Pairing: House/Wilson

Rating: M eventually (Yeah baby!)

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Slash, sex and stuff!

Disclaimers: They obviously aren't mine or they would be getting it on in the show! I'm sure the producers have better things to do than sue me but just in case... please don't I am very poor! Thanks to TashaE for the fabulous beta.

Summary: Some things you think you know, the fundamentals that are set in stone, you find really aren't what they seem when disaster calls (NOT a death story)

Vanish In The Haze

Chapter 1

"Fucking, stupid, fucking thing, work goddamn you!"

House glared at his TV screen with all the malevolent energy he could muster, it was not working and he had no idea why. Not knowing why made him want to lob it through the window. He took a step backward and cocked his head to the side as if looking at it from an entirely new angle would make its screen jump to life. It didn't. He tried poking it with the end of his cane.

Wilson stood at the door to Houses office and said. "You are in charge of saving lives and you are poking the TV with your cane!"

"And your point is what?" House replied over his shoulder.

Wilson sighed in his overly dramatic why-do-I-put-up-with-you-way.

"You have an IQ of about a million, so far be it for me to tell you that it's not plugged in. I'll just leave you to the futile poking"

House replied incredulously. "It is plugged in, you think I'd stand here poking it if I hadn't checked that it was plugged in, look it's..."

Wilson walked away chuckling to himself as House shouted and ranted about people deliberately unplugging his TV, trying to make him go and do some work and missing his all time favourite episode of Diagnosis Murder.

House found himself busy for the rest of the day, well relatively speaking. He listened to some jazz and got a little melancholy. Not an uncommon state he'd have to admit but he usually liked to save that for the long nights when the pain in his leg is distracting him from sleep and he can wallow in the self pity without being surrounded by people who were dying and facing it oh so bravely.

Chase walked by on his way to the lab, all angelic hair and pouty lips and poked his head through the door asking foolishly. "Are you alright?"

House gave him a stare and Chase cringed because he knows what's coming next and is not surprised when House says mockingly. "Oh. My. God. Have you miraculously turned into Cameron? I don't see the pert breasts and doleful stare but if I squint... maybe"

Chase sighed and moved to leave but not before he caught the lascivious grin on Houses face and blushed despite himself.

"You wanna fix my misery with some hot schoolgirl lovin'? You'd look great in pigtails" House said

Chase pretended not to hear him as he strode off down the corridor metaphorically kicking himself for falling for it every. single. time. He makes the millionth note to self, do not enquire whether House is Okay, he's House, he's never Okay!

At precisely 4:47pm House put his coat on and goes to leave, pausing to shout. "Dr. House leaves the building at 5pm"

The resulting shout of. "It's only 4:50pm"

doesn't even make him pause. He strode lopsidedly to his bike and stopped to stroke the metal crooning to the machine. "Hey baby did you miss me? I'll bet you did"

Wilson walked past to his car with an amused grin on his face and the parting words. "Freak!"

House replied with a smirk. "I'll still beat your, driving-like-a-total-girl, ass home."

House straddled his bike and gave it a final loving stroke before gunning the powerful engine and roaring away. Wilson arrived outside the apartment they are temporarily sharing to find that House is not there. Okay that's weird, he always beats me home. Wilson swallowed the bubble of panic that rose in his throat. He's probably gone for a ride or something. He opened the door and walked inside to the familiar smells of House. Whiskey, rat and unwashed dishes which House absolutely promised he would clean yesterday. Muttering obscenities to himself he rolled his sleeves up and started running the water. He doesn't actually mind doing the dishes but he doesn't want House to think that he is his wife, so to avoid this, he nags House to do it, who then calls him his wife. He shook his head with a little smile.

A couple of hours later Wilson is starting to get worried, he paced up and down the apartment, randomly closing his hands over objects for a moment and then letting them go again to resume his pacing. He's got a sinking feeling deep in the pit of his stomach and he has started to imagine the worst. He sat on the edge of the couch with his head in his hands thinking of his friend. He's fundamentally absolutely infuriating, he's rude, abrasive and obnoxious and that's just the people he 'likes' but despite his faults the way he managed to cheer Wilson up about the state of his romantic life whilst simultaneously insulting him was worth the trauma of spending time with him.

Wilson mused out loud. "Where the fucking hell are you?"

Wilson was lightly dozing when the phone pierced the silence. He startled awake and immediately felt the gnawing lump of dread expanding and sliding around his stomach. Part of him didn't want to answer, the old adage of being 'blissfully ignorant' came fleetingly to mind but he knew that no matter how bad this phone call might be, not knowing would be worse.

He answered the phone tentatively. "Hello"

There was a slight pause and then. "Wilson?"

He instantly recognised Cuddys voice as she said. "Is House there?"

Having it confirmed that House was not at the hospital made Wilsons stomach flip and he answered. "No, I don't know where he is"

Cuddy explained. "Cameron called me, they've been paging House for an hour and he hasn't responded. I don't expect to be woken up at...3 am! Jesus is that the time? Because one of my doctors has gone walkabout."

Wilson confirmed what he was thinking. "I'm really worried"

Cuddy paused before she uttered her next words. "He's a grown man and I'm sure he has his reasons however ridiculous, for being out of contact, he loves to torment us all too much to stay away for long"

Wilson considered Cuddys words and tried to think positively but added. "Please call me if you hear anything"

Cuddy sighed and said. "Wilson try and get some sleep"

Wilson chuckled wryly at the thought that he might get back to sleep retorting. "You know when he does come home I am going to kill him!"

Cuddy replied that she would help and they said goodbye.

Wilson hung up the phone and sighed, it felt like a million years since he had last seen House but he realized it wasn't that long, he would never have known the man was missing if it weren't for the fact that Wilson had commandeered the worlds most uncomfortable couch. Just as he was trying to convince himself of all the different, plausible scenarios. House happily drunk in a bar... The phone rang again. This time he knew it was bad, just knew it, he'd never been more certain of anything in his life, his blood froze in his veins and he felt time slow down.

He picked up the phone and said. "Wilson"

Wilson held his breath as he waited for the reply.

"Dr. Wilson, this is the ICU over in Gaisford Falls. A man was brought to us a few hours ago. We now know that he is Dr. House. I'm afraid he's been in a motorcycle accident..."

Wilson spoke over the clinical voice. "Is he dead?"

He thought please God don't be dead over and over.

The nurse spoke calmly. "He's hanging on Dr. Wilson but he is very badly injured, the police found his wallet a few minutes ago it was empty apart from your name and this number on a scrap of paper and a hospital i.d. card."

Wilson briefly wondered why House would have only those two things in his wallet but dismissed it and said. "I'm on my way"

Wilson grabbed a few things and ran out of the apartment, no driving like a girl tonight. He revved the engine and peeled out of the parking space calling Cuddy on the way. Giving the barest information so his voice didn't crack, falling to bits would not help House. Please just hang on House don't die on me, God I couldn't stand it. Wilson upped his speed and prayed to a God he didn't know if he believed in.