Chapter 4

Wilson walked into the bedroom. He realised that he had never been inside House's bedroom before. Just being in House's inner sanctum, made the situation incredibly intimate. Wilson's skin felt charged with electricity.

House sat on the bed, his feet on the floor and looked expectantly at Wilson. A few seconds passed, House said. "You don't have to do this."

Wilson looked startled and quickly responded. "No, I want you, I just..." Wilson's voice trailed off.

House sighed. "I'd wait another 10 years for you if I had to."

Wilson looked surprised and then laughed. "That's the most romantic thing anyone, has ever said to me."

House chuckled. "There's my girl. Now are we getting it on? Or do I have to polish my own cane tonight?"

Wilson stood between House's legs, bent down and kissed him hard. His hand moved to the back of House's head and gripped his hair. Wilson's teeth nipped House's bottom lip and House moaned into Wilson's mouth. Wilson pulled his head back and looked at House. Wilson's hair was mussed and his lips were pink and glistening from House's saliva. They were both breathing like they had run or, in House's case, limped a marathon.

Wilson pulled back, yanked off his shirt and dropped it on the floor. He looked at House with a predatory leer and said. "I am gonna make you come so hard..."

House put his hand over Wilson's belt buckle but Wilson stepped out of reach. His eyes twinkled and his pupils were dilated as he said. "Not yet. Patience is a virtue."

House groaned in frustration. "Cocktease!"

Wilson pulled House's shirt off and paused to nip at the skin over House's collarbone with his teeth. He added a flick of his tongue over the reddened area and House closed his eyes with pleasure. Wilson pulled his shoes and socks off and House followed suit. He stood back up and climbed on the bed behind House. House tried to turn around but Wilson stopped him with a hand on his shoulder and said. "No, stay there."

Wilson knelt behind House with his chest pressed to House's back. The contact of skin on skin, made both of them gasp. Wilson licked House's neck and then breathed hot air over the spot. House moaned and tilted his head, allowing Wilson better access to the sensitive skin. Wilson licked and nibbled both sides of House's neck, pausing to suck at his earlobes. Wilson then reached around and pressed his hand over House's clothed crotch, whispering in House's ear. "You're hard for me."

House whispered in return. "Yeah."

Wilson pushed his hips forward so House could feel Wilson's erection pressing into the base of his spine. "Me too"

Wilson shuffled backwards, bent down and licked a line from House's waistband to the back of his neck, ending with a little bite. House turned his head and caught Wilson's lips in a passionate kiss, sliding their tongues together and duelling for dominance. They broke apart and panted for air. Wilson murmured. "Take off your pants"

Wilson helped House remove his pants and then made quick work of his own, when they were both down to boxers, Wilson helped House manoeuver, so he was sat with his back to the headboard. Wilson asked. "You okay?"

House replied. "Never better."

Wilson crawled up to House on all fours, making sure to approach from his good side. He captured House's lips in another fierce kiss, pinning him to the headboard. He whispered in House's ear so softly, he felt, rather than heard the words.

"I wanna suck your cock"

House gasped. "Oh God."

Wilson smirked.

House looked needy and muttered. "Please..."

Wilson thought that was as close as House would ever come to begging. Wilson kissed House's chest, toying with his nipples, rolling them gently with his teeth. House moaned and tried to push Wilson's head down. Wilson mouthed a path down House's chest until he reached the waistband of House's boxers. He then licked a path just under House's boxers from hip to hip. As House was about to speak, Wilson mouthed House's erection through his boxers, breathing hot air through the cloth. House could only moan in response as Wilson said. "Take them off."

House complied, then Wilson arranged himself, lying between House's legs. He mouthed House's hipbone, flicking his tongue over the sensitive flesh. Then he licked a path up the inside of House's thigh, being very careful of his bad leg. House squirmed, panted, then gasped as Wilson licked House's shaft from root to tip.

House breathed. "Wilson..."

Wilson closed his hot mouth over House's swollen cock and sucked the head. Wilson sucked rhythmically bobbing his head, pausing occassionally to lick and nibble at House's balls. This elicited tiny gasps from House, who rocked his hips, trying to drive himself deeper into Wilson' throat. Wilson increased his speed, House's breathing rocketed and he grabbed a handful of Wilson's hair, pulling hard. Wilson stroked the skin behind House's balls and House cried out, shooting his hot semen down Wilson's throat. Wilson swallowed quickly. After a few moments, House opened his eyes and said. "You are never leaving my bedroom."

Wilson laughed and they moved to lie next to each other. House noticed Wilson's erection and said. "My fragile body is not up to blowing you."

Wilson closed his eyes as he felt House's hand slide down his body, the callouses scratching his sensitive skin. Wilson's cock was swollen and leaking as House's thumb brushed the head. House swiped his tongue over the pulsepoint behind Wilson's ear and whispered. "Cameron is going to kill you."

Wilson responded. "Don't care."

House growled deep in his throat and pinched one of Wilson's nipples, hard. Wilson gasped and writhed as House mouthed his neck whilst trailing his fingers down Wilson's body. House stopped before he touched Wilson's aching dick and received an agonised groan. "Now who's a cocktease?"

"Patience is a virtue James."

Wilson laughed. "When I get some blood back to my brain, you are going to pay for this."

House leered. "I certainly hope so."

House brought the hand that had been wandering Wilson's chest, up to Wilson's face and ran his thumb over his lower lip. House nibbled on his earlobe and said. "Lick my palm."

Wilson moaned and did as he was told. House moved his hand directly down to Wilson's cock and wrapped his elegant fingers around the shaft. He gripped firmly and pumped his fist. House swiped his thumb over Wilson's throbbing head and received a tortured gasp. He stopped playing and increased his rhythmic movement, watching Wilson's chest flush and his eyes flutter closed. House murmured. "Open your eyes."

Wilson turned his head and opened his eyes, looking directly into House's intense blue gaze.

Wilson came with a strangled cry.

House carefully moved off the bed and picked Wilson's shirt up off the floor. He wiped his hand and Wilson's stomach. Wilson looked up and exclaimed. "Hey, that's my shirt!"

House smirked. "Yes, that's why your fluids are going on it."

House dropped it back on the floor and reached over to the bedside table for his pills. He dry swallowed one and sighed. "When my sex high wears off, I am gonna hurt like a son of a bitch."

Wilson closed his eyes and sleepily muttered. "Come to bed."

House laid beside Wilson and shook his head. "It's all 'wham, bam, thank you man' with you young people. No stamina."

Wilson answered with a gentle snore.

Hope you all you peeps enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it!