This is my new story. I hope you like it but remember I usually write for meyself so I don't exactly expect you to like it or to agree with the way I do things.

WARNINGS - Yaoi/Slash. DMHP Will be mpreg. Will contain wandless magic. Time peroids jumped. I can't write evil people or disagreements so everyone in my story will be quick to comply.

ALWAYS read any lables at the start of chapters but you don't have to worry so much at what I put at the end of the chapters.

Summary - Draco Malfoy is the only one who believes Harry Potter to be innocent. In order to rescue Harry, hide the boy away and for Draco to escape a nasty contract the two marry. How will the Wizarding world cope when they find out the one they betrayed had only spent one week in Azkaban?

Draco Malfoy looked at the newspaper completely shocked. The front page of the Daily Prophet had a large picture of a shocked Harry Potter being dragged out of a court room by five Aurors. The title and caption besides the picture stated clearly in large black letters 'Savoir guilty of Murder'. Draco scanned the rest of the article quickly in complete amazement at what he read.

Potter had been found guilty of murdering Ginny Weasley and her lover Dean Thomas at the Weasley home in St Ottery. The seventeen year old had had a court hearing where the remaining members of the Weasley family testified that Harry had always fancied Ginny. The court had come to the conclusion that Potter had killed the red haired girl in a fit of rage having been 'mentally unstable' since the rise of Voldemort. Whilst the Wizarding world had raised their savoir up on a pedestal when he'd been telling the truth about Voldemort's return and then his defeat of the Dark Lord, the Wizarding world seemed to have unanimously agreed that Harry Potter was capable of cold blooded murder.

Draco sucked in a shuddering breath. Potter was being sent to twenty five years imprisonment in Azkaban and at the end of the sentence he was to be given the dementor's kiss. Draco wouldn't wish that on his once arch enemy. He and Potter hadn't ever been friends but during the battle against Voldemort they had put aside their differences. Draco just wondered if he could somehow help the obviously innocent Harry Potter. After all, Draco had spent years fighting and just watching his old enemy so he knew Potter extremely well and Draco knew for a fact that the scarred young man could never kill out of cold blood. Hell, Potter hadn't even wanted to kill Voldemort; Potter just didn't have it in him to kill anyone or anything. It was amazing how Potter had actually killed the Dark Lord in the final battle. Draco had seen Harry break down in tears after he'd muttered the killing curse ending the dark lord's life. Potter had only ever killed once and the one he killed was so dark the devil would probably be envious, and after he'd killed Potter had sobbed for the life he'd taken.

Draco might not know everything but he knew Potter was without a doubt innocent.

Draco went back to Hogwarts at the end of the weekend. He had only gone home to visit his mother and comfort her since his father had just died and now he was back ready to start his Monday classes. He sat with the rest of the Slytherins at the Slytherin table which, after the war, had about half the amount of people sat there. Of course, Slytherin wasn't the only house that had death eaters in it, it just had the most.

Draco spared a look across the hall and saw Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger preaching loudly to the rest of the Gryffindors. Even at a distance Draco could hear all the curses and death wishes the two had for Harry Potter.

Draco shook his head lightly. How easy two of the golden trio turned against their golden boy. He glanced at the other members of his house and heard Blaise, who had been neutral in the war, talking animatedly to Pansy, who had been disowned by her father for not wanting the dark mark, about how glad they were that Potter had been imprisoned. They claimed it meant they'd have a quiet year.

Draco narrowed his eyes in thought. Everyone was against Potter. Why was Draco the only one who seemed to know of his innocence? Draco wasn't sure why he cared; perhaps it was because of the stress he was under at the moment that he chose to put his thoughts on another person's misery and on how to help them out of their dismal situation. Solving others problems often seemed easier than solving ones own problems. All Potter needed to do was get out of prison but Draco had a worse, in his opinion, doom hanging down on him…

Draco's thoughts came to a screeching halt as an idea flashed through his brain making all other thoughts insignificant. Draco found himself smirking. Yes it would work, It would be so easy! He'd be killing two birds with one stone. It would be too easy. It was such a good idea! Draco could be such a genius sometimes.

"Draco? Draco are you alright?" Pansy asked placing a hand gently on Draco's arm and sending him a very concerned look. Draco snapped out of his thoughts and gave Pansy a large smirk showing all his pleasure.

"I've never been better my dearest Pansy."

"Oh. What were you thinking about?"

"I was thinking about Potter and how ridiculous it is that everyone can find someone so innocent and caring as Potter guilty of murder. How the world is fickle is it not." Draco smirked at her silently laughing in her shocked look. She, along with everyone else, thought Potter guilty. "Still, no matter. Now we have one less person to deal with at school don't we? Should make for an interesting year now and I have something else to taunt the Gryffindors about."

Draco stood from his seat and held his head up straight giving an airy look around the hall. His posture and his smirk made anyone who saw him feel instantly unworthy of being in such a regal person's presence. Some Hufflepuff shied away. Draco's smirk widened. This would be an interesting year, a very interesting year. But for now he had some classes to get to and after that schemes to plan.

Later that week Draco sighed and sat back in the chair at his desk. His plans were laid out before him and completed. Everything would work out fine and everything was easy to execute. He knew all the places, all the times and all the people off by heart. He had his one accomplice and a few house elves that were more than happy to help their master. The only thing left now was to wait for Saturday and go to his father's funeral and on by Sunday two people's problems will be solved.

End of the intro. I will be putting chapters up in quick succession until I reach chapter 12.