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I'll Remember You

"I'll come back for you later!" a gruff yet smooth voice said in her dreams.

"Still want to go to the dance with me, Jade?" a higher pitched voice asked.

"Jade! Stay here! It's too dangerous!" she distinctly heard her uncle Jackie's voice.

"What's too dangerous?" she asked him. Her voice sounded strange to her. Like she was under water.

"You can't have both." he told her again. "If you don't choose, you can't have either."

"Who?" Jade asked. She saw two male figures standing on either side of her. Their backs were turned to her so she couldn't tell who they were. On her right, she saw one of the guys' tails swishing slowly back and forth. His trench coat swayed a little in the wind that she couldn't feel. On her left, another tail was swishing, but this guy had his large bat-like wings unfurled. Without actually walking, they started moving farther and farther away from her. She tried to move, but her feet were planted in the ground, literally! She started sinking as the earth swallowed her. "Wait! Help me! Uncle Jackie! Who do I choose?" she called out. The figures looked over their shoulders at her but all she saw were their glowing red eyes.

"Say good-bye, Jade." the one on the right told her. Man, his voice was so familiar to her. why couldn't she say his name?

"My name is Seymour Wujahoozits." the other voice said. Where had she heard that name before? They kept moving away from her and she kept sinking.

"HELP ME! HELP! UNCLE JACKIE! HELP MEEE!" she screamed as she finally sank below the earth.

Jade Chan yelped as she woke up in a cold sweat. Her sky blue tank top was much darker now that it was wet with her perspiration. Her chest heaved as she tried to calm her breathing down.

'Not again!' she thought to herself. This was the, what, millionth time that she had this dream? Okay, not millionth, but she had been having the same dream for the good part of about two months. It showed too. Her grades had been slowly declining and she kept falling asleep in class to make up for all the time she lost at night. It got so bad that she had to pay her best friends to take notes for her to copy and to copy their homework. At that second, Jackie came barging into her room. He saw her hugging her knees to her chest and knew what was wrong.

"Jade? Are you alright?" he asked her gently as he sat down next to her, placing a comforting arm around her.

"No! No, Uncle Jackie, I'm not! It's been two months! Why can't I stop dreaming this--this..." she broke down and began crying. Jackie pulled her to him and he wrapped his arms around her. She had definitely changed over the years. Now, she was seventeen years old and a junior in high school. Until these dreams came to her, she was at the top of her class and well on her way to becoming the head agent of Section 13 like she and Captain Black wanted. He wished there was something he could do for her. If there was any way for him to help her not have the dreams, he would do it in a second, but there wasn't. Jade let him and Uncle and Tohru try everything. Old home remedies, warm milk, prescription medicine(against Uncle's wishes), everything. Nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch. The dreams still came and she couldn't explain it. Well, that wasn't true, they hadn't tried actually letting someone talk to her about it. It was the only logical choice left.

"Jade?" he asked quietly. She sniffled and raised her head to him. He looked into her eyes and saw the tears glistening. "Why don't we have you talk to someone about this? Tomorrow?"

"You mean...You want me to see a shrink?" she asked her voice cracking on every other word.

"Yes, someone here in Section 13. Maybe if you just talk about whatever's been bothering you, it'll help you sleep. What do you think? If you don't want to, I won't make you." he told her.

"Okay." she nodded and Jackie hugged her again. She gave a deep sigh of relief, happy to know that her family hadn't given up on her yet. "I think I'll try going to sleep again." she told him.

"Are you sure?" he asked. she nodded and gave him a small smile. Even though he knew it was fake, he could still see a glimmer of the old Jade in it. A time not that long ago when Jade was disobeying him left and right just so she could help him fight the bad guys. "I'll see you in the morning." he told her and went back to his room, closing her door behind him.

Jade took a deep breath then got up and sat at her desk. She opened one of the drawers and pulled out a spiral notebook she had been keeping for two months, when the dreams started. She opened it up to the page she wrote in last night. She wrote in the date then turned to her clock. 2:30 am. 'Great.' she thought. She began writing again. Her dream was about the two demons that really impacted her life: Drago and Hsi Wu. In her dream she couldn't figure out it was them until she woke up. Then, it was bloody obvious. Who else did she know from her life had tails, wings, and wore trench coats?

Over the years, as it became painfully quiet and unrelentlessly boring what with all the majorly cool criminals gone, she found she had a lot of time to think about her past, especially about two demons from the same family that had both stolen her heart at one time or another. Hsi Wu turned into the only kid that would listen to her stories and believed her, whereas Drago, well, he saw the way he treated her future self six years ago(although if you want to get technical, three years ago). What he had said to her, how he said it, if they didn't spell out relationship she didn't know what did. And the way he acted around her, like he was trying to impress her, even though half the time he was her on how short she was. He acted just like the other boys did at school. They were man enough to prove how tough they were by beating each other, physically or at sports, but when it came down to telling a girl they liked how they really felt, nothing. The best she had seen was a lot of teasing and senseless pranks. At first she didn't really think that Drago was capable of such feelings, but when she added everything together, what else could it have been?

Thinking that her current situation was very reminiscent to that of a bad soap opera she could hear a slow piano intro in her head:
It has been so long
Since we have talked
I hope that things are still the same
Hoping they will never change
Cuz what we had
Can't be replaced
Don't let our memories fade away
Keep me in your heart for always

You made me believe
I can do almost anything
Stood right by me
Through the tears through everything

I'll remember you
(she dug into her drawer and pulled out another spiral)
And baby that's forever true
(she turned the pages until she found the drawings of Drago)
You're the one that I'll always miss
Never thought it would feel like this
I'll be there for you
No matter what you're goin' through
In my heart you'll always be
Forever baby
I'll remember you

I promise you I won't forget
The times we shared
The tears we cried
You'll always be the sun in the sky
(she flipped through more pages until she saw Hsi Wu)
It may be fate that brings us back
To meet again someday
Even though we go separate ways

You made me believe
That I can do almost anything
You stood right by me
Through the tears through everything

I'll remember you(she got up from her desk and walked to her full-length mirror)
And baby that's forever true
You're the one that I'll always miss
(the faces of Drago and Hsi Wu appeared next to hers)
Never thought it would feel like this
I'll be there for you
No matter what you're goin' through
In my heart you'll always be
Forever baby
I'll remember you

If the day should come when you need someone(she walked to the center of her room)

You know that I'll follow(she did a compass turn)
I will be there
(she extended her arms out, grabbed the air, pulled them to her heart)
Don't ever let there be a doubt in your mind
(she placed her hands on her head)
Cuz I'll remember you
(she did a double pirouette turn)
(she pointed to the spiral on her desk)

I'll remember you(she turned and did a right jete to her bed)

And baby that's forever true(she turned and did a right chasse and two right chaines)
You're the one that I'll always miss
(she bent over and came back up, hugging herself)
Never thought it would feel like this
(she stood as she was and shook her head)
I'll be there for you
(she dropped to her knees and clasped her hands together)
No matter what you're goin' through
(she threw her hands to her side and stood up)
In my heart you'll always be
(she placed her hands over her heart)
Forever baby
(she grabbed the spiral off her desk)
I'll remember you
(she flipped through the pages)

Forever baby (she stared at a drawing of Drago and Hsi Wu standing side by side)
I'll remember you
(she hugged the picture to her chest)

On two completely opposite ends of town, something was happening because of two reasons: One was because the figures that were being released had been waiting for years and had been hoping and praying with all their hearts(even though many would argue that they didn't have any). Two was because Jade Chan had just turned seventeen that night and had been dreaming and hoping and praying with all her heart that she could see them again and make her choice before they were both lost forever. A large fiery portal opened up in a very infamous junkyard, on the other side of town, another portal began to open above the water tower. None of the civilians ever knew of what came out of those portals.

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