Baby videos

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After Luffy was done interrupting his baby videos, it was Zoro's turn.

The camera focused on a tiny baby, trying to lift it's self off the floor.

"Hello Zozo... Hi!" an voice chirped.

Zoro: I don't know those people (shifts eyes)

Sanji: Ugh! It's hideous!

Zoro: Hey! I was cute! Bastard.

The young version of Zoro stood up on it's tiny feet.

"Yes... hello baby. Are you gonna walk?" his mother cooed. Zoro took a couple of steps toward a green haired man. "Dada" he squealed. The green haired man knelt down. "Come here little guy." he said, waiting to catch the chubby baby.

At the last minute, Zoro turned away. And headed for the kitchen. "No! Get away from the knives Zoro!!" his mother yelled.

The baby took three of the butcher knives, held one in each chubby hand, and one in his mouth.

"Zoro, gimme the knives." his father asked. The baby waved a knife, causing his father to leap back. "Woah!" he exclaimed.

The camera shook as Zoro went into the fridge and fished out one of his father's rum bottles. He popped in open and took a swig. "Give it to daddy!!" the green-haired man yelled.

Zoro yet again waved a knife.

The camera blacked out. It returned to focus a little later. "Awe look at him." his mother said, poking his round belly. The tiny baby was sleeping in the crib. "He is so wasted."

The tiny figure burped, and returned to sleep.

Sanji; No wonder you were sent to a Dojo.

Zoro: Shove it, magic eyebrow.