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Synopsis: RononTeyla, SheppardWeir. AU, sequel to "Journey to Forever." He remembered the past and held on to that, for he knew it was only through sheer determination that they would win.

Rating: T

Warnings: Violence, kissing

Pairings: Ronon/Teyla, John/Elizabeth

Spoilers: "Rising," "Siege" (pts. 1, 2, & 3"), "Runner," & "Sateda"

Title: Shattered

Author: fyd818

Part 1/?

Dedication: To all who supported me through "Journey to Forever," and who encouraged (and poked) me into doing a sequel. You all know who you are, and thank you so much!

Special thanks: To SpaceMonkey0941 (go read her stuff, she's awesome!), for her help, support, friendship, and awesome shippy fics; and to Mama Jo, my fantabulous beta, for helping me wrestle this monster into a controllable form. (lol)

Author's notes: Six months later. . . I have been a very bad girl. Six months after my last update, I'm finally back – and with a new and (hopefully you'll think) improved version of "Shattered"! Chapter one didn't change, but starting with chapter two it starts getting a little different. It's got twice the angst and twice the romance, and I'm quite happy now with how it's turning out. Before, I started "Shattered" too soon and without fully thinking out where I wanted this sequel to go. Then I was forced to pay dearly for my decision, by having the story finally stall in a place where I hadn't wanted it to wind up. So I have spent the past six slow, agonizing months re-writing and re-writing until I came up with this – the same story is there, it's just better (I hope). Thank you so much for being patient with me, and I hope you enjoy "Shattered"! Please drop me a line and tell me what you think!



-Chapter 1-


Afternoon sunlight glimmered on the ocean's surface as Jumper Seven left Atlantis, outbound for the mainland and the Athosian settlement there. The pilot, a young Marine lieutenant named Ken Johnson, kept up a steady flow of chatter as he skillfully guided the Jumper across the expanse of blue water separating the Ancient city from Teyla's people.

Ronon Dex sat quietly in one of the jump seats of the small ship, content to listen to Johnson and his soon-to-be bride, Teyla Emmagan, carry on a conversation. He let his mind wander a bit, feeling more relaxed and happy than he could remember feeling in years – maybe in his whole life. Though it had taken more than a year, and a lot of sessions with Doctor Heightmeyer, Teyla was finally past the nightmares enough to be able to marry him: nightmares tied to the death of his future self in her arms, and to her deepest fears of having that loss repeated with him.

Well, having lost his first wife in a Wraith attack on his homeworld of Sateda, he'd had a few issues himself over the risk of losing Teyla – issues he'd politely but firmly declined to discuss with Heightmeyer. He'd talked about it with his team leader, Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard, a time or two, very late at night when such conversations just naturally seemed to happen. And he had, of course, talked about it with Teyla. That had been enough for him.

"So, I hear there's a wedding on the mainland in a couple of weeks. Would that be you two?" That was the first direct question Ronon heard about the wedding. He grinned quietly as he listened to Teyla's answer.

"Yes." He caught the merest glimmer of her smile as she turned her head for a quick glance back at him. "Ronon and I are going over to the mainland to prepare. The rest of the wedding party will come over from Atlantis when it is almost time." She disclosed no more details about the preparations for the wedding. The Athosians were quite reticent about the rituals to be performed for the binding of two hearts. All involved in the actual wedding itself had to take a vow of silence before even being told their parts, and how to prepare for them.

It was a complicated process, one of the many reasons why Ronon and Teyla were headed over to the mainland.

The Jumper wobbled slightly on its steady course. Ronon reflexively straightened, grasping the arms of his seat and wondering if perhaps Lieutenant Johnson's lack of experience flying jumpers had caused it. But when the little ship yanked sharply to the left, nearly throwing all of them from their seats, he realized it was not the Marine's lack of skill causing the problem. Something was wrong with the jumper itself.

Johnson's rigid shoulders showed how hard he was struggling with the controls. "What the. . .?" Ronon could hear the bewilderment and disbelief in the young pilot's voice.

Teyla reached across the center console to grab the lieutenant's sleeve. "Lieutenant, we need you to land this jumper." Her voice had all the quiet authority she'd gained in her years as the Athosian leader. "You have the Ancient gene. There must be something you can do to slow our descent. You must focus and concentrate on that!"

Johnson took a deep breath, visibly centering himself. "Hang on!" he said, voice tight with the effort he was making. "Like it or not, we are comin' in for a landing!"

Teyla straightened in her seat, bracing for the impact to come. Ronon watched the water draw closer beneath them as they rapidly lost altitude, and did the same. By now the coast of the mainland was in sight. Ronon knew the Athosian settlement was a good day's walk away from the coast, farther into the mountain range where the hunting was better. The ship seemed to be holding a steadier course now. If Johnson could manage to land the jumper safely, they could easily walk up to the settlement. . .

Jumper Seven lurched again, this time listing crazily to the side. Ronon nearly tumbled out of his seat. He barely had time to wonder what had happened to the inertial dampeners before Johnson yelled, "Brace for impact!"

They hit the water only a couple of hundred feet from the shoreline. The right-side drive pod touched first, skipped up, grabbed again. The jumper twisted sideways. Its momentum sent them barrel-rolling across the water onto the sand, tossing the occupants about like helpless rag dolls.

Ronon grunted as his head, right shoulder, and hip impacted different parts of the jumper's ceiling and interior especially hard. Stunned, he tumbled back to the floor as the ship finally tilted back into its right-side-up position, settling there with a creaky groan of battered metal.

Shattered glass crunched beneath him as he tried dazedly to raise himself. Teyla, the pilot— The world about him spun sickeningly, making him squeeze his eyes shut. He hoarsely whispered Teyla's and Johnson's names before dropping back down to the floor of the jumper. It hurt way too much for him to sustain the effort any longer.

Ronon tried again to call Teyla and Lieutenant Johnson. His blood chilled when he heard no response. He tried to raise just his head enough to get his bearings within the ship and find them, but couldn't do it.

He only had time to think, We were sabotaged. . . before he lost his battle to hang on to consciousness.

-To Be Continued-