The night passed peacefully and Booth and Brennan almost forgot Angela was still in the apartment when they finally got up and headed to the kitchen for the morning coffee.

"Good morning!" Angela's voice made them both stop dead in their tracks. It wasn't until they saw her smile at them they realized they weren't alone.

"Ange! How are you feeling today?" Brennan walked to sit down at the table next to her best friend.

Booth just returned the smile and walked to get the coffee.

Angela looked at Brennan a while before speaking. Then she laughed "I can't believe what got into me last night, I overreacted I'm sorry sweetie."

"You don't need to apologize Ange," Brennan assured her. "Alcohol can make you a bit crazy, and you did have quite a lot I'm sure."

Angela smiled sheepishly. "Oh trust me I'm sure too," she gestured at her cup. "This is my forth cup of coffee and my head still feels like a football," she laughed a little as Brennan smiled kindly. "Oh and I talked to Jack before you guys woke up. I'm heading over to his place tonight and we'll talk about this… you know, I'm not sure I remember what we were fighting about… isn't that ironic?"

"I'm sure you guys work it out, considering you can't remember what it was about it's not a big deal," Booth opened his mouth for the first time since they'd entered the kitchen and both girls turned to stare at him.

"What? Don't I have something to say in this?"

Brennan and Ange smiled, shaking their heads at the same time.

"Oh come on, what is this?!"

"Booth will you give me that coffee, I don't have the whole day," Brennan said, ignoring his comment.

"Yeah, that's something you'll have to get used to Booth," Angela gave Brennan a meaning look.

With a dramatic sigh, Booth handed a cup to Brennan. Then he smiled, making sure the girls knew he was joking. "I think I'll survive."


"I gotta go, have a meeting in less than an hour," Booth walked to hug Brennan. "I'll come by the lab later today."

"I'll be waiting." They shared a kiss before Booth disappeared through the door.

"Awww!" Angela grinned as her best friend glared at her. Her brilliant plan had worked. It all started with that day in the swimming hall. Angela had been so sure that her idea would bring Brennan and Booth closer together, but she had never imagined it would be this easy. It was almost too good to be true; she'd known that Booth was perfect for her friend almost from the beginning, and now they were sleeping together, loving each other… Angela couldn't be more thrilled!

She just hoped everything would be alright between herself and Jack too. But as she thought of it, she was sure there wasn't such a big deal, Booth was right. If she couldn't remember what they'd fought about, it was nothing to worry about. Angela smiled, nodding to herself as she realized everything had worked out exactly as she had wanted it, both for herself and her best friend.

"Come on Ange, we better hurry or we'll be late!" that snapped Angela out of her thoughts.

"Yeah come on sweetie!"


From the moment they'd walked through the doors to the lab, Brennan had seen Hodgins glance at her. Now she'd had enough. Just as she was about to head over to him, he came walking.

"What's going on Hodgins?"

He smiled an uncertain smile, glancing around to make sure Angela wasn't around. "Is she still mad at me?"

"Ange? No, she's not mad," Brennan said truthfully. "As a matter of fact, she's afraid you're mad at her, I heard you had a fight last night."

Hodgins looked ashamed. "It was really silly, now when I think of it, I'm not even sure of what started it, I just remember her storming off and I screaming something after her…"

There was a silence, and finally Brennan spoke. "You know what? I think you should just forget about that, both of you."

Hodgins nodded thoughtfully. "I'll go tell her I'm sorry," with that he was gone, leaving Brennan standing there smiling. Angela and Hodgins were okay again, she and Booth was more than okay. She still had a hard time believing this was really happening. But somehow she did believe Booth when he told her he loves her, and she loved him too, that was something she couldn't deny anymore, she didn't even want to! Because for once in her life she had everything she'd always wanted.


The End

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