The Rising
A Super Robot Monkey Team Fanfiction
By Neo Rabbit

Disclaimer: Ciro Neill owns SRMTHG! Fancharacters are mine.

A/N: My first SRMT fic. Despite the genre, I'm adding some action to this, couldn't resist at some point. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Rating: R for Strong Bloody Violence, Terror, Language, and Brief Drug Use

Genre: Horror, and Thriller

Chapter One: Possession
(Citadel of Bones)

Three shadowy figures, which took hideous human-shaped forms, were on kneeling positions before the malicious Skeleton King, who stayed seated at his throne and observed them all.

Two were male and one was female, all had glowing red eyes with a simple intention of spreading terror to the world.

It was a while since the Skeleton King has release them into this world. He has heard about these three shadowy individuals and grew impressed by their efforts and success.

Maybe he could use that success to his advantage.

With his scepter held tightly in his right hand and with a stern gaze to the unknown figures, the Skeleton King spoke.

"'The Shuggazoom Massacre.' How Impressive. Your past reputation has precedes you. But I am curious at this point. Why do you all seek to regain your humanity?"

A malicious grin appeared on the first male's face as Skeleton King chuckled evilly in anticipation to this.

"Very well."

As Skeleton King gestured for them to carry on their plans, the three individuals stood and waltzed away from the throne room.

When they were inches away from their previous position, they vanished from sight while Skeleton King issued an evil laughter throughout the fortress.

'If what the inscriptions say are true, then the Hyperforce are no more.' He thought while his own laughter echoed the fortress

(Super Robot)

Inside, Chiro and Sprx were playing their video game on the large monitor screen while Nova, Otto, and Antauri watched, Gibson currently absent at the time.

It has been at least fifteen minutes before the game was over.

"Aw, come on!!" Chiro shouted after losing a third time to Sprx on a video game.

"Keep your voice down, Chiro." Antauri, the black monkey, said calmly

Chiro, at age 15, sighed deeply and spoke.

"Sorry, Antauri, but that was the third time already!"

"I know." Antauri agreed

"Ha, Ha! Am I a natural or what? I might as well play a one-player game and beat it."

Nova rolled her eyes.

"Oh, please, Sprx. You just got lucky in threes, that's all." Nova spoke.

"Yeah, thank you. At least someone knows the truth." Chiro said

"Ha! Whatever, kid."

With a gesture of his left hand to the indication of ignoring the red monkey's comment, Chiro surveyed around the main room for someone before speaking.

"Say, where's Gibson?"

"I believe he is currently occupied in his lab." Antauri confirmed

Slightly surprised, Chiro spoke.

"Again? Wow, is he working on a new formula or something?"

"I believe that question is better suited for Gibson."

Chiro nodded.

"Ah. Good point."

(Shuggazoom City - Night)

The city was quiet and still with no one, other than a few citizens, in sight on the ground level.

Suddenly, three ghastly-looking spirits were floating around the sky looking to find their target.

Evil laughter was heard throughout these spirits, yet it couldn't be heard by anyone since it was deserted for the night.

(Super Robot - A Few Minutes Later)

It was almost bedtime and everyone started to prepare for their night rest.

Sprx was in the restroom brushing at his teeth, and his tongue for almost two to ten seconds before spitting the toothpaste from his mouth to the sink.

After that, he gurgled up mouthwash, and then spat it to the sink.

As he wiped his mouth of the substance, he looked into the mirror and exhaled his breath.

As the fog of his breath appeared on the reflected mirror, Sprx felt that his breath was normally the same. But despite that, the smell was gentle and elegant in his mouth as he smiled and spoke.

"Nothing like mouthwash to help through the night."

With an added light-hearted chuckle, he used his metallic hand to wipe off the fog of his breath before, instantly, recoiling back in fright from a ghastly sight that appeared in the mirror.

He blinked his eyes once, and it was gone. He looked behind him and nothing was there.

Then, he looked back at the mirror at nothing but his frightened, yet confused face.

He slowly diverted his gaze to the side a bit in thought of the incident.

'What the hell just happened?'

He didn't know himself. But he could've sworn that something was staring and growling back at him from that mirror.

He isn't asleep yet, so it's not a dream. Maybe it's his imagination. Shaking his head a bit, he spoke in a soft tone.

"I must be imagining things."

Then, as he gazed back to the mirror, the image of the ghastly face has returned.

With his mouth ajared in surprise, Sprx spoke.

"What the--"

Suddenly, a spiritual entity lunged its way into Sprx's mouth, forcibly causing the red monkey's body to arch back and hit the wall.

Simultaneously, a knock came to the door.


It was Nova. Yet, due to this unknown force inside of him, Sprx found himself on his back struggling on the floor and, with both hands, desperately grasping at his neck and was unable to speak due to gagging. It's as if every single breath was being sucked from him.

Then, the knock came again.

"Come on, Sprx! You've been in there for ten minutes. Quit hogging the bathroom!"

Then, his struggle was halted. His black orb eyes blank and lifeless.

She pounded the door and called out to him once again, yet she's got no response. She turned and sighed in frustration before she heard the mechanical door slid horizontally open.

Turning around, she saw Sprx exiting the bathroom with a blank expression and a frown masking his face. His white iris appeared normal on his black orbs, yet she was hardly able to see the true intentions behind those orbs.

She approached and started to exchange words with him when she halted upon noticing that he was waltzing out the bathroom and away from her without a single word.

Briefly befuddled by the behavior, she dismissed the issue and entered the bathroom.

When she entered, she grew disgusted when she found trails of mouthwash and toothpaste staining the sink.

Sighing and shaking her head, she spoke.

"God, the least he could do was clean up after himself when he's done."

Reluctantly, she grabbed a washcloth and started to clean up the mess in the sink. During the ordeal, she halted upon hearing an eerie sound nearby.


Quickly, she looked around to find nothing in the area.

Sighing deeply, she shook her head and spoke.

"I must be hearing things." She muttered

She resumed her work on the sink and was eventually done. She tossed the cloth in the nearby cloth basket before gazing the mirror.

Instantly, she flinched in fright, but calmed herself when she saw the image of Sprx on the reflected mirror, which provided her the knowledge that he was actually behind her.

"Sprx, you--"

Suddenly, she was grasped around the neck in a strong metallic right grip by the red monkey.

The action alone caught her by surprise as Nova struggled and tried to fight her way from his grip, but it was to no avail since Sprx's grip was surprisingly strong. She gritted her teeth and tightened her eyes shut to keep herself from gagging and choking.

But despite that, she managed to speak.

"Sprx, what are you doing?! You're choking me! Let go!"

Silence occupied Sprx's mouth. Instead, the eerie noise caught the yellow monkey's attention. As she opened her eyes, she saw, to her terror, another ghastly spirit snarling at her throughout the reflected mirror.

Nova suppressed a frightful gasp, but Sprx immediately applied pressure to the neck, forcing her mouth to open with a yell escaping from it.

Then, the spirit suddenly lunged inside and down Nova's throat at the same time Sprx relinquished his hold on her while the process took place.

Otto was waltzing the hallway towards the direction of the bathroom while humming a tune.

However, when he got there, he found, to his surprise, that the area was currently occupied at the moment.

"Are you kidding me?" He muttered to himself

Nova, who was gagging and desperately grasping at her neck, was convulsing on the floor while Sprx watched, his facial expression somewhat devoid of emotion, but carried a visible soft smirk of pure evil within.

Then, a knock at the door came as Sprx frowned and slowly diverted his attention to the closed door with a glare to his eyes.

"Sprx, are you in there?" Otto's voice came.

"Because if you are, can you please hurry? I really want to get my shut-eye."

Silence greeted the green mechanic monkey as he sighed and decided to patiently wait as best he could.

Sprx kept his glare to the door before he suddenly diverted his gaze to the floor where Nova was positioned.

She was unmoving, yet her pink eyes were open without her white iris.

Slowly, Sprx kneeled to her, positioned his right metallic hand to the back of her head, then leaned down and planted a deep kiss to her unmoving lips.

Otto was standing and leaning, back-first, against the wall with his arms crossed while waiting to vacate the bathroom.

Suddenly, the door sled open which immediately caught the green monkey's attention.

"Finally! What took you guys so--" He halted at the front of the doorframe when he, to his surprise, saw Sprx and Nova inside the restroom with blank expressions on their faces.

But while the expressions on their faces proved unnoticed at the moment, Otto slightly jumped to a surprising conclusion.

"You two aren't--"

He stopped and expected a sudden retorting answer from either one of them, yet he got no response.

Confusion masked Otto's face at this moment of silence, yet he had little time to come to terms with it.

With his eyes closed, he shook his head and spoke.

"Y-You know what? Nevermind. I'll just occupy the bathroom while you two--Ho!"

Instantly, two metallic hands grasped Otto's throat. The green monkey briefly gagged on his saliva before he was yanked into the restroom while the door horizontally closed.

Meanwhile, Gibson was admiring his work outside of his circular laboratory before pressing one button on the side to shut the door and pressing another under the previous one to start the alarm should Otto or anyone else tamper with his work.

Afterwards, he sighed in exhaustion.

"How thoroughly exhausting." He muttered to himself. "But, it was all in a day and night's work, I always say."

He started to turn around and head for his hibernation pod when he instantly flinched in startledness due to the sight of Otto, whose expression was clearly blank towards the blue monkey.

Grimacing in frustration, Gibson spoke.

"Egad, Otto! What do you think you're doing in here?! Shouldn't you be in your hibernation pod resting for tonight?"

Dead silence issued from Otto, who resumed staring at the blue monkey with blank emotionless eyes, as Gibson noticed and spoke.

"Otto, aren't you--"

As he halted his statement, Gibson placed his left hand on his forehead and shook his head in annoyance while Otto constantly stared at him.

Sighing in defeat, Gibson spoke.

"Honestly, I don't know why I bother."

Without another word, Gibson started to waltze passed Otto towards his pod.

Suddenly, Otto, with his emotionless gaze remaining forward, halted the blue monkey's movement by grasping onto Gibson's left metallic wrist.

Gibson took notice and spoke.

"Otto, let go of me."

Otto provided no response.

Before he could speak again, he grew silence when he saw Otto's slow glare towards him, the frown still masking the green monkey's face.

Briefly confused, Gibson's eyes slightly widened at this indication and before he could speak, Otto, with his hold still on the wrist, instantly threw the blue monkey to the ground on his back.

Gibson grunted with pain from the impact while his face cringed to endure it.

Otto took advantage of the situation by quickly relinquishing his left hand from Gibson's wrist, and then used his right foot to take its place.

Finally, he used his left foot to the metallic end of his Gibson's tail to avoid interference.

Gibson regained himself and started struggling from the green monkey's hold to no avail.

"Otto, are you deranged?! What--"

Instantly, Otto kneeled and used his left metallic hand to issue a strong cheap shot to Gibson's sternum, which was enough to knock the wind from his mouth.

While Gibson groaned from the blow, Otto used his left hand to cover his mouth and hold him down while the other hand positioned itself on the blue monkey's forehead.

Gibson slightly struggled to get free, yet lacking the strength to do so due to that strong cheap shot.

He issued muffled words to the green monkey, yet Otto grew heedless to it.

As he resumed to struggle from the hold, he halted and took note of a terrifying sight.

The expression on Otto's eyes and the frown on his face remain intact, but something sinister from within his green brother's very essence was a sight that made Gibson's blue fur stand on ends.

He didn't have long to process this revelation before he notice Otto's lips muttering silently in ritualistic tongue.

Then, his eyes widened as he felt his own essence being forcibly stripped away from him at that moment.

He was growing weak at the point where the only thing he could do was issue a muffled scream.

(Antauri's Room)

Antauri gasped and shot his eyes wide open at the same time from his meditative state.

Something was wrong. He felt it. He knew the screaming voice.

"Gibson." He said, softly

Closing his eyes, he lowered himself to the floor. Opening his eyes, he stood up from his Indian-style position and started to approach the door when he halted to find Sprx-77 at his doorframe.

While approaching the red monkey's position, Antauri spoke.

"Sprx, something is wrong. Gib--"

When he halted in front of Sprx and touched his left shoulder with his right hand, he halted his voice upon a sudden sensation.

Then, he looked at Sprx and saw the blank expression along with a frown on his face.

Then, there was something else. Something behind that expression. His eyes widened upon a ghastly image from within his brother's very essence.

Slowly switching his expression to anger, the spiritual monkey spoke.

"Who are you, and what have you done with Sprx and Gibson?"

Instantly, Sprx, with a glare in his eyes, issued a primitive screech before using his left hand to knock away Antauri's right hand.

Then, with the black monkey off-guard, he quickly grasped Antauri's neck with both hands while slowly forcing him back.

Gritting his teeth to prevent a choking fit, Antauri activated his ghost claws and issued a double swipe to the red monkey's midsection, blood escaping from the wound's marks to the floor.

Sprx issued a primal screech of pain before Antauri deactivated his ghost claws, grasped both his brother's wrists with both hands, and then forced the red monkey to relinquish his hold before the black monkey issued a headbutt.

As Sprx staggered from the attack, Antauri went on the offense.

"Monkey Mind Scream!!"

The sonic attack issued from his mouth as Sprx was arched back against the corridor wall before meeting the floor face-first.

Antauri made his escape on the left side of the corridor, and then halted when he saw Nova approaching slowly towards his direction.

"Nova!" He called

He started to approach, but stopped when he saw it again behind the blank expression. The same ghastly image that was within Sprx is now in the clutches of Nova's very essence as well.

Antauri's eyes widened in shock from this revelation.

"This cannot be."

Momentarily, he was concentrated on Nova's presence to notice a red monkey slowly standing from behind him.

Antauri's senses kicked in as he slowly glanced behind him to find Sprx standing there with his eyes closed and cracking his neck from left to right.

Afterwards, he shot a glare in Antauri's direction.

Fear almost consumed the black monkey to no end. But strong determination seeped its way into the black monkey's essence as he kept his gaze to Sprx, or whatever it was that was inside of him.

He knew that Nova stopped her approach from the corner of his left eye. But he remained still in hopes that one of them would make the first move.

Then, his gaze concentrated back on Sprx as he heard the magnet on his brother's left hand charging and surging with magnetic energy in an attempt to fire.

Narrowing his eyes, Antauri awaited the first move. Then, his eyes widened upon a strong sense.

As time virtually slows, Nova, with a primitive screeching battle cry, was in the air with a winding big left fist going for the strike.

Yet, Antauri didn't turn around. He narrowed his eyes again before closing it.

The black monkey could feel the wind around him at that point followed by the echoing, screech cry from Nova.

Then, as time reverts to normal, a few things happened all at once.

Antauri evaded to the left side, causing Nova to strike air.

Simultaneously, Sprx's charged weaponry was instantly aimed in the black monkey's direction.

As Nova passed him halfway in mid-air, Antauri used both hands to grab her left wrist and hurled her over towards the red monkey's position at the same time Sprx has let loose a magnetic projectile shot.

The shot inadvertently came in contact with Nova, who was consumed by magnetic electricity upon contact, while she collided into Sprx.

While they were subdued, Antauri made his escape towards Gibson's lab.

Antauri entered the room and called out to Gibson.

He started surveying around the area for his brother, but his search wasn't long.

On the floor, he saw, to his shock, the sight of Gibson. He appears uninjured, but upon close observation, he saw that the blue monkey's orbs were blank and lifeless.

"No." He said, softly

As he got to his position, he kneeled down and, with his left hand, caressed his blue brother's midsection. His body was cold and...soulless.

"Gibson." He said, softly

Then, his eyes widened at the sound of a whirring saw.

Instantly, he turned around, his ghost claws activated, and extended his right hand while a single green saw was halted, via telekinesis, inches from making its kill.

Looking passed the saw; Antauri came to gaze with Otto, whose expression was the same as his other two siblings. Then, he saw the spiritual evil that comes into possession of his green brother.

Gritting his teeth in anger, Antauri, with his telekinesis still in effect, repelled the weapon in Otto's direction at a fast pace.

Otto only had time to scatter halfway away from the razor-shaped projectile before it made contact with his left ribcage causing the green monkey to issue a primitive screech of pain as well as blood gushing from his wounds to the floor.

Quickly, Antauri cradled Gibson's body in his arms and went for the secondary exit.

He made his exit no sooner before a green saw barely missed him and embedded itself into the wall. Luckily, the door closed before that happened.

It wasn't easy, but Antauri managed to bypass every obstacle that stood at his pass to get to the hibernation chamber.

After he was finished placing Gibson inside, he kept his anxious, yet solemn gaze to his motionless brother while his mind raced with thoughts as to how something like this could possibly happen.

Then, his thoughts narrowed to Skeleton King. It has to be. But maybe it wasn't. How did the spirits get to Sprx, Nova, and Otto without his notice? And what did they do to Gibson?

These were interesting questions. Each monkey including Chiro were infused with the Power Primate, yet these spirits managed to slip their way inside of the Super Robot and took possession of three of their teams.

But, in spite of that, he couldn't answer these questions now due to a shocking thought.

"Chiro." He spoke. "I must reach him."