Avatar: The Last Great Rock Band

Clouds rolled by slowly as she looked out the window, knotting her eyebrows further with each progressive snore from her brother in the seat next to her.

I wonder if he ever chokes…

The whole plane ride from New York was dreadfully boring; Katara was forced to sit in her seat, a dead iPod laying on her lap, and an idiot brother Sokka making a most annoying soundtrack from the seat next to her.

Katara looked down at her dead music player and sighed, wishing that she'd remembered to recharge it before they left the apartment earlier that morning. She desperately longed to hear some soothing Sheryl Crow or Evanessence, but forgetting to charge your player before taking a 4 hour flight had some drawbacks.

Katara and her brother Sokka, along with their father Hakoda, were moving to Denver. Hakoda was offered a high paying job at some aerospace company in Colorado, so the decision was made to move to Denver 3 months prior, so the kids could spend their last summer in New York City with their friends and arrive at their new home with 5 days to spare before starting school.

It sucked.

Katara had lived in New York her whole life, and now she had to move to the dead center of the country, leaving her friends, school, neighbors and apartment behind. On top of that, they were moving to the most unpredictable state in the entire United States! She had some online buddies from Colorado and the one thing she heard from them more than anything was that the weather was so erratic there could be record snowfall one week and a drought the next! At least weather in New York was predictable; she had learned to deal with it her whole life.

This sucked.

At least there was one personal perk.

The next thing after weather that Colorado was famous for was the music. All of the greatest musicians and singers had played in venues all over Denver. And on top of them was the coup de grace, Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The greatest venue of them all, only the best music ever made it to the legendary natural Amphitheatre, and she wanted more than anything to go to a concert there.

She felt a slight drop in gravity and heard the bing of the "fasten seat belt" sign, and couldn't help but give a sad grin.

Goodbye New York, hello Denver.

"Hellooooooo Denver!"

An enthusiastic cry rang out over the crowds of the main terminal of Denver International Airport. A few scattered bits of applause sounded in the crowd, but most of the travelers simply walked by, turning their heads toward the ruckus sounding from the small stage set up by the railing.

A single boy sat on a stool. Well, not really a boy, he seemed to be about sixteen, with a tall but spindly figure obvious even while sitting down. He had with him a Yamaha acoustic guitar with a sunburst design resting on his thigh and a small lemur excitedly running around his feet. He was dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans and yellow t-shirt with the name "Beatles" and a submarine printed on the front. He had a white beanie hat on his head and the biggest pair of eyes you've ever seen gleaming eagerly as he spoke.

"My name is Aang, and against the better wishes of the airport, I'm gonna play you a few songs while you're waiting around! Tips aren't required, but appreciated, since I'm flat broke and need gas money to get back home!"

There were some weak laughs at his sad attempt of a joke, but he was a musician, not a comedian!

He then dove into his first song, "Good Riddance" by Green Day. He wasn't particularly fond of the band and their recent image, but their old songs were some of the best he knew.

His fingers flew across the fret board, seamlessly moving between the chords. The soft acoustic rang out around him, gathering more spectators toward the stage.

As he reached the end, he couldn't help but feel joyous. He loved the guitar. Loved the sound, the shape, the feel, and loved to play it. Ever since he first picked one out for his tenth birthday, it was his life. And what's more, he was good at it.

Just as he was starting "More Than Just Words" by Extreme, someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to find a rather large and annoyed looking security guard looming behind him.

"…Well, this can't be good."

Katara and her family were at the baggage claim, waiting for Sokka's Luggage to come out of the turnstile.

"Awwww, come on! What's taking so long!?" Sokka yelled at the large machine.

"Maybe if you yell at it louder, it'll hear you and speed up!" Katara Quipped as she unzipped her bag to check on the contents.

Sokka mumbled something about airport staff and stinkbugs before slumping to the floor, staring intently at the machine with a twitching eye.

Katara turned back to her bag to find her extra iPod Battery, but looked back up when she heard a commotion at the other end of the baggage claim.

A squad of security guards was tromping down the hallway connecting the terminal to the baggage claim, chasing a boy gripping an acoustic guitar and a small Marsupial.


And even odder, he was running right towards her.

She stood up, gripping the bag to her chest. As the boy was passing her, he grabbed the handle of her baggage, lifted it out of her arms, and spun around, flinging the suitcase at the security guards.

The suitcase, which was only partially open, then opened all the way, covering the security guards in her various jeans, shirts, skirts, socks…

And underwear!

Katara watched in horror as her wardrobe fell on the surprised guards as the boy ran away out the doors and onto a waiting bus.

Katara turned to see the boy hanging out the door of the bus, waving a hand goodbye at the guards. "Better luck next time!" hey yelled. Then, he looked straight at Katara, "Thanks, and by the way, Nice Panties!"

Katara's face contorted in rage and a brief blush as the bus pulled away. Then screamed out the doors: "You Jerk!"