"Suspended like spirits over speeding cars…"

It was nearly dawn; Mori could see just the faintest hint of light at the horizon, just barely creeping up.

They were all together, the Host Club, at the top of a hill that overlooked the city. They'd been there all night; the rest were fast asleep. Honey was snuggled up against him, and the twins were closely entwined together. Haruhi was in between Kyouya and Tamaki, and though she was facing Kyouya (because earlier that night Tamaki had annoyed her, thus causing her to turn her back to him), Tamaki had an arm around her, holding her hand.

Earlier that day- or rather, yesterday- Mori and Honey had graduated from high school. Their party had been a joint one, and members of both of their families came to celebrate, along with the Host Club. As the evening went on, the other guests had left gradually, until it was just the Host Club left. It was then that Tamaki suggested, since it was a beautiful, clear night, that they go stargazing. At first they were going to stay on Honey's property so that there would be chairs for everyone, before Haruhi had said she knew of a better place to stargaze.

And that's how they ended up outside of the city, on this hill. At first, Hikaru and Kaoru had seemed a little put off that they were going to be outside with all sorts of bugs and the only thing to sit on was a blanket, but they'd quickly quieted down when Tamaki had warned them that they might be offending Haruhi. They all had settled down, much in the way that they were positioned presently.

Mori had stayed awake, while everyone else slowly drifted off. He couldn't; so very many thoughts and memories kept coming up, and he'd spent the night reminiscing about the last few years. He thought of growing up with Honey, how proud his family had been when he'd told them of how he wanted to serve Honey in any way he could, of how it felt to enter high school and how impossibly far away graduation seemed. He thought of the Host Club, and how he was sure he'd never meet anyone like them ever again, especially Haruhi.

Somehow, in less than a year, she'd managed to touch them all in very different, but equally important ways. Would she ever fully understand just how special she was? Mori doubted it, but that was all right. Haruhi didn't seem to worry too much about herself, and that was just fine. She would do amazingly in life just the same; that, Mori had no doubt of.

And, he was also sure that, one day, Tamaki would propose to her, and he was equally sure that Haruhi would say yes.

It was merely a matter of time.

Just like it was only a matter of time before he and Honey left for college. They'd be fine together, Mori knew it. It was just a big step, huge even. They were no longer kids. They were becoming adults, and leaving their childhood behind, leaving the Host Club.

But, not yet, most likely not for a while. For now, they were still young and they were all still together.

Mori would remember this night forever.

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