A/N: Thanks Crys for the idea and the title. Uh... Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :P

He could feel her watching him. He could feel her gaze. Whenever she was looking at him, watching his every move, he could feel it. He just knew.

Well, that and he could see her from the corner of his eye.

She was leaning over her desk, her one arm circled around her elbow, as she rested her hand in her palm. At the corner of her mouth, was her finger. He had never seen her bite her nails before, but there she was, gently gnawing on her short nails. He glanced over at her, visibly, and she took it out of her mouth, and flashed him a dazzling smile. He smiled back at her, and turned back towards the paper he was reading out to her. He watched her lick her lips at him, while she thought he wasn't watching her, and then gently bite her bottom lip.

He moved, trying to not be noticed by her, to settle himself better, and gain control of himself.

She was back to biting her nail, as her green eyes, looking very innocent and lovely, trailed up and down his body slowly. Her foot gently touched his chair – oh, he felt it – as she moved to hook it around her left ankle delicately. She stretched her back by softly pushing herself forward towards the desk – and him – and then relaxing subtly.

He moved again, trying to go unnoticed.

Her hand moved down from her the corner of her mouth, to gently pull the necklace she was wearing out of her robes, and began to finger it, moving the Hogwarts pendent along the golden chain. She licked her lips again, and gently tilted her head to the side, her green eyes still watching him. He glanced over at her, and smiled. She smiled innocently back, but her eyes were clouded with a seductive feeling.

He lost his control, dropping the paper, and reaching over the desk, to pull her into a heated kiss.

"You know that hungry look in your eye?" he asked, as he teased her back with sweet kisses.

"Mmm." She answered him, her hand dropping the necklace to pull him closer to her.

"Don't ever loose it."