Koragg's Apprentice

By melissa

Dated on December21,2006

What if the Master took Bowen and gave him to Koragg, what if he became The Apprentice To Koragg and his heir to the evil of The Underworld. What Happens when Udonna learns that this boy is her son that has been missing since infancy... Will she risk her life to save her son on time before the first kill he makes ?


Koragg walked thru the corridors late at Night as he stopped and Looked into Necrolai's bedroom as he saw her and her human daughter sleeping. He sighed

" What are you thinking of Koragg?" asked The Master in telapthy.

" Don't bother Koragg, I know what you yearn for, you yearn for a son, a boy to follow your footseps" said the master.

"Get out of My mind you evil fool" said Koragg.

The master fumed with Anger as he made the electrical shocks urges thru Koragg's mind.

"Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" . Screamed out Koragg in pain as he managed his way to his caverns.

"Watch what you call me , or you will die" said the Master .

At Midnight

Rootcore Boundaries :

Lady Udonna of Rootcore now laid her infant son into his crib as he now slept. "Good night Young Prince" she smiled.

Udonna made her way out of the Nursery as she walked back into the comand center. There she made her way over to the wands of the Power Rangers whom lost their lives during the Great war with the Darkeness.

She sighed as a tear trickled down her face as she now missed her husband.

"Aunt Udonna , im ready to learn my elementary spells " said clare.

Udonna sighed as she looked to her Neice and smiled .

"Well lets go learn." said Udonna.

Outside Rootcore :

Door to door unseal my path, open the side to get my prize, the one I seek is the Chyld of Fire, he shall bring the Fight we desire." said the undentified Man as the wall was now made into a door as he entered.

Crept in slowly as he looked around, no one was now around as he made his way