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The Naruto characters in here are at least 16 and I'm going to say that's old enough to drink for this story.

This take place after Gaara's incident and Sand is now allies with Leaf.

Chapter one

It was warm, just like any other Konoha. The leaves on near by trees were blowing in the gentle wind and laughter could be heard from the small little restaurant. Sakura and Naruto were talking together inside both slightly intoxicated with Kakashi not to far away with his nose shoved in a familiar orange book. They had accomplished a simple mission to accompany a young man to one of the smaller countries that bordered Konoha. Inside the blond and the pink haired ninja spoke of old times while drinking down fruity alcohol drinks because they couldn't handle Sake yet.

Kakashi was, for once, buying and that was because he had something good happening once he got home. Iruka had a nice dinner set up and Kakashi was hoping that maybe a little 'fun' would take place after dinner. Just thinking of it made Kakashi want to get home but he promised to pay for everything if Sakura and Naruto ran a successful mission. He sighed and placed down his latest icha icah paradise novel and looked to the two ninja he'd become close to sense the day he told them they had passed.

Sakura stood a bit wobbly " I s-should get home before it starts to rain" she said nodding as she climbed out of the booth. She was fallowed by Naruto who was close at her heals. He was stumbling every which way but becoming more and more sober with each step. He had . Kyuubi and the demon was absorbing the alcohol not liking the idea of the blond idiot not being able to defend himself. If the moron died so would he so it was just self preservation.

Once outside the restaurant Sakura leaned against the wall and took in deep breath. She hadn't drank as much as Naruto but she still couldn't think straight. Naruto, falling her tripped over a large stone in his path and fell into Sakura with his face inches from her. With a cat like grin he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Sakura's. The kiss was slow and soft as if he had all the time in the world. Sakura was too intoxicated to care but she didn't imagine it was Naruto. Her thoughts were elsewhere. She closed her eyes and leaned back breaking the kiss. "Sasuke" she moaned softly wishing it were him with all of her heart.

Naruto jumped back. Kyuubi had almost completely absorbed the rest of the alcohol. He knew that wasn't his name. He stared at Sakura for a long time then turned and walked away shoving his hands into the pockets of his orange pants. Of course he wasn't the only one affected by this little scene. A pair of pale white eyes had seen the entire thing from

her hiding place about a few yards away.

Hinata Hyuga. The girl who was positively in love with Naruto. She had been able to take the whole 'chasing after Sakura thing' knowing that Sakura was in turn chasing after Sasuke. She had been okay with how Naruto didn't notice her hints towards her feelings for him. Btu this. This was the last straw.

A few minutes before

Hinata was taking a walk enjoying the night air. She was a shy quiet girl so the night suited her. She was finally able to breath without her father mumbling something about how strong Neji was and how he had stronger Hyuga blood then herself. She sat down outside Naruto's favorite place to eat, Ichiraku. She liked to hang out here. Not because she liked Ramen but because Naruto liked it and well she enjoyed the smell.

She could hear some laughing down the road and smiled. Hinata liked to watch people together because in her mind she could imagine it was her and Naruto instead of some woman and guy she didn't know. She stood and walked towards the voices. A strange look came over her face as she recognized the voices. Silently she hid behind a building and peaked out so only her eyes could be seen.

Hinata smiled a little as she spotted a blond and she knew it was Naruto because blond hair was not common. In front of him was the pink haired one Sakura. She smiled a bit and pushed out from her hiding spot to go say hi to Naruto when she watched him trip.

What happened after that shocked and hurt her. She watched, in slow motion, as he fell into the pink haired Kunoichi. Next their lips touched and Hinata felt her heart skip a beat. Her pale eyes went wide and she turned around the corner and placed her back to the wall. Her eyes began to water with tears and then she turned and ran as fast as her legs would carry her.

Her heart was broken, she'd never expected it because Sakura was in love with Sasuke. Hinata hoped that Naruto would give up on the pink haired Kunoichi and maybe realize the Hyuga's feelings and come to her but no such thing happened. She continued to run till she reached the training grounds. Once here she began to beat up one of the wooden posts.

She hit it over and over again the tears falling at a non-stop rate. She beat on it till her fists bled and she fell to the ground exhausted. That's where she passed out till morning.

back to the restaurant

Sakura was alone her back against the wall and her eyes closed. The warm lips had left hers and she wanted them to return. She wanted Sasuke to return. Slowly she let her body to sink to the ground. She was to tired and to nauseous so go anywhere anyway. So she just let herself pass out there beside the restaurant.

Kakashi left as well. With one look to Sakura, he sighed and picked up the Kunoichi. He held her carefully and began to walk to the hospital when a green clad Lee stopped in front of him "What happened to Sakura?" He asked looking at the pink haired girl and Kakashi's arms. With a small smile the older ninja placed the Kunoichi in Lee's arms "Take care of her will you? It would look strange if I went around carrying someone half my age."

Lee nodded "If I do not see her safely to her home I will run around the entire village of Konoha three hundred times without stop." Then the green clad ninja turned and ran towards where he knew Sakura's house was. Kakashi shook his head and sighed loudly. With a shake of his head and a few hand signs he disappeared in a poof of smoke to go join his Iruka.

Hinata wasn't found in till morning and then only by her team mates Shino and Kiba.


"So how do you think this happened?" Kiba asked his bug friend ShinoAkamaru barked from his comfortable spot on Kiba's head and he nodded "Yeah I smell it do. Blood and Tears."

"Tears of sadness and pain" Came Shino's voice. He looked down at Hinata and then slowly he leaned down and picked the girl up "We had better return her to the Hyuga estate before someone begins to worry.:

"Right" Kiba said nodding and Akamaru barked in agreement. Then all four of them headed out to Hinata's home knowing nothing of what she had been through.



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