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Choices of the Heart

Chapter 2 - ...Leads to a Lifetime

Kaoru settled down and tucked herself into the chair situated in front of the large bay window in the livingroom of the two story house she and Kenshin called home. Sighing, she glanced to the small clock sitting atop the entertainment center. 3:36pm and still no sign of Kenshin. Giving her attention back to the empty sidewalk and street beyond the window, she stared blindly out into the bleak afternoon and tried to quiet the ache that had settled into her chest. An ache that, if she was truthful with herself, had grown not from Kenshin's absence... but Enishi's. She had never, in all of her rationalizations, believed it would be this hard to leave him. It hurt so much to know she wouldn't be able to see him again. More than anything had ever hurt before.

Fighting back the tears that refused to go away, she tucked herself even tighter in a ball. Was this really worth it? Was this agony really worth the little bit of time Kenshin could give her? She knew deep down he wasn't going to stay, there was something more she didn't know or understand that kept him away. What it was she had no idea and he wouldn't tell. She had asked many times over the last two years what it was that kept him away so much, but he never answered. He would simply shake his head and hold her like it was the last time he would ever get the chance to. It was confusing, he knew it killed her but he still left her alone.

Wiping away the tears that had escaped, she wilted slightly and closed her eyes. This was all too much. Why couldn't life be simpler? Life and love didn't need to be this complicated. What had happened that set her in this place? Caught between her love for the man who had made her complete and the all encompassing love she felt for the man who had filled the emptiness threatening to devour her these last few months.

Shaking her head, she sank into herself even more and watched the wind whip through the bare tree limbs outside the window as the minutes continued to tick by one by one. Really, it didn't matter what brought her to this impasse, because today would be the end. Kenshin would have to answer her questions today, because if he didn't she would leave. No matter how much it might hurt them she would end this so called marriage and free them both. She didn't deserve this, she wasn't going to let him continue to hurt her this way. No matter how much she loved him, she didn't deserve this. Not at all.

The sudden ringing of the phone made her jump and she immediately unfolded from the chair. Reaching over to the table in the corner she grabbed the phone and glanced at the caller ID display. Her heart sank to her feet at the number on the glowing display. Falling back into the chair she sighed as the phone trilled again. So, he wasn't coming home after all.

Steeling herself she hit the talk button and slowly brought the phone to her ear.


Kaoru's eyes dropped closed as his voice whispered through the earpiece. Swallowing back the tears burning her eyes, she whispered, "You're not coming home, are you?"

A heavy silence fell. His breathing the only sound breaking the stifling quiet and Kaoru felt her heart crumble even more at his unspoken agreement; his silence driving a nail deep into her already damaged heart.

Taking a deep breath, she wiped away the tears that escaped the corner of her eyes and steeled herself for the answer to the next question, "How long?"

Another silence fell and then he came on, his voice little more than a whisper, "I don't know..." he paused, and she felt more tears slip from the corner of her eye, "...this time it could be a very long time."

That was it, that was all she could take. Clutching the phone she shouted, "Why, Kenshin?! Is whatever you're doing really more important than me?! Do you even remember what tomorrow is?!"

Kaoru's heart completely shattered at his next statement.

"Yes, I do, but this is more important. I'm sorry, Kaoru."

Kaoru shook her head as tears flowed freely down her cheeks to drip unheeded into the soft material of her blouse, "No, Kenshin. I'm the one who's sorry." And with that she hung up the phone as the last shards of her heart fell to dust. So whatever he was doing was more important than their anniversary. If that was the truth, then this truly was the end of them. There was nothing left to salvage... absolutely nothing.

Breaking down into silent sobs, Kaoru dropped the phone on the floor and curled up, the weight of the truth threatening to crush her. Up until now she thought she was ready for this, but now she knew, there was no way to be ready for this. None.


Kenshin sighed and dropped his arm to his lap, staring blindly at the blank display screen he hit the off button and grimaced as his heart constricted painfully. There. It was done. That should be the final blow it would take for Kaoru to finally go where she would be safe. Fisting his hand, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath in an effort to lessen the pain and stem the bitter tears burning the backs of his eyes. He knew it was for the best but god, it hurt...

"Are you all right, Himura-san?"

Schooling his features into impassiveness, Kenshin glanced up and simply nodded. Pushing off the bench, he headed towards his departure gate but only made it a couple of steps before he stopped and glanced over his shoulder at his contact, "You're sure she will be safe with him?"

Tomoe bowed slightly and whispered, "Yes. He will take very good care of her."

Kenshin sighed and nodded his acquiescence. He'd better, because if he ever heard of anything happening to Kaoru, Yukishiro Enishi would find himself with a well honed blade through the heart. And that was a promise he would keep until his dying day.

Steeling himself against the numbness trying to settle into his very bones he started towards the gate again, and the uncertain future he'd pledged himself to years ago before he'd even met Kaoru. A pledge he couldn't break, not even for the woman he loved.

And really, it didn't matter anyway, a murderer didn't deserve her love. And that's all he was now... nothing but a cold blooded killer.


Three hours later, Kaoru woke suddenly as a loose limb careened into the bay window, the crash making her jump. Snapping her eyes open she grimaced at their scratchy rawness and scanned the darkened room to get her bearings. Disoriented, she rubbed her eyes in an effort to clear her vision and stood. She hissed as her foot landed on something hard on the floor.

Ungracefully falling back into the chair, she blindly reached down and picked up the offending object. Lifting the phone, she just stared at it confused, trying to figure why it was down there and then it all of a sudden hit her. Her entire conversation with Kenshin came screaming back and she clutched the phone tightly in her fist. So it hadn't been a nightmare, it was real. Kenshin wasn't coming home.

Grimacing as a sharp pain speared her chest, she waited for the tears to come but found she had no more. There was nothing left. Nothing but a deadening numbness... no tears, no sadness, no love.

Absolutely nothing.

With a sigh, she pushed out of the chair and placed the phone back in its cradle. So this is what it felt like to be told you're no longer the most important person to the one you love. She had never really believed he would ever choose Choshu Industries over her, but sadly she'd been mistaken.

Unbeknownst to her a single tear collected and traveled unchecked down her cheek as she wandered aimlessly through the house. Flicking on each light as she passed, she searched in vain for something that wasn't there. It felt so empty, she couldn't even feel his presence here but then again he had rarely been home to leave his mark these last two years.

Wandering up the stairs, she came to the room she had shared with Kenshin these last five years and finally the tears came. Ignoring them she sighed and silently padded into the empty room. Even here she couldn't feel his presence; it was as if he was a wraith that flitted in and out without leaving a trace of himself behind. Settling on the edge of the bed, she let her eyes settle on the shirt he'd left draped over the back of his desk chair the last time he'd been home that she had left undisturbed. There was nothing of him here except for the closet full of clothes, nothing remained of the Kenshin she had fallen in love with so long ago.

Finally brushing the tears from her cheeks, she swallowed and shook her head. This wasn't her fault, she had tried so hard to keep them together but it hadn't been enough. She wouldn't wait any longer for a man who had no interest in keeping their marriage together. She would rather be alone than forever sitting her waiting for him to come home.

And yet, the truth was, she didn't have to be alone. Not anymore.

At the thought of Enishi a new bout of tears burned her eyes, the memory of the hurt in his eyes shredding her already shattered heart. Did she even deserve to ask for his forgiveness, for his love? No, she didn't. Last night she had hurt Enishi more than Kenshin had ever hurt her. She didn't deserve him, and yet that didn't stop her from wanting his forgiveness, wanting his love.

Falling backwards onto the bed she simply stared at the ceiling and let the tears come. God, she wanted him for her own, so much so that it hurt.

Throwing her arm over her eyes, she sighed and did her best to get herself back together. She didn't deserve him, but really what did she have to lose? Nothing. If he rejected her it would be her just due for what she'd done to him, but if he didn't then she would have the chance to love him. Really love him as he should be.

But could she really take his rejection? Could she really deal with him turning his back on her too? As if in answer to her unspoken questions his last statement flitted through her mind...

Then come back when you finally realize he doesn't want you

Startled by the clarity with which she heard those words again, she sat up and scanned the room. Shaking her head she smiled ruefully, he wasn't here. Why would he be? And yet, those very words spoke the truth, he would accept her. Even though she had hurt him he would still take her back. Heartened by the thought, she wiped the last of the wetness from her cheeks and smiled.

Pushing off the bed, she wandered to her closet and pulled it open, grabbing the small bag tucked in the corner she started selecting various blouses before she lost her nerve. She would go, she would ask for his forgiveness and if he gave her another chance she would do all she could to make up for hurting him. She would spend the rest of her life making up for the pain she'd caused him if he'd let her. She couldn't help the small smile that tickled her lips at the prospect of spending forever with Enishi.

Folding the blouses into the bag, she then made her way to her dresser situated next to Kenshin's desk to collect a couple of pairs of jeans and all the necessary undergarments. Aimlessly grabbing the needed items, she cast a quick glance to the side and paused as her eyes settled on the wedding picture sitting innocently on the far side of the desk beside the monitor. She scowled as tears burned her eyes again, her resolve wavering slightly. With a shaking hand she reached over, picked up the photo and just stared at the smiling couple staring out at her from behind the glass. A small stream of tears broke loose again and she blinked in an effort to clear her eyes. God, why did this have to hurt so much! She wasn't the one who gave up, he was. Why couldn't her love for him simply die as his had done?

Scowling, she took a deep breath to get herself back together and set the frame face down on the desk. It was too late, there was nothing left. That couple no longer existed.

Steeling herself against the numbing pain trying to squeeze her heart again, she finished packing her bag and headed for the door. It was time to go; if she stayed much longer she'd never get out of here. Without looking back she made her way back downstairs and wandered around shutting off the lights she'd turned on earlier. Coming to the foyer, she turned and glanced around the quiet livingroom. Her heart squeezed again as her eyes settled on the larger version of the photo sitting face down on Kenshin's desk. Slowly wandering into the livingroom, she lifted the photo from its place on the mantle and ran her fingers along the happiness captured forever within the black onyx frame.

And yet, in the end it hadn't been an eternal happiness.

With a sigh she wandered back out to the foyer and made her way into the dining room. Setting the picture down she smiled sadly and set down her bag, slipping her wedding ring from her finger she kissed it one last time and set it on the table in front of the picture. "Goodbye, Kenshin."

And with that she grabbed her bag and headed back into the foyer. Slipping on her coat and gloves, she cast one last glance behind her into the silent house and waited for her heart to break again but found that there was nothing there to break. Within this house she was just a hollow shell, there was nothing left. With a sigh she stepped out into the frigid wind and closed the door silently behind her. Without looking back she started down the sidewalk and the twelve blocks it would take her to reach the man who did love her, the man who had somehow stolen her heart and held it for himself, unwittingly saving her from a complete breakdown.

Kaoru's pace picked up with each step further away from the house she had begun to think of as a prison and she felt a lightness filter through her body that she hadn't felt in months. For the first time in all the time she'd been with Enishi she felt no guilt at going to the one she loved.

Now all she could hope for was that he would find it in his heart to take her back.


An hour later Kaoru stood motionless before Enishi's closed door and tried with all of her might to gather the courage to ring his doorbell. What if he really didn't want her anymore? Could she really face his rejection? Oblivious to the biting cold cutting into her exposed skin, she didn't feel the shiver that raced through her entire body as another blast of wind whipped by her. Maybe it would be better to go back and call him. She could take rejection over the phone better than face to face.

Scowling at her weakness, she closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead with one gloved hand. She was here, she had to do this.

Reaching out before she could lose her nerve again, her finger hovered over the button for a second in indecision. Biting her lip she closed her eyes and pushed the button, she jumped as a bright light immediately illuminated the dark sidewalk, temporarily blinding her. Blinking in an effort to adjust her eyes to the unexpected light she didn't see the door open or the black clad man filling the empty space.

"How long were you planning on standing out here in the dark?"

Startled, Kaoru blinked a couple of more times before she was finally able to focus on the smirking face before her. Scowling at his knowing look, she pinned him with a glare, "You knew I was out here?"

Enishi's smirk turned into a half smile, "Yes."

Narrowing her eyes, Kaoru was just about to retort when Enishi's gaze drifted down and landed on the bag hanging from her tightly clenched fists. The words died in her throat as he slowly lifted his eyes back to hers, the guarded look he now had fixed on her cutting deep into her heart. She really had hurt him... a lot.


Dropping her eyes, all she could do was shake her head, she couldn't say it... not yet, the wound was too fresh. A sigh whispered into the silent night and Kaoru hazarded a look at Enishi. Her eyes widened at the soul searching gaze he had fixed on her. For several seconds he simply stared at her and then he finally spoke.

"Are you sure, Kaoru?"

Heartened by his tone and the slight tinge of hope he was trying to keep buried, she gave him a small smile and nodded. If there was anything she was sure of right now, it was that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Enishi simply continued to stare at her, his face completely devoid of any emotion. As the seconds continued to tick by Kaoru felt her heart begin to crumble, the slice of hope melting away. Wilting under his piercing stare, she finally let her eyes drop and took one step backwards; maybe she'd hurt him too much. She was brought up short though when he finally spoke.

"There is one thing you must understand, princess..."

A pregnant pause filled the quiet and Kaoru glanced back up into the turquoise eyes she'd grown to love. A small flame of hope grew again at the small smirk he was unsuccessfully trying to keep hidden.

"...once I let you in there will be no leaving."

A small understanding smile slowly grew on her lips and she nodded, "There will be no leaving. I promise."

Enishi simply nodded and took a step back to allow her entrance. Taking the few steps that led to his door, Kaoru paused for split second then took the last step into his house and her new life. Her knees weakened slightly at the thought as he closed the door behind her and once again helped her remove her coat. This really was a new start for them, in all ways.

Smiling at the thought, she slowly turned around and watched him hang her coat in the closet. He was hers now. Her heart lightened at the thought. Yes, he was hers and she was his. They could finally walk in society as the couple she had always wanted them to be, with no cloud of sin hanging over their love. At long last she could love him freely as he deserved.

So lost in her thoughts, she didn't see Enishi come up until he trailed his fingers down her cheek, his touch sending a shiver down the length of her spine. Glancing into his eyes, her breath hitched at the obvious love swirling in their turquoise depths.

"You must be freezing after standing out there so long."

Tamping down the instant fire his look and touch sent rushing though her veins, she simply nodded and reached down to grab her bag. She cocked an eyebrow when Enishi took it from her and started making his way to the back of the house. "Go sit in front of the fire. I will bring you a cup of tea to help warm you."

Smiling at his concern, she wandered into the livingroom and settled down before the dancing flames, holding her hands to the warmth she shivered as the heat slowly unthawed her flesh. It was another extremely cold night, but at least this time she wasn't going anywhere. She was here to stay. Smiling at the thought, she moved a little closer to the fire and basked in it's warm glow. She could get used to this. She did have a fireplace at home but she'd seldom sparked it because she was usually alone. It had seemed a waste simply to light it for herself.

"If you get much closer, you're going to singe yourself."

Kaoru glanced over shoulder and smiled sheepishly, "But it feels so good after being out in that frigid weather. It didn't help that you left me literally cooling my heels out there."

For the first time in what felt like forever, Enishi gave her a smile from the heart and she felt her own heart flip in her chest. Blushing at the feelings his mere presence sent rushing through her veins, she accepted the tea cup he held out to her. Watching as he settled down beside her she simply waited for the question she could see written on his face. She didn't have to wait long. Shifting his full attention to her, Enishi pinned her to the spot with a look that said he would have answers whether she wanted to give them or not.

"What happened that had you on my doorstep in this weather? Did you have an argument with your husband?"

Kaoru took a deep breath and let it out slowly in an effort to quiet the dull throb materializing in her chest. Swallowing, she sipped at her tea and let her eyes drift back to the flames.


Trying to keep herself together she shrugged and whispered, "He's not coming home. H... he chose Choshu over me." Kaoru flinched as a sharp pain speared her heart; god it hurt to put voice to the truth. A whispered 'ah' was the only answer to her statement and she fought back the tears burning her eyes. She was surprised when Enishi moved to sit behind her and pulled her against his chest; his arms wrapping around her protectively.

"His loss is my gain. I promise you, love, I won't throw you away like he did."

Against her will a small stream of tears managed to break loose and she melted against him, "Don't make promises you can't keep. Just love me now, that's all I want really, for you to love me now."

Enishi's arms tightened even more and he whispered, "That, princess, is something you don't have to worry about. I do love you now and will for the rest of my life, whether you believe me or not."

Warmed by his words, Kaoru didn't resist as he took the tea cup from her hand and guided her around to face him. "What you don't seem to understand, Kaoru, is that you are the first woman I've ever let myself love..." pausing, he pinned her with a knee weakening stare and leaned in until he was mere inches away from her lips ,"... and because you hold that honor, I don't plan on giving you up anytime soon. Understood?"

Tongue-tied, all she could do was stare into the flame lit turquoise gaze fixed on her, the truth of his words written in every line of his face. With a smile she finally let herself believe in his love and closed the distance to kiss him lightly, giving him the answer she knew he needed. She sighed against his lips as he pulled her close and deepened the kiss, his tongue setting alight the fire that always remained simmering just beneath the surface whenever she was near him. Working herself up onto her knees she wrapped her arms around him and molded her body tightly against his, the feel of his solid muscles against her chest feeding the flames.

Enishi took advantage of her position and worked her blouse up, his fingers quickly finding their way beneath the light material to dance delicately over her suddenly sensitized skin. Shivering at the contact she held him even tighter, the need to feel him pressed against her almost more than she could handle. Finally the need for air forced her to break the kiss and she leaned back enough to meet the smoldering gaze fixed on her, she smiled at the obvious hunger swirling in their lust-darkened depths.

Emboldened by his desire, she relinquished her hold on him and slowly started undoing the buttons of his shirt; sliding the soft material gently down his arms until it pooled behind him. With a seductive smirk tickling her lips, she splayed her hands against his flame kissed flesh and gently pushed him backwards until he was laid out before her, his eyes inviting her to do whatever she wished. Giving him a crooked smile, she leaned down and placed her lips against his in a kiss that said just how much loved and wanted him.

Breaking the kiss before he could deepen it, she moved back and, for the first time, openly whispered the truth she'd held so close to her heart, "I love you, Enishi."

The smile that lit up his face made tears of happiness burn her eyes, and then he placed his hand on the back of her head and guided her back to his lips. "I love you too, Kaoru, now and forever." And with that he pulled her in for a kiss that proved his words, the tenderness making the tears burning her eyes slip silently from the corner of her eyes.

Cradling his cheeks in her hands, she met his love with her own and fell into the sensations his tongue sent rushing through her veins again. Too soon he broke the kiss and urged her back. Giving her a lopsided grin he asked, "Are you going to finish what you started or do I need to take the initiative?"

Kaoru chuckled at his impatience and let her hand trail down his chest to his still hidden hardened length. "Do you mean this?" she asked innocently. She felt him twitch and growl as her hand softly cupped his manhood through his pants.

All of a sudden he grabbed her, and before she even knew what was happening he had them completely flipped with him in the dominant position she had just recently been enjoying. "Don't play with me, princess, or I may do the same to you."

A slight smile tickled her lips and she let her fingers trail down his warm flesh, "Is that suppose to be a threat?"

Enishi met her smile with one of his own and ripped open her blouse, the buttons flying off in all directions. Shoving the material out of his way, he trailed his fingertips ever so gently up her belly to the soft mound of her breasts. "No, love, that's a promise."

Kaoru hissed as his fingers found their way beneath her bra, her nipples rising at his attention. Suddenly hot, she arched, pressing her breast into his hand, the feel of his hot palm against her flesh moistening her center. A whimper escaped her lips as he moved away and then she was lifted just enough for him to remove her blouse and unclasp the last barrier to what he wanted. Settling back down, Kaoru shivered at the feel of the silky soft carpet against her overly sensitive skin.

And then she was all of a sudden flooded with heat again as Enishi placed his lips over her nipple and teased it to aching attention again. A delicious shiver vibrated through her entire body as his tongue curled around the raised peak, the rough texture setting alight a tight ball of fire deep in her belly. Moaning softly she buried her fingers deep in his snow white hair and arched into his lips. Good god, what this man could do to her with just his tongue.

Losing herself in the sensations he was setting forth in her body, she let herself go and simply basked in his love. A thin trail of tears slipped from her eyes as he continued his gentle ministrations, the love washing off of him touching her in the deepest parts of her soul.

Relishing the feel of his lips dancing over her heated flesh, she completely succumbed to him, laying to rest any doubts of her leaving. Tonight they were claiming each other forever and for always, and they both knew it.

Offering herself up to him completely, she smiled when he took full advantage...

x x x x x x x

... shaking from the sheer force of her orgasm, Kaoru shivered and wrapped her arms around Enishi tight as he collapsed against her completely spent. Holding him snuggly against her heart, she sighed and held him just a little bit tighter. A love like nothing she'd ever felt before flooded through her body and she whispered, "I love you so much, Enishi."

Enishi's arms tightened around her and between breaths he answered, "Good because you're stuck with me whether you like it or not." Rolling off of her, he carried her with him and tucked her snuggled against his side. Flinging an arm over his eyes he sighed in contentment and added, "Well, that is if you don't kill me first."

Kaoru chuckled and dropped a light kiss over his heart, "It's going to take a lot more than me to kill you. Unless you mean kill you with pleasure... now that I can do."

Enishi chuckled and ran his fingers softly through her hair. "That, love, I do know."

Kaoru smiled and yawned as a wave of exhaustion washed over her. Fighting to keep her eyes open she settled even more against him and whispered, "I think it's you who's going to kill me with your attention." Yawning again, she sighed and started to drift off, his heartbeat lulling her into the darkness tickling the edge of her awareness. Just before she dropped off she heard him whisper, "You're mine now, Kaoru."

Smiling at the thought she simply nodded and fell into the awaiting darkness, a feeling of love wrapping her in a protective cocoon. Yes, she was his... and he was hers.


Enishi woke with a start, the sound of his cell phone going off breaking into the quiet of the darkened bedroom. Sighing, he worked his way out from underneath a sleeping Kaoru and made his way to the jacket hung on the back of the chair in the corner. Grabbing the blinking device he flipped it open and scowled at the number displayed on the screen. Throwing on his robe, he headed out into the chilly livingroom and hit the talk button.


A lilting voice came through the earpiece that set Enishi's blood to boiling.

"She's yours now. Please take care of her for Himura-san."

Enishi growled and gripped the phone tightly, "Yes, nee-san. She is mine now. You and her worthless excuse for a husband had better never forget it either..." pausing Enishi took a deep breath in an effort to cool his blood. "I didn't do this for you or him. I did this for her. I will take care of her, nee-san, but for her not him, make sure he knows that."

"I will." Tomoe paused and Enishi thought he heard her sniffle, "I'm sorry Enishi."

Enishi snorted, "It's too late for that, nee-san. Just do me a favor and stay the hell out of our lives." And with that he hung up on her and tossed the phone on the sofa. Yes, it was way too late. She'd made her choice and it hadn't been him. Shaking his head, he ignored the dull throb that always materialized every time she decided to call, which thankfully wasn't very often anymore.

Sighing, he shoved the thoughts from his mind and slowly made his way back to the bedroom. Settling back down on his side of the bed he simply stared at the only woman who had ever managed to get by his defenses. How she had done that, he still didn't know but really, it didn't matter. Her love was all he needed, as long as she loved him nothing else mattered

Slipping out of his robe he slid beneath the covers and collected Kaoru to his heart again. Smiling as she wrapped her arm around him, he ran his fingers lightly through her hair. Maybe she'd managed to weasel her way into his heart because in the end they were kindred spirits, they both had been abandoned by the ones they loved.

Hugging her even closer he buried his nose in her hair and inhaled deeply. Yes, they had been, but in the end it had brought them together and that really was all that mattered. Maybe one day he would send a note to Himura thanking him for giving her up.

Smirking at the thought, he drifted off to sleep, content in the knowledge that nothing would ever come between them again. Ever.

The End

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