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Chapter seventeen

"Is that everything?" Tamari asked as she looked threw the two bags of pure junk. Most of it had come from the wedding but they shoved everything of meaning into two bags that of course Tamari was going to make Kankuro carry. The puppet nin nodded and sighed knowing exactly what Tamari was about to say. He picked up the two bags and shoved them over his shoulder.

"So you going to say good-bye to your boyfriend?" he teased and lightly punched her in the shoulder. Tamari blushed and smacked Kankuro as hard as she could. "He's not my boyfriend," she said, closing her eyes and holding her hands together in front of her mouth.

"Oh? And here I came all this way…. Tch how troublesome" A voice behind them spoke from the door. Tamari flung around fast enough to get whiplash and looked at the male. "But if I'm not your boyfriend I can go" He put his pinky in his ear and wiggled it a bit pretending there was something there to pull out.

Tamari's blush deepened "S-shikamaru!

"One and only"

"Should I leave you two alone?" Kankuro teased. Tamari looked back at him and his eyes went wide at the look of anger that her eyes held and how she pulled back her hand. She was about to smash his face in when a hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her to a sold object as the other one gently grabbed her hands and pulled it down.

Shikamaru smiled softly "now Tamari that's not very lady like" he whispered into her neck and looked up at Kankuro giving him that 'get out before you get killed' type of look. And Kankuro didn't need anything else; he was out of there leaving only a small trail of dust behind him.

Tamari blushed "Shika…. I thought you had a mission today?" she asked as she leaned back against the male's strong chest.

"I do." He stated simply "but I wanted to see you off." He placed a soft kiss on her cheek. "I'll try to come visit I promise" Tamari nodded and turned in his arms. She placed her arms around his neck and placed her forehead against his.

"Shika will we still be the same? I mean even if I don't come back or you don't visit for a while…. Will there still be us?"

Shikamaru looked at her and slowly tilted the blond girl's chin up "Tamari… there will always be us." He whispered and leaned in, slowly covering her lips with his own in a slow but passion filled kiss.


"Are you ready Gaara?" Kankuro asked his brother not daring to go back to Tamari, the girl would most likely kill him. Gaara glanced up and looked at his older brother. He was silent for a long time and Kankuro was beginning to worry for his brother. He hadn't spoken sense he came home yesterday. He could only assume something happened between him and Hinata.

"Yeah I'm ready" Gaara said softly as he pulled his gourd onto his back along with a small bag filled with mainly clothing.


Within mere minutes the three siblings were lined up beside the gate facing Suna. Behind them were a line of ninja's including; Sakura, Naruto, Neji, Tenten, Shino, Shikamaru, Lee, Ino, Choji and Hinata was at the back her eyes trying to avoid her husband's gaze. There was an assortment of different goodbyes and then they were off.

One by one everyone left after the siblings left. Soon the only one standing at the gate was Hinata. A single tear fell down her pale cheek and she wiped it away. She too then turned and walked away unaware of what was next to come.


Nine months. For nine months he hadn't heard a word out of Shukaku. It was unnerving because the demon was normally loud and outspoken and well perverted. But nothing. Gaara didn't hear a peep of complaint and it worried him. He heard a nock at the door and his older brother walked in. He decided to confront him and see if he knew what was going on. "Kankuro. For some reason the normally loud demon is silent. What does this mean?"

Kankuro was startled by the question and placed a hand behind his head "Uh… Gaara I'm sorry to say I don't know." He sighed softly "maybe he's in hibernation?" he offered, "Animals do that."

Gaara nodded and sat behind his large wooden desk. The room they were in was huge. But the only furniture was a table and three chairs, one for Gaara and two for people entering his office. Gaara didn't like unneeded junk, as he called it. There were quite a few windows lining the wall each a circle shape and peering over Suna "That makes sense."

Kankuro chuckled and sat down "so what else you thinking about Gaara? You seem… distant lately." He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes for a moment. Kankuro was wearing his normal black outfit but this time he had none of that purple make up stuff on. Instead he just had on a put of Chap Stick because of Suna's harsh weather. He was being lazy and didn't feel like putting the purple junk on today.

"I was wondering about Hinata." Gaara stated. "Every time someone from Konoha come over I ask about her but they're all silent and tight lipped about everything, She might have gotten in trouble with the elders of her village or something."

Kankuro nodded "well that does sound interesting. I heard that she hasn't been talking or really being around anyone lately. Like she's shut herself away again."

Gaara bit his lip and stood once more. He paced around his larger, and empty looking office with his hands behind his back worried about her. Hs bright red hair was slightly duller and his green eyes looked tired. Even though he had caught some sleep. It was dangerous but he'd wanted to try it. Shukaku didn't come out so either the demon was in hibernation or something was seriously going on. It creped him out to no end. He walked over to one of the circular windows and spotted someone moving very quickly threw his people, towards his tower. "Kankuro… who's that?" he asked.

His brother jumped up and walked over to the window. Kankuro peered out and squinted his eyes. "It's the lazy guy. He's probably here to see Tamari." In truth the Nara had been to see their sister a number of times. Some were just because he was on a mission and happened to be passing threw and others were he deliberately sidetracked to come see Tamari.

But this time it was different. Shikamaru ran into the tower and climbed the stairs to the top where the Kazekage's office resided. With a polite knock he walked in a little breathless. Gaara quirked and eyebrow "Nara? What's going on? Aren't you here for Tamari?"

"No… I wish but this time it's urgent business." Shikamaru bowed then stood straight and looked around the room trying to figure out how to say this. "Gaara…. All this time we've been quiet because of direct orders from Hinata and her clan but now… now the Hokage insists we speak with you."

Gaara tilted his head to the side in confusion and sat back down in his large chair "Explain." He demanded. First Shukaku seems to be missing and now… something about Hinata.

"Well you see…" Shikamaru blushed slightly and turned his head " Gaara she's pregnant…. And she'd due any day now." He stated his voice quiet.

Gaara looked at Shikamaru with an odd gesture than shot out of his chair "Kankuro prepare my bag. Get Tamari, we leave in ten minutes." Kankuro thinking it best if he listened ran out of the room to fetch his sister and their bags.

"She's pregnant..?" Gaara asked himself forgetting about the Nara. "Why didn't' she tell me?"



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