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Ascension was a very strange concept. Being able to see everything, yet being blind. Knowing everything, yet being ignorant. For some it was just simply unbearable. For others, it was the rules. Yes, even those on higher planes have rules that seem overly controlling, and for a recently ascended being (a young man) this was definitely the case. His home was destroyed by parasitic beings known as the Goa'uld. He tried to interfere, and strike down this menace, but the all-seeing 'Others' held him back.

Over the centuries, the being grew jaded to his fellows, and planned in secret to once again take human form, keeping all of his ascended knowledge. He stored all of his knowledge in a computer system on a planet outside of the Stargate network (built by his peers before their ascension). There was a problem to this, however: How to reach the planet without a wormhole? He knew that the Others would stop him if he used an Alterran vessel. His answer: a small Tel'Tak, equipped with a modified hyperdrive and large amounts of food and drink for the trip.

There was another problem also. The immense knowledge of the Alterrans (the name of the other ascended before their ascension) was too massive for any human brain. He would have to adapt his new body, but how?

The idea struck him whilst watching the humans of Earth. The were able to use what they called magic to better themselves and make their lives easier just by waving a stick of wood. Therefore, why couldn't he use this magic to enlarge his brain? Simple sounding, but it took him an entire century to discover how to safely enlarge the brain.

The time had come. He'd planted the ship in a place abandoned for centuries: The Chamber of Secrets. He also made sure to leave a memory in his new body to be able to find the ship and have the knowledge needed for the enlargement of his new brain.

Whilst on the subject of adapting his body, he make his new body immune to the soul repelling methods that the ascended used to remove those unworthy of ascension, or those that did not follow the rules.

He saw a young couple fresh out of school. Their names were Lily and James Potter. More importantly, they had the recessive gene required for the operation of Ancient (Alterran) technology. This meant that, with a slight interference, he would have everything he needed.

It was time. He drew his power for one last time in the higher realm, said a silent goodbye to those likeminded, and then he was no more.

At that exact moment, Harry James Potter was born. "Lily!" The new father cried. "It's a boy! Sirius! Remus! Peter! Come in! I'm a Dad!"

"You know, Prongs, we'd never have guessed" Teased Sirius.

"Yeah" agreed Remus "I think they heard you over in the Dai Llewellyn ward."

"Yeah" Peter reiterated, trying to insert himself "'cause the Dai Llewellyn ward's all the way over there." Here he pointed towards the back of the room.

"I think you'll find, Pete, that the Dangerous Dai ward's actually over there." Lily interjected, pointing in the opposite direction. And looking to the others, "Besides, don't you want to see your Godson?"

"Why didn't you say so sooner, Lils?" Sirius remarked, grinning from ear to ear. "Well, pass him here then."

Lily handed the small child over carefully to the man, as if afraid to let him go. "Don't drop him, Sirius." She warned.

"As if I would." And it was true. Sirius was enraptured by his Godson. "We're going to look after you, Little Harry." He whispered to the bundle in his arms. "And we'll always be there."

The Dark Lord approached the hollow with a smirk upon his face. 'Now if I can remove both the prophecy boys, I'll be free to get rid of Dumbledore once and for all. The worm had been so easy to convince. All he'd had to do was give the weak fool one bag of gold and he'd betrayed the Potters quicker than you could say 'Crucio'.

He approached the spot where he knew the house to be, thinking of the secret. 'The Potters hide at Godric's Hollow.' He repeated it as if a mantra and then, all of a sudden, the homely house appeared.

"Lily, He's here! Take Harry and run!" James felt the house appear and knew. It was over.

Voldemort didn't waste time with words. He instantly flung a cutting curse at the elder Potter. James dived out of the way, not recognising the brown vapour, and returned with a silent Blasting curse. The Dark Lord put up a shield, laughing.

"Is that the best you can do?" He sneered "Then I should end this farce of a duel. Avada Kedavra!"

James summoned a chair into the path of the lethal curse. "If you think I'm letting a creature like you get to my wife and son then you've got another thing coming. Silpormo!" Voldemort erected another shield, and as the curse impacted it created a resounding Boom.

"I see the aurors actually teach at their academy. Think, Potter, what would be possible if you joined me? I might even find it within myself to save your wife."

"But not my son? Oh, no, I forgot. He's the one who's going to bring you down, isn't he? Ha. The almighty Dark Lord brought down by a child. The Prophet'll have a field day with that." The taunts fuelled the Dark Lord's anger.

"You'll pay for that." He snarled "Crucio!" The pain curse broke through the young auror's shield, bringing him to his knees. "I grow bored of you. Avada Kedavra!" James came out of his pain filled delirium for long enough to see the pulsing green light of the unblockable curse coming towards him.

'Well, at least I held him off for a while. Maybe Lily got out.' He closed his eyes, bringing a peaceful expression to his handsome features in the last seconds of his life.

And then James Potter was dead. Leaving Voldemort again unimpeded.

Again the Dark Lord wasted no time. He bounded up the small flight of stairs, following the young mother. He entered the nursery on the information from his spy and found them. She was gripping a small necklace with all of her strength. Again his spy was right; the necklace was a voice activated Portkey, a gift from Dumbledore in case of a breach in the wards. This had led Voldemort to creating temporary Anti-Portkey wards.

Finally, she noticed him. She fell to her knees, hiding her son behind her. "Not Harry! Not Harry! Please – I'll do anything –"

"Stand aside – Stand aside, Girl – You don't need to die here today. Just let me have the Boy and I'll leave."

"Never." She shot a weak stunning charm at the Dark Lord but it was absorbed into his robes.

"You're even weaker than your husband, girl. Avada Kedavra!" Lily stood in her place; she knew that if she moved then the curse would hit her son, and, as she told Voldemort, she would never let that happen.

"Goodbye, my son, James. I'll see you both in the next life."

As she fell the child began to cry. Voldemort spared no time for pity and instantly launched a killing curse towards the third and final member of the family. The curse stuck the unsuspecting child and Voldemort allowed himself a small sigh of relief. 'One down, one to go.' He thought. But the last potter was not dead yet, and his body began to pulse with a blinding white light, prompting the Dark Lord to turn away to protect his eyes.

As the light gathered in the large room Voldemort erected a powerful shield, but it was to no avail. The light merely passed through it and struck the Dark Lord. He was instantly struck by the strongest and most complete feeling of pain he had ever experienced. His life flashed before his eyes and he lamented the fact that he was so close, yet so far from achieving his ultimate goal.

Voldemort's body began to smoke and he let out an unholy scream of pure terror as his body was destroyed. In seconds he was left as a spectre. And with another unholy scream, he flew.

Immense levels of stress and danger can sometimes cause memory repression. This is exactly what happened to young Harry. For any normal child this would not be a problem, seeing as nothing life changing (that they can comprehend) would happen before the age of at least four. But alas, Harry is no ordinary boy and his memories would lay dormant for a very long time.