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Chapter 14:Treaty

Naruto woke up to a room similar to the genjutsu that Nyoko put him in. Looking around he was surprised to see his team waiting for him.

"Are you okay sensei? What happened? Why were you and Hokage-sama fighting? Are you going to be a criminal now?" Arashi asked these questions all at once their sensei had his eyes focused on them.

Naruto could sense the concern in his voice, "No, it's nothing like that. We just had a little disagreement and had to settle it."

"But why did you have to settle it by fighting? One of you could have die. I was so worried. We wouldn't have been able to stop either of you," Kioko said and Naruto could see that she had tears in her eyes even though it didn't drop yet.

He grabbed Kioko put her on his lap, "It's okay, Kioko. I'm so sorry. I won't do something like that again."

Their fears started to changed in excitement now that they knew their sensei was going to be okay.

"What did you do sensei? You kept up…" Sieshin corrected himself, "no you were on equal terms with the Hokage."

Naruto just gave a weak laugh.

"Come on. Tell us, please, please, please," Arashi said. Kioko was nodding her head in agreement.

"How come we couldn't sense your chakra as much as the Hokage? I mean his chakra was huge compared to yours. How were you able to keep up with him?" Kioko asked confused.

"I was using the chakra in the environment also. So we were about equal, just that you couldn't sense mine," Naruto answered. The three went big eyed in amazement.

"Can you teach us how to do that?" Arashi asked. But Naruto already knew his answer. He didn't want his team to turn into three little tadpoles.

"Not yet. You guys aren't ready yet."

The three groaned, but knew that it was useless.

"Okay, tell us about the fight then. How come you weren't affect by the increase chakra that the Hokage was putting out? We could barely breath, not to mention we were on the floor," Arashi said.

Naruto answered honestly, "Well, you see. I was affected. It's just that I'm stronger than you guys so it looked like I was affected. It's as simple as that."

They nodded stating that they understood. Each of them vowing to get stronger.

"Okay what about the last move. I mean it looked like a Rasengan, but I can tell it was definitely a lot stronger," Kioko said.

"Yes, it's an extension of the Rasengan, called the Kazengan. You see, the Rasengan doesn't use any elements. It's pure chakra manipulation. The Kazengan adds an element to the Rasengan. That move took me a very long time to learn it."

"So, we have to learn the Rasengan first before we can learn that move?" Arashi asked.

"Yes, that's correct."

Just then there was a knock on the door and Sarutobi walked in. He was perfectly fine without any bruises or cuts and also wearing his Hokage robes.

"Can I have a word with you alone Naruto?" Sarutobi asked.

"Sure, can you guys leave us?" Naruto asked the team, but they stayed.

"What are you going to do to sensei? He didn't do anything wrong. You came to finish him off didn't you?" Kioko asked. They still haven't completely believed that Naruto was okay.

"No, that's not what I'm here for," said Sarutobi very nicely giving a small laugh.

Naruto looked at his team, "It's okay team. We're just going to chat, that's all."

They left the room giving Sarutobi a look of warning that if he does try anything on Naruto he would pay.

"Your team really likes you. They were willing to fight me," Sarutobi said as the team left.

"So, what's up? I can see that your all healed," Naruto said.

"Yes, I had the medical nins heal me. I told them to let your wounds heal naturally," Sarutobi said.

Naruto was ashamed of himself for damaging Sarutobi that much. He knew that Sarutobi probably lost a few years because of the fast healing, "I'm sorry."

"What are you sorry for? That was the best time I've had in a long time," Sarutobi was grinning.

"Well, back to our deal. I expect you to erase my memory when you're well."

Surprised at what he heard Naruto yelled, "What, screw you!? You didn't beat me."

"Neither did you," Sarutobi said calmly.

"Exactly so you get to keep that memory," Naruto said.

Sarutobi shook his head with a small smile, "Think back to what I said."

Naruto thought for a minute and he pulled Sarutobi's words from his memory, if you win I'll keep the memory, no questions ask. If you don't win then you have to erase the memory and promise never to mention it again.

"You tricked me," Naruto said.

Sarutobi looked like a little child who was caught doing something wrong, "No, I didn't. It's not my fault you weren't listening. I expect you to come to my office when you're ready." He stood up without an answer and left.

Naruto slammed his fist on the wall in anger when Sarutobi left.

As Sarutobi left another person came in. This time it was Tsunade. She was in a nurse outfit with a stethoscope.

"Hello Naruto."

"Oh hi Tsunade," he said a little to harsh. He was still angry with Sarutobi.

She put the stethoscope on his heart and she could tell it was fine, "Is something wrong?"

"It's nothing."

Tsunade looked at him. It was awkward talking to him, now that she knew about his past. Plus, her guilt about invading his past also didn't help much.

It was Naruto who spoke up, "Tsunade, can you heal me?"

Tsunade shook her head, "Sorry, but sensei told me to let you heal naturally."

Naruto groaned.

"Sensei also told me to watch over you."

I see, he didn't station Tsunade to watch over me. He wants to know when I'm healed so he'll know if I went to him directly or not. The rage inside of him began to build again.

Tsunade knew that something was wrong with him, "Are you mad at me? I'm sorry by the way I acted when we got back from the mountains."

This thought didn't even cross his mind, "No, Tsunade it's not you."

"If it's not me then what's bothering you?"

It was a minute before Naruto spoke up. "It's that damn Sarutobi. I want to fucking punch his lights out right now," Naruto said harshly.

This was the first time Tsunade heard him swear, "Sensei?"

"Yes. I want to strangle him," Naruto said and Tsunade could see his hands shaking from anger.

"But, he was just in here talking with you."


"You want to kill him?" Tsunade asked.

"No, I just want to knock him out cold. Stupid fool doesn't know what's good for him," Naruto clenched his fist.

Tsunade started to leave. It was clear to her that Naruto wanted to think to himself.

It has been three days and Tsunade was checking on him regularly. Little conversation pass between them because Naruto was too busy thinking of a plan about his situation with Sarutobi. She just checked his pulse, his forehead, and injuries every few hours or so.

"All of your major injuries are heal. You'll be able to go home tomorrow, but you shouldn't be doing any hard activities until the day after tomorrow," she told him.

"Thanks," Naruto replied.

When she left Naruto got up quietly, grabbed his shirt and pants on the chair, and started to dress. He did a few hand seals, "Summoning no jutsu" and Gamakicki popped into existence. Naruto did a few more hand seals, "Henge" and Gamakicki turned into Naruto.

"Gamakicki you have to stay here in my place in case Tsunade comes and check," Naruto said and the frog nodded. Unlike clones, a summon does not disappear if they're too far away from their summoner.

Naruto knew that if Tsunade came and did a check-up she would know right away because a frog's heartbeat is different from a human's. The heartbeat is slower and a frog's heart only has three chambers unlike a human who has a four-chamber heart, but it will still give him some time. He quietly opened the window and left.

I'll have to find Orochimaru and kill him myself. I can play that game also, Sarutobi. We never agreed on when I'll tell you. You just wanted me to erase it ASAP, but during the deal we never had a time limit. I'll just kill Orochimaru first, come back and erase your memory and never mention it again. He didn't care if the whole village would be after him or the fact that he would be a class S missing nin. Sarutobi's life was more important to him than his. Sarutobi was the one who gave him a chance to have friends. He was the one who protected him from the grown-ups when he was a child. Sarutobi was the one who watched over him. He was the one who never punished him even when he was out of line.

Naruto thought back to all the files that he's examined when he was the Hokage and knew that the place was not far from the village.

Traveling for about an hour he reached a place where a huge waterfall was located. There were bright green trees surrounding him and a small river rushing back into the village.

It's here, somewhere. He jumped behind the waterfall to look for an entrance, but nothing was there. The water splash on hit head as he continued to look for the entrance. Naruto did a few hand seals, "Kage Bunshin," and 20 clones popped out.

"Alright guys, we're looking for an entrance. It can be anything so I want some to look in the river and behind the waterfall," Naruto told his clones.

After 15 minutes he heard a clone yell out, "I think I've got something."

Naruto went over there and there was a small opening in the trunks of one of the trees.

"Good, I think this is it. Good work all of you," and he dismissed them.

He squeezed himself into the small opening dropped down twenty feet. It was pitch black and completely silence expect for the few drops of water that hit the floor. The tunnel was built in a zigzag manner and he immediately knew why. It was built for an easy escape. If a person were followed it would be harder to hit that person with a jutsu if the tunnel was built in a zigzag manner. As he continued to walk the tunnel became darker and darker. After thirty minutes he the tunnel became straight and was now illuminated with light bulbs that was attach to the ceiling. Also, the tunnel wasn't earth anymore; it was metal. Naruto walked and walked until he saw a door. He took out his kunai and slowly turned the door handle. He opened the room ready to attack Orochimaru…

But, Orochimaru wasn't there. The room held jars of human heads. There were animal flesh all over the ground and the smell was excruciating. Standing there was Sarutobi in his shinobi uniform and his summon Enma with two dead shinobis on the ground. Sarutobi had his back to Naruto and was kneeling on the floor with Enma looking over his shoulders.

"Naruto, this fool let Orochimaru escape," Enma said and Naruto could tell that Enma was angry.

"Where did he go?" Naruto asked.

"Hurry, if you go you might be able to catch him right now. He left about an hour ago. I think he's trying to leave the border of Fire Country," Enma told him.

Naruto nodded and left the room. Again fury rose within Naruto when he thought about Sarutobi, damn you Sarutobi. Even after I told you, you still couldn't do it.

There wasn't much time left and Naruto knew it. Orochimaru had to be caught and killed before he escaped. Running back out of the tunnel took a lot less time than going in. The thought of what would happen if he failed and his anger at Sarutobi fueled him. When he got outside he did a few hand seals again, "Kage Bunshin."

"This time look for any evidence of a person trying to leave," Naruto told them. He knew that Orochimaru was in a hurry to leave and that means there would be a higher chance of finding evidence.

After five minutes a clone came up to him, "There's some misshapen sand on the ground south of here."

"Okay," and he followed the clone. Naruto looked closely at the misshapen sand. It was hard to tell if it was a footprint or not, but it was his only lead. He dismissed the clones and started traveling south.


Orochimaru and Jiraiya were twenty feet from each other. Lavish green trees surrounding them.

"Why… why are you… we, who are called the 'sannin'… we have been companions since we were children, haven't we?" Jiraiya said exhausted. His body was completely bloody and was down to one knee.

"Jiraiya, you were also a simple person. I look for more grandeur," Orochimaru said smirking at him.

"Think again about what you're doing… Orochimaru…" Jiraiya pleaded.

"Pitiful," Orochimaru threw a kunai at Jiraiya.

Just then another kunai came out of the trees blocking the kunai. Naruto jumped in front of Orochimaru.


Orochimaru gave his annoying chuckle, "Oh, Naruto-kun. What brings you here?"

"I've come to kill you."

He felt someone pulling the back of his shirt.

"No, Naruto. He's just not thinking correctly."

Naruto was amazed, "He just tried to kill you!"

"He's my friend," Jiraiya said.

"Do friends injure their companions? Look at your condition," Naruto said disbelieving that Jiraiya was this thick.

"He's not in his right mind. I can bring him back," Jiraiya insisted.

"No you can't. He's gone Jiraiya. Only a fool would try something like that," Naruto said.

"I don't care what you say. I know he's not your friend. If I'm a fool for trying to bring him back then so be it," Jiraiya told Naruto. The whole conversation brought back memories of when he was younger. Sasuke was different from Orochimaru though.

Orochimaru laughed, "He's right Jiraiya. I've been planning this for the longest time. But, Naruto-kun I don't think that you will be killing me today. That is, if you want to save Jiraiya. You're definitely stronger than me, but you won't have enough time to kill me and save him. We're too far out in the Fire Country. You have to bring him back to Konoha for medical treatment. He's losing too much blood. The choice is yours."

"Too bad we couldn't be better friends Naruto-kun," Orochimaru said. He turned around and jumped onto a tree.

Naruto was about to follow, but he knew that Orochimaru was right. Knowing that killing Orochimaru would take him quite a bit of time he had two choices. Either he kills Orochimaru and save Sarutobi, thus leaving Jiraiya dead or save Jiraiya and let Orochimaru free thus letting Sarutobi die later. Closing his eyes tight in anger and hating the choice he had to make he put Jiraiya on his shoulders and started to travel home as fast as he could.

When he reached the hospital Tsunade was surprised to see that Naruto wasn't on his bed. She was even more surprised to see her partner all bloody and unconscious.

"Tsunade, he's losing too much blood. We have to save him," Naruto said.

Tsunade nodded, "Put him on the stretcher."

About half a dozen medical nins also came to Tsunade's side.

"You have to wait in the waiting room Naruto. I'm sorry."

Naruto nodded.

When Tsunade came back Naruto immediately got up.

"Is he okay?"

"Yeah, he just lost a lot of blood that's all. Nothing major," Tsunade said wiping the sweat off her forehead. She pushed Naruto back on the chair and sat next to him.

"What happened? Who did this to him?" She asked.

"It was Orochimaru," Naruto answered and he could tell that Tsunade was surprised by this news. He didn't know if she would believe him.

It took a moment before Tsunade spoke up, "I've always sensed he would do something like this. When my little brother died he didn't show any remorse. Unlike Jiraiya he looked pleased to see the all the gore. It was unnerving. That's why I was never close to him. Jiraiya and I got along well considering we fight and argue a lot, but I never tried to get close to Orochimaru after that. I've never fought with him or argue with him. I just pretended he doesn't exist."

Just as he was about to say something an ANBU wearing a goat mask came into the hospital.

"Are you Naruto?" He asked.

"Yes, I am," Naruto answered.

"The Hokage requests your presence in his office," the ANBU replied.

Naruto nodded and turned to Tsunade, "I'll come back as soon as I can."

Naruto reached the office and went in.

"Naruto, I'm glad you're okay," Sarutobi said.

"What?" Naruto asked abruptly. He was still mad at Sarutobi's decision.

Sarutobi smiled, "You're angry at me aren't you? Let's hear what you have to say first so that you'll listen to what I've got to say."

"Fine! Why the hell did you let him off KNOWING that he will kill you later!? I haven't even erased your memory yet. You knew he's going to kill you and you still let him survive after seeing the evidence. Damn you Sarutobi! He WILL kill you later. I couldn't kill him because Jiraiya was injured and I had to take him back to the hospital before he bled to death," Naruto was heaving.

"You're correct Naruto. I did know he's going to kill me later. I saw the evidence in the room. He was using shinobis for experiments. After you told me Orochimaru would kill me I linked his strange behavior to the missing shinobis."

He was interrupted by Naruto, "Then why didn't you kill him!?"

Sarutobi turned his chair so that it he was turned away from Naruto, "I raised him when he was a child. I couldn't do it even after knowing what he will become."

"He's going to kill you," Naruto said without any emotions.

"Yes, I know that. When that time comes I'll be gone," Sarutobi said.

"That's it? You're willing to accept your death."

Sarutobi turned his chair around to face Naruto and Naruto was surprised to see a smile on his face, "Yes, but like you said I'll be an old man so it won't be that bad. Quick and easy right?"

"This isn't funny Sarutobi. You know he almost killed Jiraiya right? If I wasn't there he would have."

"How did Jiraiya feel about it?" Sarutobi asked interested.

"Like a fool. He wants to bring Orochimaru back," Naruto clenched his fist.

"Yes, that's exactly like Jiraiya," Sarutobi said.

"You acted like a fool too," Naruto said.

"I did," Sarutobi agreed. "Sometimes I let my emotions get in the way of my thinking. I always cared for everyone."

"But he will kill hundreds of shinobis later on," Naruto argued.

"But, this will lead you to become Hokage and you will save hundreds if not thousands of lives," Sarutobi reminded him.

Naruto shook his head in disagreement.

Sarutobi sensed this. "Fighting again won't get us anywhere."

He let Naruto blow off some steam before continuing, "Let's get to more pressing matters."

"What? You still want me to erase the memory?" Naruto asked angrily.

"I don't think it matters now," Sarutobi answered.

"You called me for something else then?" Naruto asked.

"Yes," Sarutobi said. "We've received a letter from the Hidden Village of Cloud. They want to offer a peace treaty. I need you to accompany me to the neutral territory to meet with the other Kages. I will send a message to my advisors and we can meet there."

He still wanted to talk about Sarutobi's stupidity, but it was apparent that Sarutobi didn't. He was crossing his arms, "Do you think it can be a trick or a trap?"

"It could be," Sarutobi said. "That's why I need you to come along. The other Kages will bring other shinobis to accompany them. It could be a trap."

"What if they decide to attack the village while we're gone?"

"The shinobis here can take care of that. I will call a meeting later on today telling the jounins and chuunins the details. They know to be on full alert when I'm not here. There will be fewer patrols of course. If I don't take you, I'll have to take more shinobis than necessary to accompany me."

Naruto understood. He needed eyes in the village to watch for intruders when he's at this meeting. His strength would mean that Sarutobi would only need one person.

"I understand," Naruto said.

"Good, we're to leave tomorrow morning. Get a good night's rest and I know I don't have to tell you this but, be prepared for anything."


Early the next morning Naruto got up and went to Tsunade's house.

*knock, knock*

Tsunade opened the door. She was already dress in her jounin outfit, "Hey, what's up?" she asked casually.

"Can I ask you a favor?" Naruto asked.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Well, you know that Sarutobi's meeting with the other Kages right?"

She nodded.

"He asked me to go. Since I won't be here I was just wondering if you can watch out for my team in case something happens?" Naruto asked. His first option was Jiraiya, but he was on the stretcher. The only other person he felt comfortable asking was Tsunade and he knew she always wakes up early unless she was drinking the night before.

"Sure, no problem," she answered.

"Thanks. I owe you a ton," Naruto said as he left.

After that he went to Sarutobi's office.

"Ready to go?" Sarutobi asked him. He was wearing his white Hokage outfit, but Naruto knew he was wearing his gear underneath.

Naruto nodded.

"I've already told the chuunins and jounins to be on guard. Also, we'll be traveling by carriage," by Sarutobi's voice Naruto could tell that Sarutobi didn't like the prospect.

"You hate that don't you?" Naruto asked knowing the answer already.

"Yes, it's slow and I would rather go on foot. I've insisted on paying them without doing any work, but they say that a Hokage must go in fashion. I hate being a Hokage sometimes," Sarutobi sighed.

They reached the carriage. It was pearl black and it was so shiny that Naruto couldn't look at it for more than a couple of seconds. The black wooden wheels were so huge that it towered above Naruto and Sarutobi. Pulling the carriages were a dozen black horses with a conductor sitting in a pearl white seat.

Sarutobi sighed, "See, told you didn't I?"

Naruto just shook his head and got inside.

"Where are we meeting?" Naruto asked.

"In a small town in the River Country. They're neutral right now," Sarutobi answered.

Naruto decided to changed the subject, "Do you think the other Kages might do something?"

"I don't think so because the River Country is located at a strategic location for transportation. They have always stated that if there's a ruckus on their land they would block transportation for all parties and no one would be able to get through. But, like I said you never know."


It took them three days to reach the small town of Kasui. He and Sarutobi pass time by discussing various ways of learning and using ninjutsu.

Naruto got out of the carriage and was amazed as he looked at the small town. There were neon lights on every doorframe. Every single house looked like it was a shop for some kind of merchandise whether it be for adult interests, food, or children's toys.

"Because of its location Kasui is a tourist attraction. Every house is a shop," Sarutobi told Naruto. Just then two shinobis jumped beside Sarutobi.

"Naruto, these are my former teammate Homura and Koharu. They're advisors now."

"Don't call us advisors. It makes us look older than you," the Homura said.

"We're still Konoha shinobis," replied Koharu.

"So this is the young shinobi you've been talking about," the Homura asked changing the subject.

"Yes, this is him," Sarutobi answered.

"Rumors been floating around that you got your butt whoop," the Koharu said to Sarutobi. Goddamn rumor flies fast during this time, Naruto thought.

"I didn't lose. It was a tie."

"Are you losing your touch Sarutobi? I think that I might be running for your title soon," the man said while looking at Naruto. Naruto could tell that he was assessing him.

Sarutobi shook his head, "No, he's that strong."

"Interesting, I might have to see for myself."

"You'll lose," Sarutobi said quickly.

"Really?" the man said unconvinced.

"Look, we didn't come here to assess how strong Naruto is. We came here to meet up with the other Kages," Sarutobi said abruptly.

The four went to the biggest building in town. It was located on the northern part of town away from all the stores and other houses. It exterior was blue with a red roof and it had an old Japanese style to it. It reminded Naruto of Sasuke's old house. They opened the door and there was already three Kages each with three or four shinobis behind them. There were water paintings on the wall of all sorts of animals from swans to alligators. The three Kages were kneeling on the floor with pillows underneath them. There was a small table in the middle of the room.

The three lowered their head slightly to Sarutobi when he walked in.

"Glad you can make it Sarutobi," from his symbol on his hat Naruto knew this to be the Raikage.

Sarutobi nodded, "So you've called for this meeting Izanami?"

The Raikage nodded, but he was looking at Naruto. So this is the person who's been thwarting us.

"Yes, but first why don't we introduce our escorts. This is Seiji," he pointed to the small eye shinobi in back of him. Naruto had met him once before. "This is Arisu," he pointed to a young female shinobi. She had emerald green hair and eyes. She was a little young, but Naruto knew better than to underestimate the young. She didn't look mean and as cold hearted as the other shinobis surrounding her. "Lastly this is Mitsuo," and he pointed to the last person behind him, a tall shinobi towering everyone in the room. Naruto could tell he was the silent and obedient type. The other Kages also introduced their companions.

Sarutobi knew why the Raikage wanted the introduction. He wanted Naruto's name. It didn't matter though because he wouldn't get any information considering Naruto comes from the future.

"Sure, this is Naruto," Sarutobi said looking at the Raikage for a reaction. "These two are my teammates Homura and Koharu."

The door opened and a beautiful young lady was balancing a plate on her head. She walked in and placed the plate containing a pot of tea and some cups on the table.

"Might as well get comfortable," the Raikage said. He grabbed a cup and poured each of the shinobi a cup of tea. Every single shinobi observed the Raikage pouring the tea.

The tension in the room rose as no one drank the tea. Naruto knew what was happening. Shinobis do not drink anything when a known enemy is in the room.

"Let's get on with the meeting," Sarutobi said.

"Yes, I want to offer a peace treaty," the Raikage said. The other two Kages turned slightly away from the Raikage as he said this.

"Why the sudden change?" Sarutobi asked.

"If you've been keeping up with the death count you know that both sides have lost a tremendous amount of shinobis. If this continues all four nations would lose too much strength and the smaller nations might begin a movement against us. It is more important to keep the smaller nations in check or every shinobi village might be in a war," the Raikage said.

When Sarutobi didn't say anything the Raikage continued, "The Hidden Village of Cloud will give the Hidden Village of Fire some of our land," the two other Kages snarled. "We will also help pay 20 of the damage to done to the Hidden Village of Leaf."

The Raikage took out a map and drew a new border in the southern most part of the Lightning. "This land will become Konoha's land," he said.

Sarutobi looked at the other two Kages, "And what about you two?"

"I do not agree with the Raikage. The Hidden Village of Rock will not be giving Konoha any of our land nor are we going to help any damage that happened in Konoha," the Kage said.

"We, of the Hidden Village of Sand, are in the same position as the Rock Kage," the Kage said and there was menace in his voice.

"Fine, I'll have to think about this," Sarutobi said and they all left the room.

They four Leaf ninjas found a hotel to stay at to discuss the matter. The room was quiet small. They intentionally got a small room so that they could spend less time checking for audio devices and more time discussing the matter at hand.

"What do you think?" Sarutobi asked.

"I don't know. I don't trust him. He knows that we're in more trouble than he is. I know why he wants a brief stop, but he's offering too much to our side," Sarutobi's partner comment.

"He is right though. If this continues the smaller villages might start rebelling against the five nations. Also remember that one of the five nations isn't involved in this war yet. They might decide to join the fray at the last minute and claim victory for themselves if the other nations are falling apart. This can escalate the war even more," Kohura said.

"What do you think Naruto?" Sarutobi asked already knowing his answer.

"I think you should accept even if it's a dodgy. You said that we're low on shinobis correct? Let's use this time to rebuild Konoha's strength. I know that's what they'll be doing also, since our program is better considering our shinobis are a little bit better, it'll be an advantage for us," Naruto said.

Sarutobi nodded, it was exactly what he was thinking.

"Alright, it's settle then."


The two of them were in a different hotel. The walls were completely black and there wasn't a window in sight. Each was sitting on a chair with a table separating them.

"Do you think they bought it?" Seiji asked the Raikage.

"It doesn't matter. The plan is in motion already," the Raikage answered.

"How did you know the Hokage would bring the blonde?" Seiji asked interested.

The Raikage studied Seiji for a minute, "I know how Sarutobi thinks. He likes to bring the least amount of protection. Sarutobi wants to protect his village more than himself. That's why he brought the blonde."

"But the blonde's as strong as him," Seiji commented.

"Exactly. Sarutobi knew that we would be bringing many shinobis to this meeting. If he didn't decide to bring the blonde he would have needed to bring more shinobis with him, which would mean less people watching the village. Even though the blonde's strong he only has two eyes so therefore it would make sense to only bring him along. This insures his survival and it stops any attack that might happen when he's gone."

"You said that he cares more about the village than himself. Why not just leave the blonde to protect the village and bring just one other guest instead?"

The Raikage shook his head, "Even if he brought someone like 'the White Fang' or a sannin he knows that he might not survive if we decide to attack him. With the blonde's strength it assures his survival."

"But, you just said he cares more about the village than his survival," Seiji said.

"Yes, that's correct. You're thinking about it this in the wrong way. You're thinking that his survival and the protection of the village as two different things when in reality it's actually linked. He cares for his survival, but not in the same way as you and me. He cares for his survival because if he falls the village would be in greater danger than it already is."

"The other Kages don't like it that you didn't inform them of this move," Seiji said calmly changing the subject.

"Who gives a shit about them? They have to follow what we do because it's us who is using the most shinobis against Konoha. If we pull out they'll have to also," the Raikage answered.

"If the plan is successful?" Seiji asked.

"Then I'll just tell the other Kages that it was just a fake treaty and for them to rejoin us so we can crush Konoha," the Raikage answered.

"Do you think they'll rejoin?" Seiji asked.

"They won't be happy, but they'll rejoin. They hate Konoha more than we do," the Raikage answered quietly.

"What about the plan? Do you think it worked?"

"I'm certain it worked. I've put our top stealth shinobis on this mission, excluding you because it would be too obvious if you didn't show up here alongside me," the Raikage said nodding his head to Seiji.

"But if it doesn't work?" Seiji asked.

The Raikage sighed, "If it doesn't work then we'll use the time to rebuild our strength and attack later. I didn't lie in that conference, we have lost quite a few of shinobis. Because we're using the most shinobis against Konoha, we're also the ones who lost the most strength. You already know that Konoha didn't lose as many shinobis when compared to us. The Village of Rock and Sand lost quite a few, but it's still nothing compared to us."

"They'll be rebuilding their strength also," Seiji said.

"Yes, but their training is quite different from ours. They value quality over quantity, not to say that we don't have any quality shinobis. It's just that they have more, there's no denying that. It's partly because of our different training styles. In our training we try to teach the shinobis the basics as fast as possible so that we can have many shinobis at our disposal. We also try to teach as many shinobis as we can with each jounin instructor. In Konoha there are only three genins per jounin instructor. This type of teaching lets them focus more on quality, but it also takes more time and it's a risk. Even when Konoha loses a genin, it's a serious blow because they've invested a lot of time in that genin. For us, losing a genin isn't that big of a deal since they're easily replaceable. If we attack before the quality can shape itself then we'll have the advantage. We cannot let them build up the future generations. So, if this plan fails we have to attack before the next generation rises or we'll be at a disadvantage. But, if this plans succeeds then Konoha would have received a huge blow and we can recommence attack immediately."

"I understand," Seiji said.


The next day they all met in the same room again and signed the treaty.

"Good. I think we should have the celebration in Konoha to celebrate this treaty. What time would be best for you Sarutobi?" the Raikage asked.

"A month to prepare everything," Sarutobi answered.

"Next month it is then. Let us know if you need any help preparing the celebration," the Raikage said.

Sarutobi nodded.

The four Kages shook each other's hand, but before he left the Raikage went up to Naruto.

"Glad to have met you," he said with his hand sticking out for Naruto to shake.

Naruto hesitated, but took it, "Pleasures all mine." He held Naruto's hand for a bit longer than necessary.

"Okay, I guess it's time to go. I'm glad this war is over," the Raikage said.

Naruto and Sarutobi decided to travel back home on foot instead of the carriage while Sarutobi's teammate took the carriage.

"Do you think he'll keep his words?" Naruto asked as they were traveling through the woods.

"I don't know. The Hidden Village of Cloud has lost a lot of shinobis. They've lost the most strength if you're just counting individual villages. They'll be rebuilding of course. Maybe for an attack sometime later," Sarutobi said.

"You don't think this war has ended then?" Naruto asked.

Sarutobi shook his head, "Not with him in charge. He's always wanted to be on top. The Raikage sees Konoha as the strongest out of the five nations."

"But, you said that we have the least amount of shinobis when compared to the other nations. How can he consider Konoha the strongest?" Naruto asked.

"Not military might. The Raikage see us as the strongest because everyone is always forming alliances to take Konoha down. He wants to be the one that everyone's after. He wants to be the one that other nations are forming alliances against. To him that means that's the meaning of the strongest village."

"And the other villages?" Naruto asked.

"It's the same thing," Sarutobi answered. "They're fighting to be the strongest. Right now they see Konoha as the strongest even though we have the fewest shinobis."

It took them two days to reach Konoha. Naruto bid Sarutobi farewell and went home.

When he walked in the door he saw a small piece of paper on top of his kitchen table. He went over to pick it up and it said:

We have your team. You will find us at the Southern most edge of the Cloud Country. A map is on the back of his paper. Come alone and do not tell anyone else or your team will be killed. There will be many shinobis surrounding you when you reach the checkpoint to ensure that you are indeed by yourself. They have been instructed not to attack unlessf they are attacked themselves.

Naruto turned the paper over and a rage unlike anything he felt before started to course through his veins. He grabbed the table and threw it against the wall. It broke into a dozen pieces.

"FUCK!" He punched the wall leaving a huge hole.

After tearing up his place he calmed himself down and began thinking to himself.

Should I tell Sarutobi? No, I can't, Sarutobi will definitely send a team or ANBU with me. This will cause my team to be killed instantly. I have to go alone. It will be a trap, but there's no other choice.