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Chapter warnings: Sexual Language, cursing, mentions of people looking at underage pornography (Not our heroes, but an evil villain)

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"I heard there's a new kid transferring today!" Kiba said as he made a bad attempt at graffiti on the abandoned shed just off of School grounds.

"Great, another snob." Sasuke said, his graffiti signature slightly better.

Konoha academy was a public school in Rosewood Indiana. Indiana, the US state best known for the Colts (US Football stars) and NASCAR racing in the Indie 500. Rosewood, just another well to do community boasting a grand population of 15,000. And Konoha high school was one of the most prestigious public high school in the country. Nearly every graduate was sent off to some renowned educational establishment and made names for themselves. However, like many other prestigious schools and communities, you needed cash to play with the pros. And with cash, usually came pompous whiney pedigree children and trophy spouses.

"When do you think he'll come?" Sasuke asked, putting his spray cans in the shed as Kiba stared off into the distance, turning to Kiba Sasuke narrowed his eyes and followed his stare.

Sasuke froze, breath caught in his throat. Racing across the street was a boy… A beautiful boy, no the perfect UKE. Shoulder length curly pale blond hair was tied back in a loose ponytail at the nape of his neck. Honey colored skin, innocent large blue eyes, plump cherry lips, a delicate upturned nose, high cheek bones. A thin effeminate body; delicate bone structure, small, but visible muscles, long shapely legs, thin narrow shoulders and delicate hands. He stood about 5'7", very small compared to Sasuke's lanky 6'6". He wore a black wife beater and faded blue jean shorts with many holes, and diesel grease stains. He also wore worn white sneakers.

The boy was running at a neck breaking speed, surely a track star would be put to shame. A red backpack was being dragged along in his right hand. "He's fucking hot!" Kiba nearly screamed, Sasuke nodded in agreement. Kiba was Bi, while Sasuke was gay. It was so troublesome to be so, but one's sexual preference couldn't be denied. Not that the girls had given up on 'converting' Sasuke.

Along with being the resident prankster Sasuke was also a to die for hottie. Shoulder length wavy black hair, doe colored eyes, creamy pale skin, and aristocratic visage, broad shoulders, slim waist and an overall care free appearance. He wore a loose open white dress shirt over a white wife beater, baggy black jeans and worn combat boots. He was tall and lanky. He was every girl's dream boy.

Sasuke's second in pranking, Kiba, was hot in a more rough way. Kiba stood 6'4", with shoulder length brown dreads, pale skin, oriental eyes and a lot of muscle. He had broad shoulders, large hands and a six pack. He wore a black wife beater under a brown hoodie with a golden dragon on back, green, brown and black camouflage pants, worn black combat boots. Kiba was currently dating the student council's Vice President's cousin and the student council Secretary and Student Newspaper editor herself, Hinata Hyuga.

Hinata's life was sort of a sob story. Her mother had been secretly fucking her Uncle (Neji's dad) and both had like the fabled Romeo and Juliet committed suicide, when Hiashi Hyuga, Hinata's dad, refused a divorce. Neji didn't blame his Uncle, however he misdirected his anger at Hanabi the product of his father's secret relationship with his Aunt. Hinata forced between her cousin and half sister suffered the disdain of her cousin, but she also faced his over protective nature born of family pride. Luckily he approved of Kiba, but barely. Mainly because it was Kiba's association with Sasuke, a boy Neji secretly admired (A/N: Neji does NOT love Sasuke, he just admires him).

The boy quickly sped to the Principal's office and threw the door open, just as the ground keeper found Sasuke and Kiba frozen right next to the desecrated shack. "Ah, Shit!" Both boys yelled when they felt a pair of callused hands fall onto their shoulders.

"So I caught you because you were eyeing some pretty boy. You fags are pathetic." Said the obese and volatile red headed man.

"Takes one to know one." Kiba said.

"I'm no bloody fag." The keeper hollered.

"Did you just call him a 'pretty boy'?" Sasuke said lifting a shapely eyebrow. "And don't tell me I didn't see you reading the underage boy porn you keep in your trousers. Don't forget the extra pair of pants in your office. You know it's criminal to be looking a child pornography?" The man began to panic as Sasuke continued. "We won't tell if you don't tell about our extra curricular activities." The man nodded dumbly and left them.

"So where next?" Kiba said placing his spray paint in the shed.

"School." Sasuke said rolling his eyes.

Rock Climbing – 3:00 pm

"Steady, steady," Kiba called to the girl he was supervising. "God these little punks are such idiots. They wouldn't know the difference between a key chain clip and a biner."

"Don't they make those into key-chains now?" Sasuke said from where he sat on the bleachers avoiding the whiney girls that were trying to get his attention. The only reason they had signed up was because Sasuke was a TA. Sakura Haruno, the 19 year old failure was the worse. She was currently in detention for walking into the boy's locker room looking for a 'naked' Sasuke.

"Yeah, but they're not for actually climbing. Heard this dist used one and died. Fucking moron." Kiba said. Sasuke stretched his arms and cracked his neck, while he yawned.

"So feel like going to Ichiruka Ramen Bar?" Sasuke asked. Sasuke had a thing for ramen and it came to a point that his friends refused to go with him more than once a week. It was a pact made to keep Sasuke sane and healthy.

"You already had your day, Sasuke." Sasuke pouted adorably, "Remember we wanted to visit the new restaurant Culture Cuisine? They have this five star chief from Chicago and—"

"I know, I know, but I want RAMEN!" Sasuke cried, but stopped when he saw the hot Newbie come in. Sasuke had discovered he had several classes with the new boy and had time to examine him. However, he had yet to speak with the new boy and desperately wanted to do so. The new boy hardly spoke beyond cursing when the girls poked fun at his UKENESS! He remembered with a sense of satisfaction and almost humor when the new boy … Naruto cursed out Sakura. The poor rich girl had never heard so many negative adjectives in her entire life. Not that she could keep up with quick thinking smooth talking newbie.


"You know you look like a girl, freak." Sakura said.

"Well compared to you, I'd say I definitely do." Naruto said.

"Huh?" After a moment, "What the fuck you little runt."

"Better be a runt than a self-righteous pink poodle."

"Why you little bastard." Sakura screeched raising her fist to hit him.

"Better a bastard than a hormone-driven bitch, who just dying to get a dick shoved up her ass."

"What, you what to be the one?"

"Naw, I'm not signing up for STDS."

"I'm going to kill you!"


The new boy walked in wearing the school gym uniform, showing a seductive expanse of his tanned thighs. Both Kiba and Sasuke gawked when they realized it was a GIRL'S uniform. Then they heard the boy mutter "God damn long hair and creepy green leotard men who think I'm a fucking girl." Both could barely hold back their laughter, finally Kiba burst out laughing. Hearing this a scowl crossed the boy's face. "God damn dog boy and pretty boy."

"Who you calling pretty boy?" Kiba demanded.

"Not you." Naruto answered.

Several moments passed as Sasuke's cheeks flushed slightly and he eyed Naruto. Naruto was definitely eye candy. And then "God damn it I'm not dog boy."

"After you say you're sorry about laughing, then I'll stop calling you dog boy."

"Never." Kiba said.

"Well then dog boy it is."

Kiba growled and then stuck out his hand "Kiba Inuzuka."

"Naruto Uzumaki. Dog boy. Pretty boy?" Naruto asked.

Sasuke cleared his throat and then got a wicked idea, he grasped Naruto's hand "Sasuke Uchiha." Then leaning over so his hot breath tickled the skin on Naruto's neck he said seductively "But you can call me SEME… little UKE." Naruto flushed bright red and Sasuke was so closed to jumping the poor adorable blond when—

"AAAAAAHHHH!" The girl Kiba was supposed to be monitoring slipped and Kiba barely managed to save her from a horrible doom as he caught the safety line. There girl just hung there, swinging back and forth too shocked to do anything, but stare off in space as the class looked silently on. Her left hand was bleeding badly and she was deathly pale.

Suddenly Naruto called up to her "Did you have any life changing flash backs on the way down?" The girl nodded dumbly and everyone chuckled. Naruto pulled away from Sasuke and kept talking to her as she was lowered to the ground, making her giggle occasionally. Sasuke's blood boiled, he wanted his little cutie to pay attention to him not some butt ugly girl.

In reality Naruto was just trying to calm the girl down having experiences with traumatized people. It was a second nature to him. The girl was lowered to the ground and Naruto accompanied her to the nurse's office. As soon as Naruto was gone, the class broke out into whispers 'who was he?' 'He's cute'. Meanwhile Gai was having a very interesting conversation with Lee. "Now that's something new. The boy, who just led Samantha to the nurse's office must have had some medic training. Sam was clearly going into shock and he talked her out of it. Very strange. His YOUTHFUL FLAMES must BURN brightly." Gai said to his protocopy. Lee just nodded. Meanwhile Neji, Lee's friend overheard this and smiled, 'now this was something interesting.'

Culture Cuisine – 5:30

"Come back here NAR-RU-TO!" Genma screamed running after the laughing boy wearing a chief's hat. The restaurant hadn't opened for the day, but already the head cook was running from his supervisor. Genma sported a broken tooth pick in his mouth courtesy of Naruto. He had launched a dinning knife at Genma and with his 'mad skills' cut off the end and implanted the knife permanently in the wall. Genma was the co-owner of Culture Cuisine, Raidou being his partner.

"What am I suppose to do with fucking knife in the wall." Genma screamed as he stopped to pant.

"Dunno… hang a picture? How about a family photo?"

"When I'm through with you'll never have family!" Genma screamed taking up the chase again as Kakashi, Naruto's neighbor and family friend watched amusement evident in his one eye.

"That's okay, I'm gay." Naruto said disappearing into the kitchen again. The bus boys shook their heads and went to wipe off the foot prints on the tables. Genma charged in after him. Suddenly Genma came face to face with Naruto, who now sat upside down on a pantry shelf. Genma blushed scarlet at the close approximately of Naruto's luscious cherry lips. "Oh, look Genma-sempai thinks little Naruto-Kohai is cute." Naruto said in a girly voice, batting his eyelashes.

"Down sexy is more like." Genma said without realizing it. When he did he coughed and excused himself now as bright as a tomato leaving Naruto blinking owlishly. This happened twice. God damn it! First that pretty boy… Sasuke and now Genma-sempai was flirting or in Genma's case thinking out loud. Goddamn it. I really must be a good looking UKE type person to catch first the school hottie and second my boss's attention.

Naruto still blinking went back to work.

Two HOURS later

"God damn it! Who FUCKING ordered RAMEN at a restaurant with a 5-star cook! This is an insult." Was heard throughout the restaurant, luckily the dinners had a great sense of humor and those who didn't were in favor of blaming the customer, who dare insult the renowned chief 'Fish Sauce'. Genma ran into the Dinning room to guess whose table?

Turning to a finely dressed Sasuke, Kiba, Hinata, Chouji and Shikamaru Genma begged "I'm sorry I'm going to have to ask you to leave and never come back. Leave if you want to survive! We're barely holding him and his butcher knife back." Sasuke gulped.

"What kind of establishment is this?" Kiba growled.

"One with the highly praised chief called 'Fish Sauce', who just happens to be a hormonal teenage boy with temper problem and fine ass. Now please leave!" Genma said frantically. He didn't register the very curious expressions on Chouji, Shikamaru and Hinata's faces. Nor did he register the look of pure terror on Sasuke's and malicious intent on Kiba's. Instead Genma ran back to the kitchen as a strangled scream was heard.

As soon as he was gone Kiba grabbed Sasuke by the ear and dragged him towards the kitchen. "What are you doing?" Sasuke asked his voice raising an octave in his fright. "Are you trying to kill me?"

"No, but you're going to apologize to the nice chief."

"You mean monster. How can anyone think something as refined as ramen to be an insult?" Sasuke asked looking pleadingly at Kiba and the others, but they ignored him as Kiba dragged him to the kitchen and the others followed in their wake. "Help me someone!!!!!"

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