Rating: T, kinda leaning/hinting towards M.
Summary: Ever wondered what happened after the Host Club walked in on Tamaki having blindfolded Haruhi, as he found out that she was afraid of thunderstorms? Well, this offers one "possible" solution…
Pairing: Kyouya/Haruhi.
Warnings: Mild adult themes and the possibility of Out Of Character-behaviour.
Disclaimer: All characters and such are the property of its creator, Bisco Hatori-san. All I own is the plotline. This was written for mine and your entertainment only; I do not make any money on this. If you see this story posted anywhere else under a different name, please send me a message about it.

Safe from the storm.

Chapter 7.

"Kyouya! I need to speak with you urgently! Let me in!"

Kyouya let out a low curse.

"Leave me alone, Tamaki."

Haruhi looked at him and then at the door.

"But, Mommy!" Tamaki whined and banged on the door.

"I have to talk to you!"

Kyouya sighed.

"I'm still sleepy, Tamaki. You of all people should know how I am in the morning."

Haruhi peeked at him, a question mark shining in her eyes.

"I'll tell later." He mouthed when he noticed her quizzical look.

"Please, Kyouya! Let me in!" Tamaki begged again and they could hear him slump against the door.

"It won't last long until he tries to barge in or something." Haruhi whispered and placed some of her hair behind her ear.

Kyouya cursed again before sighing, he was going to have to surrender to Tamaki's demands.

"I have to let him in, or else he'll break the door."

Kyouya sat down on the edge of the bed, putting on his glasses.

"But, what about me?" Haruhi asked low, knowing that Tamaki would fly off his handle if he found her in Kyouya's bed.

Kyouya pondered for a few seconds and allowed a hand to run through his hair in attempt of straightening it out a bit.

"Doors like that one over there connects the rooms but they are normally locked. Does the key to your room fit those doors too?"

She shrugged and slid out the bed and straightened her nightgown before taking her room key off the nightstand.

"Hey, wait." Kyouya whispered and grabbed her hand as she walked past him, pulling in it enough for her to fall sideways onto his lap.

He embraced her.

"I'll see you at breakfast. And we'll talk later, ne?"

She nodded and gave him a quick peck on his lips before making her way to the door, successfully unlocking, opening, shutting and locking it without making a sound.

Kyouya sat for a few seconds and looked after her, a soft sigh escaping his lips.

"Kyouya! Have you fallen asleep again?!" Tamaki knocked on the door.

Kyouya put the cover around him and slowly walked to the door, murder in his eyes.



"Ah! You're up, Haru-chan!" Honey smiled widely as she entered the diningroom, dressed in her normal t-shirt and shorts.

"Have you slept well?" Hikaru asked.

//Tamaki-senpai hasn't told them… How loyal of him…//

She smiled.

"Yeah, thanks for asking."

//I've slept better than you know.//

Kaoru got up and moved one seat to the left, making room for Haruhi between him and his brother.

"Here, come and sit and have some breakfast. We are to leave as soon as everyone has eaten."

She nodded and sat down between the twins, and made herself a slice of bread with ham on top and a glass of milk.

"Ohayo." Kyouya entered the room and sat down next to Mori.

"Ohayo." The rest of them replied and continued their eating.

Entire five minutes later, Tamaki showed up.

"Tama-chan… What's wrong?" Honey looked at the Clubs King with curious eyes.

Tamaki's eyes absently glanced over them. "No… Nothing…"

He didn't say anymore and dumped into the seat next to Honey.

Haruhi threw a glance at Kyouya, who smirked his usual way, making her stomach do a somersault again.

She understood that he had something to do with Tamaki's weird behaviour.

"Don't worry, he'll snap back soon enough. And the limousine will come in about an hour or so, just so you know." Kyouya said and served himself a toasted bread slice and chewed on it.


"Be careful, Haruhi." Hikaru said, shooting daggers at Tamaki.

"Apparently, our Lord has some SM fetishes." Kaoru finished, shooting daggers with his eyes as well, leaning on the limousine roof next to his identical brother.

The others walked by, a look of dismay placed in their faces.

"I said it's not like that!" Tamaki retorted and balled his fists.

Haruhi looked at him.

"I see; so that's SM? He made me do stuff without me knowing it…" She closed the window.

Kyouya entered the limousine and seated himself directly opposite her.

A small smile adorned his features, his eyes spoke volumes.

The other didn't notice this as they climbed into the limousine as well.

"No! I was doing it for your sake!" Tamaki yelled from outside the window.

"Drive." Kyouya commanded and the driver sped off.

"Hey! Don't leave me behind! Waaaiitt!" Tamaki shrieked and ran after the limousine, his bag jumping behind him.

//And so, everything is turning back to normal in the Host Club.//

Haruhi looked at Kyouya from the corner of her eye as she threw a glance out the window.

//Well, almost everything.//

When I started this story, I was in the middle/on the peak of my Ouran High School Host Club fan period. (Don't get me wrong, I still kinda am.) I wanted to write a story that would be a "this is what a fangirl would have wanted to see in the episode"-thing of one of the episodes in the anime. And as some commented, I did what Hatori-san should have done. -Smiles-

This story can be read as an independent, single story, OR as a "Part 1" in another story, OR as a prologue to a story. People have asked me to continue this story, and I have decided to come back to it and write a sequel when and if I get inspiration to do so.

Anyways, I found this to be a natural ending for the story, as it would end with the ending of that specific episode.

I wanna thank all of you that has read this story and all of you that has commented, I really appreciate that you've taken your time to read and comment on my humble story.