Hellooooooooo! This just a little it of info on how I got into Farscape etc. and how the story will develop. My dad was the one who got me hooked to Farscape. We used to always watch Star Trek together, so this was just like the old days. I remember immediately my fascination with Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan. She was elegant, beautiful, humble, and yet in all of this she was extremely powerful. I loved her all at once.

This is a story of a girl that meets Zhaan after she dies saving Moya and crew. They are on the planet 4 years after her death. I plan to write a prequel to this explaining in a more detailed matter of how this came to be.

I have written 20+ pages of this story in a composition book, so expect this to a long FF! I'm not even done writing it yet!! I hope you like it; this is my first Farscape fan fic. Please review!

Note: You may need a little bit of background with Farscape to understand this.