"Baby, I have to finish up this meeting and I'll be there as fast as I can just sit tight and be good alight?" Sunny said.

"Okay." I agreed looking out the Vice Principal's office window. I sat back down on the bench next to the Shepherds. The school got called off early due to snow. Darry couldn't make it he had no car because Soda took the truck to work and I couldn't get a hold of Soda. So now, I just had to wait for Sunny. There were a couple of socs in the room but they were sitting across the room making scowls at us. I wanted to say a few words to them but Sunny was picking me up so it wasn't going to be worth it. When it came time for rumbles and fights like that Darry at least understood it but Sunny rarely fought; he didn't like it and he told us that unless we were swung across first we weren't fighting not that Sunny couldn't fight. I saw him one time take out a couple of socs that were giving Soda and Steve a hard time at the DX one day. He thought the whole soc and greaser thing was the stupidest thing alive. I guess he was right in some ways.

Mr. Luken walked out. I wanted him to come back. I leaned my back against the wall.

"Do you apes have a problem? Or are your faces always that ugly?" Curly asked.

The three socs across the bench were all freshman. They were out numbered too. One of the socs flipped Curly the bird and in return, Curly flipped him a double back.

"You're out numbered I wouldn't start anything." Curly spat at them.

"You greasers are all a waste of life!" The red haired one said.

I wished more than ever I had a cigarette right now. Mr. Luken walked back in and everyone fell silent again. The socs' parents picked them up before the Sunny or the Shepherds Mom got there. I put my head back thinking if Steve and Two-Bit weren't so hung over they would both be here. I talked to Curly for a little while, he was in the middle of telling me about the reformatory when Sunny came in.

"Hey, bud, I'm sorry I got held up."

"Who are you?" Mr. Luken asked. Mr. Luken thought he was better than everyone else was.

Sunny looked taken back. It wasn't everyday someone asked who he was, our family story spread all over town. The entire world thought he looked more like my Dad than Darry did half the town mistakes him for Darry all the time.

"I'm his brother sir. Sunny Curtis." He stuck out his hand. "I don't believe we've met."

The vice didn't even take Sunny's hand. "You aren't his guardian and frankly on his records you aren't there. I can't let him leave with you. You don't even sound like you're from here!"

"Oh, Mr. Luken you don't have to worry about him. He looks dead on Darrel and little Darry. He the half brother came from L.A." Mrs. Sheppard leaned on the door from. She was looking at Sunny. I wanted to laugh because like Darry; Sunny loathed trashy girls actually Sunny hated all trash. I watched as Sunny's mouth drew thin.

"I see." Mr. Luken took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. "Half brother, you are free to go Ponyboy."

Sunny didn't say anything he just turned around and walked out to the car. He kicked his tire and lit up a cigarette. "Fucking bastard of a vice principal can kick the god damn bucket!" He whirled around and looked at me. "Don't you ever repeat that?"

Sunny's Point of View.

I sat on the couch writing my article it wasn't due till Friday. Darry was babbling on about something.

"Mmmhmm." I said. He wailed a pillow at my head. "WHAT THE HELL!" I jumped up.

"What's going?" Pony and Soda appeared in the hallway it was one o clock; they were both supposed to be in bed.

"Do you two, realize what time it is. Why aren't you in bed? Darry told you both to go to bed a long time ago."

"We heard fighting." Soda said.

"No one's fighting go back to bed!"

They both looked past me at Darry. "We aren't fighting."

"Bed, before I skin both of you." That got them moving but now Darry was quite. I tried to go back to my article but it wasn't working. I didn't act like that towards them. On top of it I probably would have ran out of bed to see what was going on if my older brother was screaming at one in the morning.

"I wouldn't have hit you with the pillow; if you would have just answered me. I asked you what was wrong." Darry broke our silence.

"Nothing, I just need to get this finished." I said. Darry didn't fall for it.

"So you just let loose at you're little brothers for no reason." He smirked.

He was right. I never really did that to them before. "Shit!" I threw my pen down and got up to apologize to them but when I went to their room, they were both asleep. I just stood there in the doorframe watching them. I leaned heavily on the doorframe hitting my head slightly.

"What the hell is the matter with you? You know I have enough to worry about with out having you to worry about either." He smiled patting his stomach. He had a stress related heart attack, an ulcer last month on top of it, his hand was messed up, and it kept him from working.

"You know Mr. Luken the vice principal. I went to pick Pony up and he almost didn't let me because I wasn't on Pony's records. He acted as if I didn't even look like you. Then on top of it, Mrs. Sheppard comes in there going. "Oh, it's okay he's the half brother."

Darry gave me one of the weirdest looks I had ever seen him give. "So you're in a bad because every regards you as our half brother? Yet at home, it doesn't matter whole or half-still brother? Who care's what people think Sunny? Sheppard kids don't even know who their real father is and the vice principal still lives with his Mom. It shouldn't matter what other people say wake those two up ask them who you are to them."

I rubbed my forehead. "You're right and I really just screwed up."

Darry punched my shoulder. "Congratulations you made a mistake. It'll be forgotten about my morning. They don't hold grudges if they did I'd be screwed." He grinned a little bit.

I went to bed feeling like an idiot. I snapped at two kids for no reason. I don't know why it gets to me. I hated it when my sister said I was her half brother once to her friends. I understood why my Dad would hate it when someone said I was his stepson and not his son.

"Sunny! Sunny! WAKE UP! It snowed." There is only one person who could be this chipper in the morning. I groaned. "Soda it's six thirty why are you up?"

"Don't you like snow?" He was grinning wildly.

"Can't you wake Darry up first?" I asked trying to go back to sleep.

"I did!" He announced. "He's making breakfast and you and Pony have dish duty."

"Joy." I rolled on to my stomach trying to avoid the sun and my brother.

"Try tickling him!" I guess Pony had decided to join the fun.

I nearly jumped out of bed; I was as ticklish as Pony. "I'm up." I groaned.

I grabbed Soda flipping over my shoulder and carried him into the kitchen. "Here put him in the oven." I dropped him on the floor next to Darry.

"I don't think he would fit." Darry grinned.

Darry and I worked on bills for the rest of the day.

"I'm getting a job tomorrow; for the construction company it pays less than what I would make but hell at least it's something. I'll be filing papers." He said.

I couldn't protest because his tone of voice showed that his mind was made up, it was killing Darry that he couldn't work, and someone else was taking care of him and his brothers. I nodded my consent.

"We need some things form the store." He grabbed the truck keys. He had mastered driving with one hand.

I leaned back on the couch wondering about everything. I talked to my family in L.A just a little while ago.

The door opened and Pony ran into the living room slamming the door behind him. He can begin stripping off his layers until he was down to shirt with the sleeves ripped out and jeans. He pulled his hat off it was no surprise that his hair was greased under it.

"Home already?" I asked.

Pony nodded. "I don't like Evie's friends and she brought them."

I laughed, the kid was smart when it came time to girls, and he wouldn't drop his jaw and follow the first one in a short skirt and heels. He wasn't too interested other than the occasional she's real pretty but that was it.

"Sunny, were you mad yesterday because of what Mr. Luken said?" He plopped down on the couch with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

"Yeah." I answered handing over my lighter.

He lit his cigarette. "You shouldn't listen to him. Mr. Luken is an ass hole. He thinks he's better than everyone else!"

I started laughing. "Ponyboy don't let Darry catch you saying that. Or we'll both get in trouble."

"I mean it thou. You always said half, whole it doesn't matter. You're still my brother. Mr. Luken is an ass."

I smiled. "Come here." I pulled him into a hug. "I love you kiddo."

"I love you too; now stop strangling me." Pony attempted to push away.