D & H Produtions



He was the son of The Grand Sorceress

Show's a Mother with her newborn son as he now blinks as he cooes to her

The Darkness wants him:

Koragg stands in the Earth's mountain grounds as he now stares to the Grand Sorceress and her son.

One man has a way to get the chyld:

Reveals Jaque Del Shiki a assassin/ kidnapper whom appears within Rootcore and disappears with

Baby Bowen

Taken from his mother, brought to the Underworld

From an infant to A Twelve year old Trained to be a Teenage evil Wizard.

The Son and Apprentice To the Leader Known as Koragg

There now stands a young man with Koragg at his his side


Firass Dirani as Prince Bowen Petra Rutter as The Grand Sorceress


Chris Graham, Melanie Vellajo, Angie Diaz, Richard Brancatisao ,Nic Sampon , Jon Tui ,Antonia Pebble

Introducing :

Mark Decasos As Jaque Del Shiki