trying to hide it? He has to be hard cuz there's not way that hes bigger then me. The magnums must jus be a way for him to impress Gabby, but if he was hard he would try to hide it.

And from then on I knew what I had to do I had to know if troy is packing a 6 in. Sub or a Foot long.

The whole night we jus played video games in his room watched t-v and chilled but all I could think about was how hung he was. I JUST HAD TO KNOW! I mean all night long I would look out of the corner of my eye at he cock.

"Yo Chad you alright man you seem kinda... distracted", Troy says, that snapped me back and I reply.

"Naw dude Im ok jus tired", I say as I fake yawn.

"Yea me too we should go to sleep, so do you want the bed or the floor?", He asks while standing up and walking behind me.

I turn around and my eyes land on his ass. I never realized before but, DAMN hes got a nice ass! I means its perfect it's a perfect bubble butt, Bubble butt doesnt mean a big butt it means a perfectly rounded butt. I look away and try to makes words fast.

"Umm...I'll take the floor", I say as fast as I could.

"Ok all set", He says. I turn around and hes in bed and had a couple blankets on the floor a pillow and another blanket to cover myself.

Its now 3:20 in the morning and I still cant sleep. All the images of Troy is running through me head. I sit up and Troy's fast asleep. I then get a evil thought in my head, Im gonna pull down Troy's boxers and see what hes really made of.

I get up slowly and quietly and I move over to Troy. I slowly pull the blankets back and he moves. I freeze and try to be quiet. He rolls over on his back and doesnt move. I wait a few seconds and go again. I get the blanket down around he ankles and lean over him. I put my hands on the side of his boxers and slowly pull then down. I pull them down lil by lil. I look and see that he shaves his pubs. I am almost to the base of his cock when he moves. I jump back and lay on the floor. I hear him sit up and pull his boxers back up along with his blanket. So I decide that ill stop trying for today and try to sneak a peak in the locker room...


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