Rating: T, kinda leaning/hinting towards M.
Summary: Ever wondered what happened after the Host Club walked in on Tamaki having blindfolded Haruhi, as he found out that she was afraid of thunderstorms? Well, this offers one "possible" solution…
Pairing: Kyouya/Haruhi.
Warnings: Mild adult themes and the possibility of Out Of Character-behaviour.
Disclaimer: All characters and such are the property of its creator, Bisco Hatori-san. All I own is the plotline. This was written for mine and your entertainment only; I do not make any money on this. If you see this story posted anywhere else under a different name, please send me a message about it.

Safe from the storm.

Chapter 1:

Haruhi looked at him. "Why did you turn the lights off?" Kyouya bent down to her and looked her directly into her eyes. "You could pay for those flowers with your body, too." He grabbed her wrist and threw her on top of his bed and placed her beneath him, hovering over her by standing on his knees and arms.

She yelped in surprise but let her eyes glide over his slender and toned body, on which the moonlight shined upon, before focusing on his black eyes. "You should fix that "being a girl or a boy doesn't matter" naivety of yours. It's your fault for being too defenceless." She relaxed. "Ah… I see…" She paused. "You wouldn't do that, Kyouya-senpai… Because… You wouldn't get any merits from sleeping with me…"

He froze for a split second. Then he let a small smirk curve his lips and he took his thumb up to his face. "Indeed."

He sat up on the edge of the bed, one foot on the ground. "You are an interesting person." She sat up behind him. "But I really understand now… That Kyouya-senpai, you are unexpectedly a nice person." He put on his glasses and looked at her sideways. "Hmmm?" "

Because what you're doing now is a follow up for Tamaki-senpai, right?" She asked and smiled at him. He got up and looked away. "You purposely took on the villain's character to teach me, right?" He opened his mouth and was about to answer when it knocked on the door.

"Kyouya, you got some lotion? The sunburn is actually starting to hurt…" Tamaki trailed off as he saw the darkness of the room, Haruhi on the bed and Kyouya standing up. He stood still. "Kyouya, you…" He started, anger filling his voice, but didn't get any longer as Kyouya firmly placed a bottle of lotion in his face, rubbing it around.

"Here, use it however you want, idiot." He added a little more pressure on "idiot" than intended but hoped that none had heard the edge in his voice and left the room. He started walking back to the dining room. "Merits, eh? An interesting opinion in its own way."


"Was it really ok…" Hikaru started. "To let them be alone?" Kaoru ended, both looking at Kyouya as they stopped outside Haruhi's door, 10 or so minutes after Kyouya returned to the diningroom. He looked back and readjusted his glasses. "This is Tamaki we're talking about. What kind of mistake do you expect him to make?"

They knocked on the door. "Tono. We're coming in…" The twins trailed off when they opened the door and saw Tamaki sit in front of Haruhi, holding her shoulders. "See? If you put a blindfold on, you won't see it. And if you put in earplugs for the noise…" Tamaki was clearly very proud of himself.

"Ah! It's true!" Haruhi exclaimed, a bit higher than usual. "This guy is the worst!" Tamaki turned frightened, to face the Host Club. "What kind of play is this?" Kaoru asked, his fists balled. The rest of the Host Club didn't look too happy either. "No!" Tamaki screamed. "It's not like that!"

Mori walked forwards and lifted Tamaki up on his one shoulder. Haruhi removed her blindfold. "What's… What's going on?" She asked confused and looked at Honey. "Tama-chan was doing weird things to you, Haru-chan. We think its best that he goes to bed now." He said with a serious tone in his normally so sweet voice, his brown eyes strict.

"But… No, he… Thunderstorm…" Haruhi tried to protest as Tamaki was carried away to his bedroom, screaming, kicking and hitting all the way. Mori didn't flinch. She ran into the opening of the door and looked after him. "It wasn't like that! Let me go! Haruhi!" She saw that he stretched his one arm towards her, as if she could catch his arm and pull him back to her. Honey pulled her back in and tried to soothe her by hugging her.

Mori let him down as they passed the threshold of the door to his room. "Sorry, Tamaki. But we find it in Haruhi's and your best interest if you stay behind locked doors for tonight." Kyouya said coldly as he closed the door and locked it from the outside, after he had made sure that there weren't any keys left in the room.

"You can have this Mori, since you probably will get up earlier than me. Now I think we all should get to bed." He gave Mori Tamaki's room key and walked back his own room, the rest of the Hosts following his example.

As you can see, anything BEFORE Mori picks up Tamaki, is episode 8 in the anime. Everything AFTER that, and in the following chapters, are only me letting my fangirling imagination running wild.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this and are looking forward to the following chapters.