Chapter Eleven: 'Rest In Peace, My Friend'

(Shuggazoom City – Outside)
Two Days Later…

Two days later. Two days and everything was back to normalcy. Two days. That was how long it took for almost every person in Shuggazoom to adjust to the horrors that transpired two days ago involving the three monkey teams. But before a massive protest could issue, Chiro, who has awoken from his revival only a day ago, has set the records straight with help from Jinmay, BT, Glenn, and the monkey teams, whom were apparent witnesses and victims to the whole thing.

Many didn't want to believe them, but Chiro and the others remedied that fact by telling them the three-decade story of the Massacre Trio, the vicious party of ritualistic serial killers. After he has told them in graphic details, the town folks were horrified beyond recognition. The mothers even covered their children's ears from hearing such detail.

Chiro even reluctantly mentioned the fact that they murdered his friend, Johan Eden. Upon mentioning those words, it brought him to tears, but he kept a straight face nonetheless.

That fact alone got the crowd gasping and murmuring amongst each other. He went as far as to show a picture of this vicious trio that Johan had hidden in his place as the shreds of proof.

Right then, the town folks recognized the trio and questioned how something like that, which happened three decades ago, could happen now.

Then, Skeleton King's name came up and everyone grew in silent shock upon the name. Mentally, he wasn't sure upon Antauri's discovery. So he left that issue out for the time being as one unsolved mystery.

(Super RobotNight – Chiro's Room)

Three Hours Later…

It was three hours later leading towards bedtime for the monkey teams. However, Chiro, who's in his pajamas standing next to the window overlooking the night sky, couldn't find himself to fall asleep upon thinking about what has transpired yesterday after his revival.

He was relieved for Antauri, Gibson, and Nova. But it was Sprx and Otto that he was worried about.

After their revival shortly before his own, Sprx was hacking and retching as a result of the actions of those evil spirits. Likewise with Otto, but he was in a grievous, yet frantic state upon the fact that some ghastly demon has forced him to kill someone. As a result, he grew in the same sickening way that Nova felt in reaction to what the spirits made him do.

If it weren't for Antauri, Gibson, and Nova, Sprx and Otto would've been in an emotional wreck.

Chiro hoped that his two teams would be okay and well. And as for him, he momentarily issued a question to Antauri about the Power Primate. At first, he thought it was gone upon using the full extent of it. But was it really gone? That was the question the black monkey would always ask him if he ever came to think that way.

Right now, Chiro's thoughts were about one person in particular, his deceased friend, Johan. Late yesterday after his revival, they managed to take his corpse to a nearby hospital, more specifically the morgue for cremation of the body. Hopefully, his ashes are at rest in a single urn. After that was done, he placed the urn in the one place where he could be remembered: In his own home.

The MT leader sighed in his saddened state. Out of all the friends Chiro has had, Johan, next to Jinmay, was one of the nicest, most caring people he has ever met.

"Joe, you saved our lives." He spoke. "The monkey teams and I will never forget it. Rest in peace, my friend."

Skeleton King may have accomplished his goal by unleashing terror onto Shuggazoom and taking a human life. But he failed in breaking the team apart. Together, the monkey team will stand tall and will one day defeat the tyrant of the galaxies.

(Citadel of Bones)

The orange monkey, Mandarin, although bruised and scarred, was in a kneeling position before the Skeleton King, who's positioned at his throne with his staff in his left grasp.

"You have failed me, Mandarin. But no matter."

Despite his ominous words, Mandarin stayed his position while the crystal on Skeleton King's staff shimmering softly before it displayed a hologram of an unknown planet. But the question is: What is the tyrant planning next?

"One way or another, the monkey teams will fall. Your time will come, boy." He said before issuing an evil laughter that echoed throughout his fortress.

The End.