A/N: Ok, so my OC is Katie Snow, Triple H isn't married, Shawn's divorced, and the three of them make up DX. The story starts right after the Saturday Night Main Event, so to refresh your memory, the Spirit Squad are the main opponents of DX along with the McMahons. The story eventually leads up to Summerslam 06 and what happens in between Raws and such. For the most part it will follow the storyline, with a few tweaks and added characters.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my character, so don't sue me.

"Pair of Tens and Pair of Kings, Sorry Kate, you lose again," John said as he took the pot and she fell against the table. Dave Batista, Carlito, Kurt Angle, Cena, and Ric Flair were all enjoying a game of poker.

"I hate you so much, John," she complained as she threw her pair of Aces on the table.

"You are really on tonight. You sure you're not hiding any cards under the table," Angle asked suspiciously.

"Geez, can't a guy get a little lucky without being accused of cheating," John said as he restacked his chips, "Hey Carlito, I've been meaning to ask you, how goes it with Trish?" he asked as Flair dealt the cards.

"Pretty well, actually. The first date went better than I thought it would. Even made it to second base," he said raising his eyebrows. John grinned and then looked over his cards.

"Well, I'm out," Batista said throwing out his cards, "Anyone want another beer?"

"I'll take one and I'lllll… check," Angle said as he decided and Cena raised him a dollar.

"Nothing, I fold," Kate said tossing her cards.

"Already? I'm disappointed. I was looking forward to another thrashing," John said and she made a disgusted sound.

"Shut up. I'm already down a hundred dollars," she reminded them and then leaned back in her chair a bit. Batista sat back down handing Angle a beer as he did.

"You are more unlucky than usual tonight," Batista said and she nodded in reluctant agreement.

"Well, you asked to get in. I'm surprised you're not out with your boyfriends," John said and asked for two cards. She didn't say anything and he smirked, "Oh, so that's why you're off. A certain someone went out on a date, and it wasn't with you."

"Suck it, John," she responded crudely, "I'm pissed because a certain meanie head didn't get me a date and totally left me out."

"I'm afraid the streak has ended, John," Kurt said flashing the full house. John threw down his three Kings disappointed.

"Alright, I'm out before I lose anymore money. See ya," she said as she grabbed her purse. The guys waved and she went back to her room. She saw it already open and cautiously went inside. She heard a strange moan and then saw Shawn and Hunter casually making out with their dates.

"Oh Lord, take me now," she whispered in an exhausted voice. She tried to lean against the wall, but fell right through the bathroom door. She screeched as she landed on her back. Her head collided with the floor and she moaned before she sat up only to find that her roommates hadn't noticed a thing.

"Great, I'm going to the bar," she said getting back to her feet, "If anyone even cares!" she said a bit louder than before. Still they said nothing. She growled and stomped her foot before walking out, slamming the door behind her.

"Hey wake up, idiot," she opened her eyes slowly and focused on Hunter's scowl staring down on her.

"Ugh, that is definitely something I don't want to wake up to every morning," she said and she rolled over on the couch.

"Kate, c'mon let's go up to the room," she heard a much kinder voice say but if anything it made her angrier. She put the pillow over her head.

"Go away, Shawn," she said while her voice was muffled by the cushion. Shawn pulled the pillow away and she whined, "Leave me alone, this is my new room now."

"Will you stop acting like a baby. The security guard called us and said you were down here. It's 3 AM," Hunter explained with a sour tone. He wasn't thrilled about being up at such a late hour unless he wanted to be.

"Oh so you wouldn't have noticed unless someone told you. Too busy doing your girlfriends," she accused and Hunter shrugged.

"Pretty much," he admitted and Shawn shot him a glare. Hunter sighed, "I'm kidding. It's impossible to not notice. It's too quiet and no one's there to insult me."

"Seriously Kate, we need you. When the girls left we couldn't fall asleep," Shawn said sweetly and she finally turned to them.

"Well, I wouldn't go that far," Hunter added but Shawn tried to ignore him. She stuck her tongue out at him.

"I'm still not going. I want you to suffer," she said rolling over again. Shawn sighed and pulled her away from the couch as she complained. He carefully lifted her into his arms and Hunter followed behind him as he carried up to their room.

End Chapter 1