The very last chapter of Chad's Obsession.

Im sorry that its taken so long to write but I've had some crazy writers block.

I also want to that Darkstar666 for the great idea!

So I hope you like it


Its been about two weeks since I went completely crazy and tried sneakin a peak at my best friends junk, but I've moved past that...OK! So I haven't but I will once I see it! I've spent that past two weeks trying to see his naked, in the shower, in the bathroom, when he's taking a nap...but still nothing! I get so close and BAM! He either wakes up or I chicken out. But I've done chickening out its that time of the week in gym where we have to swim and the best part about it is...I get to see Troy shirtless and wet.

I see Troy getting off the bus and I walk up next to him. We talk and laugh as we make our way into school. I stop at my locker before I head to the gym and Troy says that he's gonna go on ahead and get changed for the pool. The very thought of Troy slowly taking off his cloths is enough to get me hard. So he goes on ahead as I put my books in my locker and grab my swin trunks.

I get to the locker room and walk in. I look down the aisles and see guy putting on there swim trunks or taking off there underwear. By the time I find Troy he's already got his swimming trunks on. I walk up next to him and open a locker. I take off my shoes and socks and then unbuckle my belt as I pull my pants off I hear a locker slam shut and watch Troy walk off with a towel around his neck.

I walk past the showers and into the pool area where Troy's signing in with the swimming coach. I walk up behind him and as soon as hes marked in I sign in. I look to see where Troy went. I look over and see him hanging up his towel. He turns around and I almost cum right there. The trunks he's wearing look too small on him, but they hang loosely form his hips. He has a V cut leading down to his crotch. His chest is chiseled and look smooth and kissable. His nipples are hard and look like you can cut diamond on them. His abs have become more ripped then I remember and I swear you could bounce a courter of them. I look down and see a HUGE! Bulge in his shorts, and it only gets bigger when he starts to stretch as his back arches and his hips move forward. I feel myself getting hard so I turn around only to see Ryan Evans. Ryan has lost some weight and had toned up his body. You can barely see abs and he chest is pretty muscled for a drama boy.

So then the teacher tells up to stop talking and then he starts.

"Ok, today were going to be diving",he says motioning to the diving boards

"No lets get lined up and start", he says walking over and having up follow him. We all get lined right behind each other and Troy's the first to go and im right behind him. His ass looks so perfect in his trunks they stick in just the right places. As he steps up his shorts fall down a little and I can start to see his crack, and to my surprise I don't see any tan lines which makes me think he tans naked. Yea this is gonna be a long day.

"O sorry man this thing is too big", he says trying to pull them up.

"Its aiight bro", I say trying to look disgusted

He gets up and then the teacher says how we should dive and then tells Troy to go. He dives and then comes back up. He swims over to the side and I dive in. As I come up I look up to see Troy getting out of the pool. He trunks have fallen down even more and it doesn't help when he turns around. His trunks have fallen down enough where I swear I can see the base of his cock, and he doesn't even bother to pull them up either. So now I cant get out of the water cuz im hard so for the next 20 mins. I try to stay away from him.

Finally the teacher tells us to go shower. Everyone showers in there trunks. But not eveyone take a shower. I look around and see about 10 people showering. I look across to see Troy rubbing soap inside his trunks. I quickly turn around and get hard. I put the image out of my head and finish showering. By the time I get out of the shower all the guys that didn't shower had left and most of the guys that did were almost done changing. I get to my locker after I put in the combination and finally get it open. I look over and see Troy standing at his locker. I peel off my trunks and put them in a bag. I look over to see that troy is still drying off. I put on my boxers and my pants. I look back over and see Troy in nothing but a jock strap. And then Im hard again...and then it hits me this is the perfect time to see what's under that thin fabric so I come up with a plan in my head and then I put it to use.

"Troy what's with the jock man?", I ask as I turn to him

"O..well uh...ok this is gonna sound weird but...", he says as he turns to me

"But what?"

"Well see I don't fit into any of my boxers anymore", he says

"Then buy some new ones",

"Well I would, but they wouldn't help", he says as he tugs a lil at his jock

"Why not", I say as I stare at his cock

"Cuz im too... "big".", he says as he points down at his cock, "It holds me in place and I don't mean to brag but with regular boxers it can kinda poke out underneath",he says with more confidence.

"O well does it really work", I say wit a lot more interest

"Yea here try em for your self", he says as he slowly takes them off

My eyes are glued to his movements and finally they come off and im amazed at what I see. He's limp but HUGE! Then without thinking I say.

"Damn ", I say looking at his limp cock. He shaves his pubes cuz he doesnt have any hair above or below his cock

"Yea sorry but I didnt bring another pair I hope that's ok", he says looking at me

"Uhh yea its fine...I know this is gonna sound weird hung are you", I ask still starting at his limp cock

"O well right now im about 8.5", he says as if it isnt that big a deal

"So you gonna take them are not", he says still holding out the jock strap

I take it from him and surprisingly im not hard. So I guess im cured, but I still have to try them on so I don't look suspicious. So I undo the button to my pants and unzip the zipper and pull them off. Then I pull of my boxers.

"Your pretty hung yourself, and you shave off your pubes too", he says looking down at my bald limp cock with those eyes

"Thanks, im about 6.5", I say as I slip on the jock strap.

He was right its comfortable and still holds you in place really well. There still warm from when Troy had them on and now im hard again. And I knew he'd want them back soon so I had to come up with something so it wouldn't be weird when I took them off with a boner.

"So hung are you when your hard?", I say without thinking about it

He looks up at me kinda shocked but then he face relaxes

"Im about 13.5", he says.

As soon as he says that I swear I hear a stitch of the jock rip. And I don't know what to say to that, hes just staring at me, and im harder then I've ever been before. So nows when I make my move

"Ha no way dude", I say laughing a lil

"I swear"

"Prove it", I say with a grin

"...Ok", he says as he sits down on the bench

"Well then how hung are you when your hard", he says as looks up at me

"Well im 11.5", I say with a huge smile on my face

"Ok then you have to prove it too", he says with a serious look


So I take off the jock strap and he stares at my cock

"Wow looks like you were tellin the truth",

Then he lays down on the bench and starts rubbing his cock. Right now I could probably pass for 12 inches hard. He starts jacking off and soon his cock is at its full 13.5, but it looks like its 14. I walk over to his face and slowly plant a kiss on his lips and he kisses back. He opens his eyes and pushes me against the lockers and then the kiss gets hotter. He licks the bottom of my lip and I open my mouth and let his tongue play with mine. By now im so hard I could cut solid steel. My cock is resting on his abs and his is resting on mine. He breaks the kiss and starts to kiss my neck. I play with his hair as he moves to my toned muscled chest and licks both of my pecs. He moves his mouth to my left nipple and playes with the other one.

"OOOh o yea that feel so good", I moan as he keeps sucking

"O DAMN!", I moan loud as he bits my nipple.

He moves to the other one and does that same. My head is tilted back and my eyes are closed as he moves down to my 6 pack. He licks between the lines that divide them and kisses each one. Now I must say for a guy im pretty hairless. I don't have any chest hair and no happy trail and looking at Troy neither does he. He licks down until he comes to the base of my cock. He lick along it and I almost cream.

"O fuck yea",I moan as I arch my back a little

Then he put his mouth on my cock and I start to ooze pre cum. He slowly bobs he head as he licks around the head of my cock and darts his tongue inside the hole of my cock licking up the pre cum.

"O FUCK! O yea suck my hard big cock", I moan as he keeps sucking

"Fuck yea take my cock", I say as he takes about 8 in of me

"O fuck yea...suck my huge black cock", I say as I grab hold of his hair and push him down more on my cock.

Im almost about to cum and he hasn't even been sucking that long so I pull his head up and we kiss for a little while. I can taste my pre cum in my mouth and it get me harder. He goes back to sucking me off.

"O fuck...o fuck...yea suck that cock...o fuck..O FUCK IM GONNA CREAM!", I yell as my chest muscle spasm, my abs tighten, my ass clenches and I shoot my load into Troy mouth.

I shoot the biggest load of my life which is enough to fill Troy's mouth and still keep shooting. Troy takes as much as he can but it starts to spill out of his mouth. I stop and as his mouth slides off my cock I shoot a few more loads all over his chest and abs.

"Hey you cummed all over me", he says standing up, "Now you gotta clean me off", he says with his grin. So he lays a down on the bench . I kiss him and taste my cum in his mouth. I move down to his neck and trail kisses and licks along it. I move down to his chest and its so smooth. I lick up the cum on his chest and move to a nipple.

"O yea..ahh the feels so good", he moans as I lick and bite his nipple.

I move to the other one and do the same then I pinch the one that I was just at

"O fuck Chad", he moans loudly

I move down to his 8 pack and lick and kiss each one. Then I move down to his cock. I take a min. and just look at it. It has a huge head and is really thick at least 6in around. So I tease it with my tongue.

"O fuck Chad..O Chad...", he moans as I tease his cock.

I swirl my tongue around it and he moans even louder

"Chad...of fuck... Chad just suck ...O FUCK... just suck me already", he moans

So finally I take his cock into my mouth. Its so smooth and big I can barely get my mouth around it. I pump the base with my hands and starts to bob my head up and down. I lick the head and play with his hole and then I bit it ever so gently. As im doing that I wipe the left over cum from his abs and start fingering his hole with my finger.

"O FUCK!..o God DAMN that feel so damn good...OHHHH!", he moans as I keep sucking and playing with his hole. I stick another finger in and he goes crazy. He starts moaning and arching his back. I scissor his hole then try to insert a third finger but hes just too tight. So I use the 2 I have now and keep sucking. I take a full 6in of his cock, but its just to think and long to take anymore.

"O fuck yea suck my huge ass cock...yea take that cock ..ahh take it yea", he moans as I keep sucking him

"O fuck..o o o o O...O FUCK YEA!!!", he yells as he cums in my mouth. I take his load and drink it down. I lick up his cock as it goes limp and move back up to his mouth and kiss him and make him taste his out jizze.

Then he moves out from under me and flips me over on the bench. He straddles my hips and I instantly get hard and so does he.

"So you ready for this in you ass", he says with a wicked grin on his face

"Only if I get to fuck you too", I say

"Course",he says as he separates my legs.

"Wait can I fuck you first", I ask


He gets on the bench doggy style. I stare at his amazing ass and then I spread the cheeks apart. I lick around the hold and drat my tongue inside his hole. He's moaning with pleasure and I grab a bottle of lube and lube up my dick and stick it in his ass. He so tight its hard to move in and out but it feels so good. After a while Troy's ok and I start to fuck him. I slide in and out as fast as I can.

"O...O...OOO...OOO", Troy moans as I fuck him

"God your so...uhh... fucking uuhh tight", I say as I keep fucking him. I pump his cock with the movements. I fuck him hard and fast. I jack him one last time as he cumms all over the bench. His ass gets so tight that I creamed insides his ass right there with a huge moan.

Then he flips me off and lays me on my back and I can feel his cum covering my back and ass. He lubes up his cock and my ass as he inserts 3 fingers.

"Are you sure your ready for this?", he says still playing with his cock

"Hell yea", I say with a smile. He moves his head to mine and we kiss and she slowly pushes in me

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!...", I yell at the pain

"You ok", he asks

"...Yea just give em a min.", as his cock sits in my hole it starts to feel better

"Ok", I say as she pushes the rest into me and hit my sweet spot

"O god that felt so damn good",I moan

"yea well you'll be feeling that a lot", he said as he slid in and out. Everythime he thrusts he hits my prostate

After a while it got a little faster he pumps my cock to the timing of the thrusts. And I cant help but moan. Then he flips me on my hands and knees and fucks me from behind. I never realized how strong he was cuz everything he thrust in my hands would slip and it took everything I had for them not to move.

"O fuck Chad...uhh. You so...uh tight", he says she he thrusts in and out.

By this point were both moaning and screaming. He still pumps my cock and then soon I cum. My ass clenches so tight I can almost hear Troy moan with pain in his voice . He trusts in while my ass is clenched and cant take it

"O FUCK YOUR SO TIGHT!!!", he yells as he cums in my ass. He shoots it so hard that it shoots out of my ass and hits his cock and abs. He slowly pulls out and lays down on the bench sweaty and high from his climax. I lay on top of him for a min. luckly we had a free period. We take a quick shower then get dressed.

"That felt so good", I say as we finish getting dressed

"Yea I just cant wait till next time", He says with a develish grin

"Yea me neither...",I say with a huge smile on my face.

We both close our lockers and leave the locker room...holding hands