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Megatokyo: Fail Condition

Piroko smiled innocently as she adjusted the ribbon at her throat, her hair safely tied up out of the way by two hair clips. Walking beside her Largo looked about them warily, his boy's uniform looking awkward on the taller reddish brown haired boy.

"Relax," Piroko hissed to him under her breath, "you're going to give us away before we reach our objective."

"Th3r3 is much 3vil h3r3," Largo looked around warily at the crowd of boys and girls that they were trying to blend in with.

Piroko grit her teeth in annoyance. "Come here," she firmly hauled Largo aside from the milling crowd. "What's the objective?" she asked grimly.

"To go rescue the chixor," Largo conceded reluctantly, his unique stalk of hair standing up and to the side.

"And what gets us the high score?" Proko pressed him, looking up at the taller boy with a no nonsense expression.

Largo reluctantly added, "Minimum casualties to NPCs."

"Exactly," Piroko nodded with satisfaction as she said, "so restrain yourself and we may just win this thing."

"AIEEEEE!" a girl cried out in alarm, making both of them jerk in alar,

"Then again," Piroko said as they both bolted down the sidewalk towards the screams, "maybe not."

"Zombies!" Largo roared as they saw the black clad figures swarming over the students, fighting to get to a single girl.

"Get away," the brown haired girl being attacked club a man with her school bag, then surprisingly kneed another painfully.

"You know what I said about restraining yourself?" Piroko said as she drew her pistol from a concealed holster in her school uniform.

"Yes?" Largo asked with a wolfish grin.

"Forget about it," Piroko aimed and fired, dropping a black masked man in a burst of red. Fighting against the tide of fleeing students they reached the enemy even as Largo whipped out a fearsome looking shotgun.

"D13," Largo fired, exploding a foe back and making a gap to reach the target of the attempted kidnapping.

"Thank you," the light brown haired girl blinked, smiling greatfully as Piroko gently helped her up from where one of the attackers had managed to knock her down. She wore the same school uniform as Piroko, but a length of black ribbon had been tied n her long hair.

"No problem," Piroko said calmly as she fired her pistol again, stopping another enemy from closing even as Largo went berzerk nearby, blasting away at the enemy gleefully. She looked around them, a van nearby releasing more of the black clad figures as she frowned, "We've got to get out of here..."

"The school?" the girl suggested, staying close by Piroko's side.

"Better than nothing," Piroko agreed. Raising her voice to be heard over shotgun blasts, "Largo! We're going."

"Right," Largo answered with a smile as he fired one handed into a attacker then hurried to follow them.

"Who are you?" the young woman asked as they hurried through the gates towards the now evacuated building.

"Piroko," she answered as she shouldered the door open, looking down both sides of the hall to see if it was clear, "my partner is Largo."

"Yuriko," the young woman said, giving Piroko a greatful smile.

A faint blush colored Piroko's cheeks, then she shook it off. "Nice to meet you," she answered, "let's hope we can get you out of this."

"I sense 3vil here," Largo frowned as he followed them in.

"The game tips say they can't attack us in the school office or library," Yuriko informed them seriously, "there's power ups there too."

Largo looked at her in surprise, "You're no NPC.,"

Yuriko smiled slightly as they headed down the hall, "Never said I was."

"Heh," Piroko actually found herself smiling in amusement at the faintly disgusted look on Largo's face.

Largo kicked the outer office door open with a single kick, the three hurrying in to search the room. "Ah ha," he declared, finding ammo and food in one of the desks.

"Not the most realistic of scenarios,' Yuriko looked amused.

"True," Piroko collected a share of food and ammo. She looked at the girl curiously and asked, "Are you armed?"

"I'm not alowed to be," Yuriko said with some regret, "my character type can't equip weapons other than items at the school."

"Suxor," Largo said with a frown.

"Well, our job is to get you out of here," Piroko said with a reassuring smile, "and we'll do our best for you."

"Thank you," Yuriko flashed one of those small smiles again.

"We need the high ground," Largo pointed out seriously, "or to get out of this building. The zombies will be coming again soon."

"Zombies?" Yuriko asked.

"Those goons that attacked us," Piroko said briskly. "Let's go," she lead the way out of the office into the hallway, looking about warily.

"This way," Largo led the way to the left.

"Wait, we need to check the map," Piroko said as she followed, Yuri behind her.

"This leads towards the cafeteria...," was all that Yuriko managed to get out before another group of black clad men appeared.

"Bad guy central?" Piroko asked with remarcable calm.

"Yes," Yuri said as the enemy charged.

"Know ph34r," Largo roared as he fired his shotgun, sending one enemy reeling away to block a few others.

"He fights like a maniac," Yuriko swung her book bag to clobber a attacker in the face, "but he's really quite good, isn't he?"

"I wouldn't be fighting beside him if he wasn't," Piroko said as they did a fighting retreat, both she and Largo laying down suppression fire.

Just then another group of men in black appeared to block them off, this time carrying guns too. They raised them to fire, Piroko saw where they were aiming and responded without thinking, shoving Yuriko behind her.

"Piroko!" Yuriko cried out as she was shot.

Seeing her life points spiralling downward Piroko knew she was done as she collapsed to the floor, Yuriko kneeling down beside her. "Why did you...?" Yuriko demanded, looking tearfully into her eyes.

"S'posed to prot'ct," Piroko managed, "sor'y we c'ldn't."

"More coming," Largo growled, "what I wouldn't give for a respawn point." He and Yuriko fought valiantly but in the end there were too many, and finally they were brought down.


Sitting in a apartment in Tokyo a dark purple haired girl frowned at the screen as her character Yuriko died, her expression pensive. "Those two," she murmured, black ribbons entwined in her hair, "I wonder who were they?"

Tracking the IP addresses she found a US location, and a bit more work gave her a rough idea of their online identities. The quirky tall boy seemed to be a real male and almost always played under the name Largo, often in Quake and other first person shooters.

The other operated under Piroko, Pirogeth and other variations, and seemed to be more of a enigma. No gender was listed, no photos, just a character description. She played in Quake like Largo, but also in role playing games and other communities. A recent game she has signed up to was called 'Endgames.'

"Well, Piroko," Miho murmured as she registered a player character for Endgames, "I can't wait to play with you again."


Notes: This is based off a piece of art called Megatokyo: Fail Condition, posted on the Megatokyo site. The idea of them 'failing' came from the title of the pic, and I liked the idea of this being a early encounter with you-know-who.