He snores when he sleeps.

I'm sure that doesn't really surprise anyone.

I don't know that he realizes that I lay there and listen to him fall asleep every night. I'd get an arched eyebrow and a sardonic smirk for certain if he did. I've spent enough time sleeping next to him that I can even tell you how he falls asleep.

As we lay in bed, he always holds me. Sometimes it's just his hand wrapped around my own, but other times his larger frame is completely surrounding my smaller one. It's almost as if he's afraid I'll run off as he's sleeping. Tonight he has my hand, our fingers laced and resting on his chest, though his other arm is wrapped securely around my shoulders.

His breathing is light and shallow at first, sometimes gaspy, but starts to lengthen and smooth out after a few minutes.

Then the twitching starts.

Depending on the night, it's anywhere from a brief spasming of his hands to jerking so powerfully that he wakes himself up. It's the only time I ever see him disoriented, when he wakes up like that. I asked him about it once…he told me that he was dreaming. He has them every night, vivid and detailed, and seeming to last hours.

The researchers who say that it takes a person a certain amount of time to reach REM sleep and start dreaming have never met my husband. Maybe it's a throwback from all the years he spent as a spy, when sleep was a luxury, this ability to drop almost immediately into a dream-state; maybe the researchers are wrong.

Ah, the twitchiness has passed…looks like it's a calm night after all.

Now, he draws in and releases a particularly long breath, and the rasping sound grows more pronounced as he exhales. Then, on the next inhale, it's there.

The buzzing regularity that tells me he's asleep.

I've talked to other women who can't stand the sound of their men snoring. Lavender even told me that she goes to bed about a half-hour before Ron most of the time, or else she can't fall asleep at all.

I guess I'm different.

I have trouble sleeping without the sound of him snoring beside me. And in the middle of the night, if his breathing changes, I find myself instantly awake.

As it is, my free hand comes up to cover my distended belly. Soon there will be another man in my life, and I'll be listening as he drifts off to sleep as well. Feeling the rippling under my hand, I smile and close my eyes, able to sleep at last.

A/N: Since I've been getting a lot of questions about this pairing, I figured I'd stick this in…I originally wrote this story with HGSS in mind. However, it really could be any M/F pairing that you'd like it to be. Hope you enjoyed!