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Ava walked briskly into the Grand Staircase, hurrying up the steps, almost tripping on a few. As she reached the top she looked over the rail, observing the scene before her. She looked at all the people in horror. Ava took a deep breath, trying to calm herself.

As soon as the initial shock was over, excitement began to wash over Ava. She looked at the railing with renewed interest, admiring the detail and craftsmanship of the woodworkings. Regaining her composure, she slowly descended down the steps, walking outside once more. Fewer people crowded the deck now that the sun had set and an evening chill had set in. Her mind still did not fully realize the situation. She walked in a daze forward, until she was awakened by the cold metal of a railing hitting into her stomach. This seemed to wake her, and she looked around wildly. No one seemed to be around, and she saw the towering 62 foot funnel before her. She then let out a wild screech, running to the funnel and wrapping her arms around as much of it as she could. The cold of the funnel stung her, but she continued to embrace it, jumping up and down while doing so. She ran from the funnel and down a short flight of steps, and to the right, sprinting as fast as possible in a dress to the stern of the ship. Parts of her bun began to free themselves, flying behind her. Another screech emitted from her mouth as she ran to the lower part of the stern deck. She looked at all of the things around her, the cranes, the benches, the funnels and other ship equipment, and let out yet another scream. As she began to calm down, she realized she didn't know what to do next. This had been her dream, what she had always wished to do…. But what she was to do next was a complete and utter confusion. What to do while on Titanic? Soon her body began to discover how cold it truly was. She however climbed the steps to the very end of the stern deck, looking out to the water, 60 feet below her. She giggled drunkenly, dancing around the cranes and light poles. She picked a particular one and grasped it with one hand and began to swing around it madly. She looked up and spotted a large pole reaching to the stars. She screeched as she picked up her dress and ran to it, grinning wildly as she noticed the ratlines. Giddily, she climbed them until she was almost at the top.

"I WIN!" She screamed, throwing one hand out to the wind. As she began to calm down, the night itself quieted. She looked down at the deck fifty feet below her and saw a woman sitting sentimentally on a bench, and behind her was a man. The woman seemed awfully sad, and the man seemed intent on watching the woman be awfully sad. Ava climbed down the rigging, walking to the woman's side.

"Hello." She said, looking down at the redhead. The woman looked up at her, her eyes filled with tears.

"Oh, hello." She said, sniffling a bit.

"May I?" Ava asked, motioning to the bench. The woman nodded. "I'm Ava." She said with a smile. The woman smiled back weakly.

"Rose." She said.

"Nice to meet you, Rose." Ava said, leaning back against the bench. "Dastardly cold, eh?" She asked, trying to make light conversation. Rose nodded.

"Yes, I suppose it is."

"I'd rather be home in Florida, you know?" Ava said. At this, Roses' head lifted.

"Florida?" She asked. Ava nodded.

"Gold 'Ol Florida. I live in West Palm Beach. It's awesome, every winter millions of horses come down to compete, and they're so pretty… I wish I could have one of them." She said, absentmindedly twirling a loose lock of hair around her finger.

"It's warm there?" Rose asked.

"Oh yes of course! 80's, 90's…" She said. Rose's face turned to one of complete shock.

"But everything would burn! 80, 90… Oh dear, Ava, I can't believe you aren't fried now!" Rose exclaimed.

"Fried?" Ava asked. "I only get tan…" She said warily. The man behind them chuckled, walking up to them.

"I believe she means Celsius." He said with a wink. The man had blonde hair and deep blue eyes, which totally swept Ava off her feet, but she could not contain her giggle when she saw his… suspenders. Her giggles ran madly through the ship, causing her to fall off the bench and onto the deck. As Ava regained her composure, she sat back on the bench, then turning to Rose.

"Then about 30 or 40 degrees." She said, still giggling slightly. The man smiled and nodded his head. Soon the two women turned to face the man.

"I'm Ava!" She shouted, smiling wide.

"Rose Dewitt Bukater." Rose said with a polite smile.

"Jack Dawson." The man said, rocking back and forth on his heels.

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