By: Elise Najul

Date: 07 02 2007

Title: Bending the Rules

Rating: PG, for possible disturbing imagery

Summary: 'No touching guns.' Spoilers for Serenity and Objects in Space. A continuation of the last scene in Mr. Universe's Complex

As River heard the faint sounds of the Operative's stand-down order, she removed herself from the fighting stance she had assumed.

Taking in her family's condition for the first time, she hurried forward.

She could sense thier awe, feel it sliding across her sking, across her tounge, tasting it.

She walked up to her captain, who was swaying from exaustion, and seeing a subconcious wince from the group she glanced at her hands that were still clutching the Reaver blades.

She deftly tucked them under her arms.

"Your wrong captain. She did not break any rules."

Seeing the blank looks she was getting she clearly stated.

"No touching guns.''

Wow. That was a pain in the arse. Couldn't get out what I was trying to convey. Still don't think I did it right. Squints at screen. Oh well. At least I got it down. This has been eating at me for days now.