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Notes – I couldn't find a place to end this story! It kept going on. I will warn you, it does get soppy. There also isn't much of a confrontation. I just give you a happy ending. I'm uneventful like that. But, this is the end of the story!

Be proud of me? I struggled with writters block for this story, I knew what should happen at the end I just couldnt' work out a way for it to happen, if that makes sense. I did, however, write all these last three chapters in two days around work, uni and life. Hehe. I think I did okay...anyway, read!

It was planned for carefully. Draco and his children had planned out the day so carefully that almost nothing could go wrong in their eyes. They had planned for the worst, worst, worst case scenarios and they had planned for the best case scenarios and everything in between. Between the five of them they had arranged to have back up ready, an arsenal of spells at their call and emergency procedures as a 'just in case'.

"Harry?!" Draco yelled as he stepped from the fireplace at his and Harry's home. He'd travelled back and forth to the house as often as possible in the last two months to keep his children company and to see his husband.

"Draco? What are you doing here?" Harry walked down the stairs carrying Andre in his arms. "Why aren't you getting ready to collect the kids from the train station? How are they going to get home without you picking them up?"

"Stop panicking. Everything is fine. I have arranged for us all to go out somewhere and Adriel, Annone, Azure and Arrian are going to meet us there. It's a celebration! I'm treating my family."

"We're going out? Where?"

"Somewhere you'll love I promise you. Now, why don't you go and get ready hm? Dress in something remarkable, men's clothes Harry so no disguising yourself, and I will go and get out children ready." Harry looked at Draco questioningly. Draco reached over and took Andre out of his husband's arms before kissing Harry and giving him a small shove in the right direction.

"Get dressed Harry." Draco laughed.

"All right bossy boots. I'm going. See? I'm going!" Draco smirked as Harry made a point of walking up the stairs.

"And you go very nicely too, I have such a wonderful view. Isn't it a nice view Andre?" Draco heard Harry splutter slightly on the stairs.

"Don't go perverting my son!"

"I'd never do something like that! Don't you have any faith in me love?" Harry rolled his eyes and disappeared from sight at the top of the stairs. Draco grinned and bounced his son as he walked up the stairs himself. "GIRLS!"


"Hello girls! I need you to do something for me." Draco said trying his best to hug each of the young girls who had wrapped themselves around his legs.

"What Father?"

"I need you to go back to your rooms and pick out your prettiest dresses. We are going somewhere special and I want you looking even more beautiful than normal okay?" The girls grinned and raced into their room shouting and arguing good naturedly between them about who was going to be the best princess in their best clothes. Draco smiled to himself, fetched Andre's clothes and took them into the girl's room with him where he changed Andre on the bed.

It took twenty minutes but the girls were finally dressed and looking wonderful and Harry had entered the room also dressed in some of his best clothes. Draco noticed it was the outfit he had bought Harry when they had lost their child all those years ago. They had been on a trip to New Zealand and Draco had purchased Harry the robes after he'd persuaded Harry that he wasn't worthless.

Harry now wore black trousers made of Acromantula silk hat was woven in such a way that while the material was kept soft and light it wasn't as easily influenced by light breezes. Over the trousers he wore a dark green and gold robe that clung to his chest only to loosen around the waist and down to the knee. Around the edges was a gold band almost half an inch wide that made a stunning contrast against the black of Harry's trousers. The knots that held the piece together, that had been inspired by oriental clothing, were also gold and started in the middle of Harry's right collar bone and went down to his waist where they stopped. Since the robe itself was a wrap around the gold decoration went from the bottom of the knots down to the bottom of the robe at Harry's knees in a diagonal line. The material was also made of acromantula silk though underneath was sofened basilisk skin which, despite it's weakened state, would protect the vital organs beneath it.

"You look stunning Harry."

"Thank you Draco, but you always say that." Harry said with a smile and an eye roll. Draco couldn't leave Andre as he was still in the middle of dressing the little boy so he couldn't give his husband a kiss.

"That's because it's always true." Draco settled for saying and gave Harry a loving smile. Harry's cheeks went slightly pink and he distracted himself with getting his daughters shoes done up correctly.

All three little girls were wearing the same style dress but in different colours and with a small varient in style each. Each of the dresses fell to just below their knees and were designed to flow as the girls walked. The upper half of the dress clung to their small torsos and had small sleeves that just covered the girl's shoulders. Evanna's dress was red and white with a hand stitched golden leaves decorating the skirt section of the dress. Orianna had a white skirt part of the dress but beneath it was the same dark blue that matched the top half of the dress only because the blue came through the white it was shades lighter. Dotted all over the dress were hand sticked silver butterflies. Alianna had a dark green version of the dress her twin wore only the silver hand stiched decorations were of sparkes.

Andre wore a white pair of trousers, a white shirt and a pale blue over robe which he kept giggling at as it had been decorated with a snitch that darted all over the place.

"One more thing before we go then. I have a present for all of you. Well actually I tell a lie, I have two presents for all of you but you can only ever wear one set okay?" Out of his pocket Draco pulled a small bag which he enlarged and pulled open. He pulled out of the bag five dark red boxes and three dark blue boxes. He handed a box of each colour to his girls and his husband but kept a box of each colour for Andre.

Harry snapped open the dark red box he was given first and Draco watched the reaction to it. Harry's eyes went wide before he smiled softly at Draco.

"Put it on me Draco?"

"Certainly. Evanna would you make sure your brother stays still?" Once Evanna was holding Andre still with one hand and admiring the content of the boxes Draco stood and walked over to Harry. Out of the red box he pulled a pure gold bracelet with no clasp which he slid over Harry's hand watching as it enlarged to fit around his husband's hand before shrinking to fit snugly around his wrist. Draco whispered a word to stop the bracelet from being removed unless the counter password was said. Draco then took the gold ring from the box and slid it onto the middle finger of Harry's right hand, uttered the word again and made sure the ring wouldn't be removed. Then he took out a small gold chain and undid the clasp. Standing behind Harry he put the thin chain around Harry's neck, uttered the closure password and kissed the side of his husband's neck.

"They are all beautiful Draco. Why the gifts though?"

"I will tell you later. In the other box is jewellery exactly the same but in white gold."

"Father! Put mine on me!" Draco happily obliged his daughter's order and watched as Harry put the white gold versions of the jewellery on Angre.

"It won't choke him will it Draco? And there are charms to stop the ring getting caught in things aren't there?"

"Or course Harry. I made sure I only bought the best." Harry nodded and scooped up his son cradelling him gently while talking silly things at him. Once everyone was ready for the trip, and the spare jewellery placed away, Draco gathered everyone into the hallway and pulled out a stop watch from his pocket which stayed attached to him with a long gold chain.

"We are going to take this portkey to the place and Harry I need you to wear this so it is a surprise for you." Draco pulled a small blind fold from his pocket with his spare hand. Once his daughters had hold of the stopwatch or stop watch chain Draco leaned over and put the blind fold on his worried looking husband. "Trust me."

"I trust you Draco but I really don't like the idea of wearing a blind fold."

"You will be fine Harry though I suggest you let me hold Andre and you while we portkey because you are the only person who ever falls over when travelling by portkey." Harry nodded and allowed himself to be pulled against Draco's chest so his back was pressed against his husband. Draco held Andre in his other arm and directed Harry's hand onto the chain.

"Everybody ready? Three, two one, time!" The portkey activated and the family disappeared from the hall of ther house.

Draco smiled as they landed at their destination. Harry wobbled on his feet and leaned heavily on Draco who grinned and gave a kiss to his ear before looking at his children.

"Well done girls. No wonder you are so good at dancing when your balance is that good." The girls beamed at the praise. "Right then, let go od my watch. Where are…ah! There they are!"

"Who?" Harry asked looking around despite haing a blind fold on.

"UNCLE FRED! UNCLE GEORGE!" The girls shouted in unison and even Andre cried out in joy at seeing the identical red headed men.

"Hello, hello! We are here!"

"Never fear!" The girls laughed at the words but were quickly scooped into hugs and given kisses.

"It's onderful to see you-"

"you've grown taller-"

"and wider-"

"and more beautiful and-"

"stunning since we last saw you!"

"Fred, George, thank you for agreeing to come." Draco said sincerely and shook the nearest twin's hand even as the other red haired man took a giggling Andre from his arm.

"It was no problem! We wouldn't miss this for the world!"

"Wonderful to see you too Harry, you are looking exceptional as usual."

"I'm a married man George. No flirting Fred. But it's wonderful to see you too…or hear you at least." Harry ammended his statement. Draco slipped an arm around Harry's waist and pulled Harry close. Harry reached out and grasped hold of Draco not liking the disrientation the blind fold gave him.

"As brilliant a reunion as this is, it's almost time so we should move, don't you agree?" Draco received murmurs of agreement from everyone around him and smiled. Turning to Harry he leaned in close. "Now Harry, I am going to place a silencing charm around you so you don't hear where we are, I don't want you to guess and ruin my surprise. So, don't release me and trust me. Do you trust me Harry?"

"I trust you Draco but must you take away another sense? I don't like this so far." Draco smiled, though Harry couldn't see it and pressed his lips to Harry's cheek.

"Count to sixt in your head and then the spell will be off okay? Trust me, I'd never let any harm come to you."

"Okay Dray." Draco muttered the spell and almost immediately Harry's jaw clenched and he tightened his grip on Draco.

"Harry must love you very much Draco-"

"To trust you with something as large as that."

"I have said it before and I will say it again, Harry is wonderful. Now, we move. Kids, hold your uncles' hands and help them lead the way. I'll bring your daddy."

They moved slowly. Fred and George walking at a pace that the children could keep up with and also keeping in mind that Harry was moving around slowly not liking not being able to see where he was going. He took small steps which only became larger when Draco rubbed up and down his back soothingly.

They walked through masses of people then waited so nobody would see them before disappearing from view. There were more people in the new place they appeared. Fred and George lead the family through the groups of people until they were right at the front in a large space. They all stopped.

"We're here. Have you got the papers ready?" Draco directed at Freg and George. The twins nodded seriously and crouched down to whisper something to the younger children. Draco didn't need to hear what was being said, he and the twins had gone through it already. Instead he turned to Harry and wrapped his arms tightly around his husband tightly. Harry tensed before relaxing quickly and wrapping his arms around Draco's neck clitching Draco to him. Draco heard Fred and George give him the all clear and he pulled out his wand and whispered the counter for the silencing bubble while accioing the blind fold away.

Immediately Harry's body tensed up before it trembled. There before him was the bright red Hogwarts' Express puffing magical smoke into the atmosphere. Harry could see people slowly emptying their compartments. The buzz on the platform was nearly over whelming. He could hear people shouting hello to their children and could see some people pointing and whispering at him.

"D-D-D-Draco!" Harry's voice increased in pitch and volume towards the end of the word. His distress becoming more known. Draco pulled back slowly making sure not to release Harry so he wouldn't run away. Harry's bright green eyes were filled with tears and terror. They pleaded with Draco and hurt and betrayal warred for dominance over his expression. Draco gave Harry a reassuring smile full of love.

"Harry, look at this." Harry flicked his eyes from Draco's and to Fred, bac to Draco, to the thing Fred was holding up and then back to Draco before he did a sharp double take at the object in Fred's hand. It was a newspaper. Right across the front of it in gigantic flashing capital letters was 'HARRY POTTER IS INNOCENT!' Harry gasped and his grip on Draco tightened considerably but Draco couldn't make himself care. He wasn't important at that moment in time, only Harry was.

Harry's eyes frantically read over the article before he snapped his gaze to Draco searching for the truth.

"That was from two months ago Harry. This is the most recent one." Fred swapped the newspaper for another one and there indeed was yesterdays date and the headline was 'WHERE IS OUR GOLDEN HERO?!' Harry read the article, it had quotes in it from various Ministry members, the Minister himself, members of the wizarding population. Rita Skeeter gave her own words of scorn saying it was about time the world believed in their Hero who, while never doing wrong, had been accused for hineous crimes all his life. Rita had gone as far as saying if the same had happened to her she wouldn't forgive anyone in the wizarding world but that she wished for Harry's return so she, and those other faithful believers, could be assured that he was okay.

The dam broke. Harry's tears sped down his face and he looked at Draco with wonder on his face.

"They know the truth! They know I'm innocent! I'm free?" Harry whispered before raising one of his hands to Draco's face. "Did you do this? Did you do all this? Is this what the surprise is? You went through all the trouble of making them see the truth for me?"

"Not just me Harry."

"Who?" Harry asked.

"DADDY!" Harry gasped loudly and snapped his gaze around to see where the voice came from. There running towards him, lacking all teir dignity and pride, their faces alight with joy and love, were Adriel, Arrian, Annone and Azure. Harry choked on a sob before breaking fully into tears and reaching one hand for them refusing to release Draco.

"DADDY! You're here! We've missed you!" Four children crashed into their dad wrapping their arms around him any way they could. Harry sobbed again and hitched in breath burrying his head in the hair of the nearest child. He finally released Draco and wrapped his arms tightly around all four children clinging to them as tightly as he could and as tightly as he dared.

"Oh god!" Harry sobbed gasping in breath as his tears soaked Annone's hair.

"Daddy, did you see the papers?"

"They all found out daddy!"

"Everybody believes you!"

"We did the best we could Dad." Harry pulled away from Annone's hair at Adriel's words and looked at his oldest child.

"You did this?" He asked with a broken voice choked with happiness, grief and love.

"Yes Daddy. All of us did and Father helped us. We wanted to show everyone the truth."


"So that everyone would believe you."

"But it didn't matter that nobody else believed me so long as you did." Harry protested weakly still staring at his son with awe. Adriel gave Harry a soft, loving smile.

"We knew that. But you live your life through us, you have given us everything and we wanted to give you something back. We wanted to give you the chance to live your life for you. Live your life through you. Enjoy our lives yes but enjoy your own too."

"I was happy with the wayt things were."

"No Harry." Draco said gently reaching a hand out and cupping Harry's cheek so that Harry was looking up at him. "You were content. You were happy to some small extent too but I wasn't the only one to notice your passion fading."

"I-I…" Harry stuttered. He looked to Adriel for a short moment before more tears fell from his eyes. He pulled his eldest son towards him into the hug again. "Thank you. Gods, thank you so much! I love you! I love you, thank you! Thank you!" Harry put kisses on his children's heads before pushing his head back, looked right up at the sky and closed his eyes as if some divine beings in the heavens had gifted him with the most precious thing on the earth. His face was a picture of pure joy as he faced the sky with his eyes closed. Tears streamed down his face even though there was a smile on his lips.

He pulled his head back down and opened his eyes. He searched around for half a second before his eyes landed on silver grey eyes. Harry whimpered gently and stopped hugging his children with one hand. He grabbed Draco's robes and tugged Draco to him.

"Thank you. Thank you so much Draco." Harry tugged him down and kissed him and kissed him and kissed him. He ignored the small giggles his younger children made. Missed the smiles his older children gave him. He didn't see the Weasley twins share a look with each other before watching him and Draco with happy smiles on their faces.

Draco couldn't care about anyone either. He put one hand on Harry's hip, it barely registering that his children weren't wrapped around Ahrry any more. His other hand he put on Harry's neck tilting Harry's head just right so their kiss could carry on and deepen slightly. The kiss was filled with so many emotions. Harry conveyed his thanks and his overwhelming love through that kiss and Draco drank it up not caring that his cheeks were damp with his own tears nor that Harry's tears were dropping onto the expensive cloth that made up their clothes. Nothing mattered, just them.

"Harry? Harry is that you?" The kiss broke and Draco and Harry looked to the side to see who had spoken. There before them were Ron and Hermione Weasley. Draco snapped his gaze to Harry to see how his husband would react to his ex-best frineds being around.

"What?" Harry breathed to them and gripped Draco tighter. Draco smiled at Harry, though Harry wasn't looking, as he felt Harry's arms wrap around his waist and shoulders.

"H-how have you been Harry?"

"Yeah, we've missed you mate. And we're…we're sorry for not believing you."

"We should have believed you Harry. You have no idea how much guilt we feel knowing we betrayed you like that but we honestly believed the evidence was true! Everything said the evidence was true and…and/…and…Merlin Harry we're so so sorry!" Hermione's eyes were pleading and Ron's eyes reflected his guilt. Harry's breath hitched for a moment before he shook his head from side to side in a tiny, jerky movement.

"No…" He said and Hermione and Ron looked heart broken. "No I don't care. I don't care for your words. When it mattered you had few and now it doesn't you have too many. Your actions spoke for themselves. You murdered my owl, you spread roumers and you declared your hatred of me. Actions speak louder than words, they always have. What every you say to me now I don't care about, they hold no weight with me and hold absolutely nothing of value. If you were half the people I thought you were you couldn't have believed the lies in the beginning. The fact that you, my best friends and my family, couldn't see past the lies and see what really mattered showed you were not worth it in the beginning anyway. My enemy, the person I hated, the person I fought with and the person I never spoke to without my words being insults was the one to believe in me. Draco was the one person who saw the lies for what they were. Draco was the only person to try and help me. Draco was the only person to attempt to save me. Draco has proved himself to be everything I ever wanted and ever needed and with the one act, with that one belief, the belief that I was innocent, he has shown me that he has more loyalty, more courage and more knowledge than the cleaverest witch in the school. You two are nothing to me, you couldn' t even see me. Go. Walk away. If there was ever a person I would hate more than Voldemort, hate more than Peter Pettigrew, it's you two. Leave. I never, ever want you near me again."

"Harry please…" But Harry had turned away. He was looking at Draco again. Draco smiled and leaned his forehead against Harry's. Harry raised his left hand and placed it on Draco's cheek. His rings, his engagement ring, his wedding ring and his eternity ring, gleamed in the sun light and Hermione and Ron stared at it transfixed.

"Harry." Draco breathed. Harry smiled at him.

"Draco I love you. I love you, and I thank you so much for what you have done for me."

"It wasn't just me. Our children did most of the work, they were the ones to inspire me to help."

"But without you there would be no them. Without you they wouldn't have the ambition and the drive to do this. Without you they wouldn't exist and this would never have happened." Draco shut his eyes feeling the love inside him bubble up. His chest hurt with the volume of love pumping through him. His throat hurt with the choked up emotion and his mind spun. He pulled Harry into a fierce hug which Harry happily fell into with a tiny sob. More tears fell from both adult's eyes.

"Harry..." Draco dragged the word out not knowing what to place with it but in that one word he pushed all his love. Draco moved his head around and nuzzled into Harry's neck. "Give me another one Harry."

"D-Draco?" Harry tried to pull back but Draco wouldn't let him at all.

"give me another one." Harry was silent. The rest of the platform was still buzzing and alive. It was like a bee hive. People were milling backwards and forewards, with no direction. Some people were staring and pointing. But everyone was talking and the platform was buzzing with the sound. To Draco and Harry though everything was silent except for their voices.

"Give me another one Harry." Draco said it again.


From there everything was a blur. Fred and George had manouvered Hermione and Ron away from the Malfoy family before returning and hugging the once convicted man. Caera's snapped around them, the press shouted questions but received no answer. The very large, complete family, except for Narcissa, enjoyed each other's company on the station, oblivious to everyone else around them. House elves popped in and took Azure, Annone, Arrian and Adriel's trunks and school things back to the house while the family themselves slowly gathered around a stop watch and counted down to the portkey activation.

The family spent the rest of the day walking around on a cloud. They all felt above everyone else. They all walked down Diagon Alley, Harry displayed for all the world at the front of his beautiful family. Fred and George stood vigil over the family while ready to defend them at a split second's notice. Anyone trying to talk to the family was ignored. The portrait of the family, with Narcissa included this time, showed plainly for everyone to see a family brimming with love and affection. A photo of the finished work of art would be posted in the daily prophet for six months rubbing salt into the wizarding world's wound. How could they ever have though a man with such care, devotion and love was ever capable of cold hearted murder?

That evening, thoroughly exhausted but glowing lay Harry and Draco in their large bed. Their clothes were thrown across the room, their sheets stained in several places and their breathing was laboured. They lay facing each other, their legs entwined under the blankets and their head only inches apart on the same pillow, Draco's pillow. Sweat made their bodies glisten, around the room magic thrummed sparkling gold into every corner and cranny of the room. Their faces had bright smiles on and their cheeks were bright. Harry's green eyes, not an unusual thing, glowed with happiness, passion and life. What was unusal was the amount of passion in his eyes. As if any and all chains had broken awak from him and released him from their clutches, his soul was brighter than before.

"I love you so much Draco." Harry whispered across the gap. His words seemed to resonate around the room.

"I love you too, ever so much Harry." Draco brushed a hand over Harry's cheek and hair.

"It feels strange knowing that we aren't the only people who know the truth."

"Hm." Draco hummed his agreement.

"I feel like everything is open to me now, I feel as if I can do anything."

"But what will you do though?" Harry thought about that for a moment. Draco watched him curiously. Harry let a slow smile spread agross his face and pushed himself across the remaining inches between him and his husband.

"I'm going to persuade you to take me out to Madam Malkin's and buy us both new dress robes. Then I'm going to coerce you into marrying me again. Then I am going to seduce you onto another honey moon and after that I am going to raise all our children to enjoy all of the world. And finally I am going to live my life through me and through you and through all of out children. I want to embrace everything Draco, absolutely everything." Harry paused a moment before he pressed his lips to Draco's gently. "But before all of that…"

"Yes?" Draco breather, the lack of volume barely providing anything to form the words with.

"Before all that I'm going to give you the child you asked for." Draco smiled a bright smile that light up his face more than it had ever done before. Draco felt so free no, as if along with his husband all the things tying him down had disappeared.


"Love me Draco." Harry wrapped his arm around Draco's neck and pulled Draco over him again.

"I always have." For the third time that evening Harry and Draco they made love and they remembered to use the spell that time. As they fell asleep to awaken the first true day of Harry's new life, inside the magically created womb was a bunch of cells starting to form a new life.

--12 years later—

Draco grinned as Phoenix Malfoy sat down at the Slytherin table at Hogwarts. Over at the Hufflepuff table he could see Evanna talking animatedly with her friends who, despite likeing Evanna, were leaning as far away from her and the pet spider sat on her shoulder as they possibly could. Andre who was started his third year was drumming his fingers impatiently at the Slytherin table while Orianna and Alianna were whispering between them another one of their small arguments at Gryffindor table. Draco didn't understand what they argued about since there was nothing different about them but they always seemed to be fighting. Only when something threatened them or questioned them did they stop and they'd turn their argument onto the person threatening them. Adriel was at work now, probably slyly convincing those idiots in the ministry to see things his way, and most likely winning. Arrian had, finally, split away from the oldest set of twins and had made a name for himself in journalism. Azure and Annone had split their time between the Weasley's joke shop and their Quidditch careers.

"So Draco, finally all your brood have reached Hogwarts and some have even passed on from Hogwarts. I find myself very relieved." Draco cast a glance to Headmaster Snape who was now taking a drink from his goblet. Draco smiled a sly smile and shifted his gaze to the man at the other end of the table. The head turned and bright green eyes met his across the table. Harry smiled at him and held his gaze.

"Oh I don't know Severus, there's still time left." Severus Snape, the professor no student dared to cross, unless they were a Malfoy or the spawn of Fred and George Weasley, the professor who never did anything undignified, the professor who would never be seen without a sneer or a smirk or an insult choked on his drink and spluttered. Draco grinned. Snape glared at him.

"You can't possibly be serious!" Draco turned back to the bright green eyes.

"Harry love, don't you find the house a bit…empty?" Harry's eyes widened for a moment then he flicked his gaze around the hall before looking back at Draco.

"Well I do miss having a small baby." Severus choked again and Draco threw his head back and laughed.

When the feast was over, and having endured Severus making harsh comments about the consequences of bringing yet another Malfoy heir into Hogwarts, Draco rose from his seat and walked around the table. Once he was before Harry he lifted Harry's ring hand to his lips and kissed the back of it. Harry smiled and rose to his feet. Gracefully, and attracting everyone's attention without meaning to, the pair of them slipped out of the hall. Once back at their rooms Draco pushed the medi-wizard's robes off Harry's frame while Harry pushed off Draco's robes.

"Shouldn't we call to check up on…"

"No, they'll be fine." Draco interrupted.

"But they're only six Dray, what if they mi-hmph!"

"They can be without us for one night Harry."

"But we're their parents Dray!"

"Those boys won't have time to miss us with Annone, Azure and mother around."

"But Draco…"

"We will check them later okay Harry?"

"Okay." Harry caved in and allowed himself to be pushed onto the bed. Draco climbed over him. Draco thanked Merlin every time that wizards had an extended life span and that they wouldn't start to get old until they reached their hundreds. They were the most handsome pair in the whole of the Wizarding world. They had won the title for twelve years running ever since Harry was proclaimed innocent.

"Number twelve?"

"Hm, sounds nice." Harry grinned and pulled Draco down into a kiss. The blonde happily obliged and felt a wand being placed in his hand. Draco paused and pulled away. Harry frowned slightly in confusion and Draco stared at him while biting his lip. The silence wore on until finally Draco spoke in a slow, low voice.

"Harry…" It was the kind of voice Harry usually heard when Draco or one of the children were trying to creep for something.

"Yes?" Harry said using the slow and low voice dragging out the word.

"Can I carry it this time?" Harry jerked slightly in shock before slowly nodding with wide eyes. Draco grinned and handed the wand to Harry who pointed it at his stomache. Harry muttered the spell. Just before the pain hit Harry turned one of Draco's frequently asked questions back on his husband.

"Draco, have I told you recently how wonderful you are?"

"Not recently Harry."


The End.

Just so you know what happened to the others –

Ron and Hermione Weasley, along with several other members of Harry Potter's ex-famiy, in the few months after Harry had reappeared in the wizarding world, to desperate measures to try to get Harry to talk to them and to get him to listen so he could understand the reasons for what they did. They of course did it the only whay they thought would work and kidnapped one of his children. It hadn't got them anywhere for the child they were holding captive had siappeared having been summoned away by a hidden portkey on their bodies. Hermione and Ron, along with the other Weasleys except for Fred and George, had fled the country to Romania to live out the rest of their days.

Any further attacks or attempted kidnappings had the same result. Draco would be seen the day after any kidnapping walking around with a grin and a glow. He had gifted all his family with jewellery that only he could remove so his family were stuck wearing the jewellery all the time. Each piece of jewellery was a portkey and all of them would bring the children to Harry. For that, every time the jewellery saved their children's lives, Draco received a wonderful reward.

Severus Snape, by the time he passed away at the very, very young age of eighty three had never witnessed a single year where there were no Malfoy children passing through Hogwarts. Still, the man died peacefully having finally inspired a new Master of Potions in his place. Despite his contempt for Harry Potter, Severus died a proud man having witnessed Adelaide Malfoy, granddaughter of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, her Mastery in the noble art of Potion making.

The Wizarding world finally learned from their mistakes and never put an innocent person in jail again. Thanks to Adelaide Malfoy, a truth serum more powerful than veriteserum was given to every suspect and prisoner so it could never happen again. For centuries after their deaths Harry James Potter remained the most admired wizard in the world and his and Draco Malfoy's union was envied by many. They had the largest number of children ever born to a single magical couple and as their story became a legend. Their family tree hung proudly in the Old Malfoy Manor for centuries and their portraits, moving and talking Harry and Draco, stood regally watching over the students of Hogwarts, the Malfoy descendents in the various manors and in the Ministry of Magic. They were never forgotten.



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