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Megatokyo meets Nextwave?

"Phear my lack of beer!" Largo declared as he looked around a Tokyo street, trying to find one of those beer vending machines Piro had shown him. It was friday night, his teaching job was done, and he had a need for beer!

"My robot brain needs beer!" a voice declared nearby.

Largo turned, blinking at the robot nearby. His arms seemed to be telescoping outward as he walked, and his eyes were blood red, in a cool way. He certainly didn't look as lame as all the other robots running around Tokyo or with the Tokyo Cataclysm Division. He might even qualify as 1337.

Boo the hampster took one look at the robot and realized he was bad news. "Squeek! Squeek squeek!" he said desperately, perched on Largo's shoulder.

Predictably, Largo ignored him. "There's no beer here," Largo said in disgust. "Do you have some robot sensors that can tell me where the beer is?"

The robot gave him a frowning look. "And why should I do that, fleshy one?" he asked.

"You need a guide to protect you from the threats hidden in this city," Largo said entirely seriously.

The robot looked thoughtful a moment. "My name is Aaron Stack, fleshy," he said as he strode off, trenchcoat flapping, "follow me."

"Yes!" Largo grinned and hurried off.

"Squeek," Boo said mournfully, KNOWING this was gonna be bad...


Monday morning and Piro blinked sleepily at the group of people who had showed up at Megagamers. There was a tall black woman, a orange haired woman with shotguns, a blond chewing bubblegum and a man who looked like he had just finished a bender. Erika had taken one look at them, decided they were Largo's friends and went to lunch, leaving Piro to handle it.

"Largo did WHAT?" Piro asked.

"About a couple million yen in property damage when he and our robot Aaron got into trouble this weekend. You didn't hear it?" Monica asked dryly.

"I thought it was a earthquake," Piro whimpered, wondering if he could get enough money together to get Largo out of jail. Or if he really wanted to.

"They also beat up a giant megadragon attacking the city, so it may all be a wash," the tall English woman noted. She looked Piro up and down, "What is a American like you doing in Japan anyway?"

"Long story," Piro sighed.

To be continued...?

Notes: Just a short piece as the writing juices are not flowing this week. It occurred to me that Largo and Aaron might get along, so...