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Lae stopped and looked up at the balconies that lined the sides of the tree. The largest and most ornamented was empty. Lae smiled. Good, she thought, it's about time I had some quality time to focus on Seek. After the changing (Lae's special way of referring to her species change)Lae became a priestess (a Pa'u) of the Delvian religion, known as the Seek. They worshiped the Goddess and it requires one to be at peace with everything around you and in tune with nature. This explains why there are no closed doors to the outside, only open spaces. Anyway, the better you did this, and the more you did it determined your level, or plane. As you achieved these levels you gained mental and metaphysical abilities. Lae was only of the 3rd level; however, Zhaan was of the 12th and had demonstrated some abilities no foe would want to recon with. She could share pain with the one who was suffering from it, move things with her mind, attack peoples minds, and many more. At one point in her life she saved her friend from dying, and in doing so, became very weak. After that, the ship she was on got itself into a pinch and just as all was lost, she saved everyone, but in doing so, had to give up her life. That was how she ended up on Earth. That's how this entire mess started.

Now, Lae, when did I ever teach you to be so negative? You must always look on the bright side of things. Zhaan commented into Lae's mind.

Yes Zhaan. Lae countered. Zhaan had been through a lot, and it was best to listen to her.

Because of the time Lae and Zhaan had spent together, and the fact that half of Lae's soul was in reality Zhaan's, the mental bond between the two was very, very, great. It was like Earthen steel. Lae never entered Zhaan's mind though. She never would. Zhaan had had an extremely hard past and Lae thought it best to let Zhaan's thoughts alone.

She asked Zhaan about her past once. Zhaan had grown up on Delvia, the Delvian home planet, and her lover was a male named Bitaal. He was a political leader and when he let the Peacekeepers (a communist group bent on controlling the galaxy) take over and destroy Delvia, she killed him in during Unity, an extremely sexual act when the minds mesh and the bodies become one. She was imprisoned for many years and got separated from the Goddess. After a while she embraced religion again but it is known that Zhaan still has a darker side that rarely pushes itself outward.

Lae made her way across the floor of her home and up the spiral stairs to the balcony. She walked around the corner and jumped to find Zhaan sitting cross-legged on the floor. Zhaan didn't normally like to be disturbed when meditating.

"Excuse me, Pa'u, I didn't mean to intrude! I will let you alone…" Lae stammered in hopes of being forgiven.

Zhaan was beautiful. If she looked a little more human and had some hair she could have been a model. Her blue skin was free of blemishes and the yellow vein-like swirls on her scalp shone like gold in the sunlight. Her hands (at the moment with pointer finger and thumb together in a meditation position) were scarred and rough, but when they touched you it was a touch of compassion and care. The robes that hung off her body pooled out in a sea of tan and earthy colors. She smiled slightly.

"No." Zhaan said softly and reassuringly, "When I was correcting your negativity I noticed you were planning to come here. I seized the opportunity to come and have another lesson with you." Zhaan put her hands down and turned her head towards Lae. "Come, sit."

Lae bowed and sat by her adoptive mother.

Authors note: Next chapter will be longer and a bit more exciting. Remember, this is just the beginning!