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Life's Strange Turns – Chapter 5

To Shego, it felt weird to be on this side of the battle. Mad scientist ranting and raving with his newest doomday weapon or plot, hero trying to stop them, normally she would have been on the villain's side, drawing a paycheck. Now, she was the one trying to stop them. She had done it before, with her idiotic brothers, but it seemed different this time. Before, she hadn't had much of a choice, her brother had drafted her after the comet hit, and after it had all gone to hell she'd just walked away. This time, she chose to jump in as the hero, though the pay was a hell of a lot better this time around. Still, it felt strange to be doing it at all when she could have been sunning herself on a beach somewhere, enjoying the spoils of her years of work.

But what she had told Kim had been the truth. She was tired of the running, the hiding. She had fought a half dozen bounty hunters the last year alone, and she had no idea how they had tracked her down in the first place. Especially since Global Justice and Kimmie's nerdlinger hadn't found a trace of her. She half suspected some villain or other was tipping them off to her, forcing her to come back and work for one of them. It was the only thing that made sense to her.

That's why she had thrown the huge curveball she had, making a deal with Global Justice and getting paired up with Kim. No one messed with Kim Possible, not if they knew what was good for them. It gave Shego a measure of comfort she wouldn't have had on her own. Of course, that meant she also had to find some way to put up with the annoying redhead to make it work.

Shego was drawn out of her thoughts when she saw the door open, disgorging over a dozen synthodrones. They quickly dog piled on top of Kim, burying her under their weight. Her eyes widened when she saw Dementor aiming the death ray at the now helpless Kim and knew she had to do something. If nothing else, having Possible bite it on the first mission would look bad, bad enough to revoke her status and deal and put her on the run, probably with twice the agents and bounty hunters after her.

Shego glanced around at her remaining opponents, about four in total, and knew she was going to take a hit to do what she needed to do. Bracing herself, Shego fired off a bolt of plasma just as Dementor pushed the button. Her blast caught the barrel of the device, knocking it off it's intended course by just a couple of feet. The beam that fired missed Kim, but took out two of the synthodrones that had been holding her down, freeing one of her arms.

It did leave her open as she suspected though. Henchmen number three had enough time to bury one of his meaty fists right into her stomach before she could recover, driving the air from her lungs. It was worth it though to see the look of complete shock on Kim's face though when the hero picked herself up, launching synthodrones off of her.

Dementor wasn't all that happy either, his eyes locked on the sparking barrel of his death ray. "Verdammit device... blast that Shego, she has RUINED EVERYTING!"

Shego didn't have too much time to enjoy it, as henchmen two and three were taking turns hitting her now, not giving her a chance to recover. Four was cocking back his fist, just wait for a clear shot, smirking down at her all the while. Shego glared back in response, daring him.

And just as he took her up on that dare, a pair of synthodrones slammed into him, knocking him into the wall. Before the others could react, Kim was among them, dispatching them with a speed even Shego found impressive.

Shego was still breathing heavily when Kim knelt down beside her, checking her over with concern. "Shego, are you all right?"

Shego groaned as she picked herself up off the floor with Kim's help. "Yeah Princess, just fine." Shego kicked out quickly, hitting the downed henchman who had hit her in the first place. "Now I'm even better."

Kim let Shego go when she was sure the older woman could stand on her own. "You... you saved me."

Shego just smirked. "Don't think too much of it Princess. I would have had to go on the run again if you had bit it this early in the relationship."

Kim glared briefly, but couldn't hold it, instead turning her attention to the diminutive villain. "All right Dementor, the game is over."

"I think not Kim Possible, not vhen I still have my trusty ESCAPE PACK!" Before Kim or Shego could react, Dementor pressed a button on his belt. The villain was quickly encased in some type of capsule that surrounded him, something that reminded Kim a bit of the Centurian Project from years ago, maybe with a cross of the Hephaestus Project of her Dad's. With Dementor's laughter echoing, he fired off the jets and took off into the sky through the roof, leaving Kim and Shego scrambling for cover before pieces of the ceiling could crush them.

As the last of the roof settled, Kim looked up through the hole, trying to see if she could see Dementor. She hit her Kimmunicator quickly, hoping that she wasn't too late. "Wade, Dementor just pulled an escape here, blew through the ceiling and took off. Any chance you can track him?"

Wade's fingers flew furiously across the keyboard, but the look on his face did not bode well. "Sorry Kim, but I can't find him. Whatever he's using, he's evading motion sensors, heat sensors, everything I can point in your direction."

Kim winced, glancing up once more. "All right Wade, thanks anyways. Let's see if we can try and figure out his next plan ahead of time."

Shego grabbed one of the henchmen by the scruff of his uniform, lifting him somewhat off the floor. "Who needs to guess, we got a great source of information right here." Shego flexed the claws on her glove in front of his semi-conscious face.

Kim reached out and grabbed Shego's wrist. "What do you think you're doing?"

Shego's expression bore only irritation at the delay. "What does it look like, I'm going to interrogate this guy."

"No, it looks like you're going to torture him."

"Torture, interrogate, tomato, tomahto," now Shego had a wicked grin on her face, "it's all the same thing, isn't that right?" Shego shook the henchman by the collar, eliciting a groan. "You get employed through Henchco, right? You guys still have that great dental plan, don't you? See, I can rough him up and he'll just get treated for it when he gets out of jail."

Kim let go of Shego's wrist, but only to cross her arms in front of her and glare. "Shego, the police or Global Justice will conduct the interrogation and give us the information we need."

Shego stood up to meet Kim's glare directly, still clutching the hapless henchman in her grip. "We COULD do that Princess, but then Dementor will get away and maybe hurt someone else. No skin off my nose, I get paid either way, but I thought YOU were a hero." Shego could read the small worry about that on Kim's face and pushed on with a grin. "What if I promise not to leave a single mark on him. Can I have some fun then boss? Can I?"

Kim growled, but relented somewhat. "Fine, ask him questions, even though I doubt Dementor would have let the henchmen know what he was planning. But I DON'T want you hurting him. Is that clear?"

Shego snapped to attention, saluting Kim and dragging the henchman somewhat. "Sir, yes SIR! No hurting the meatbag SIR!" With a cocky grin, Shego dragged the henchman off to the side, letting him drop to the floor.

Kim watched her new partner closely as she crossed her hands behind her back, only leaning forward so that she could talk quietly to the man. It only took a few seconds, but Kim saw the man's face turn pale white, his eyes wide with panic. Kim was about to intervene when the henchman's confession began. "I'll tell you everything, just not... I swear. He said the backup target was in Chicago, but that's ALL I know. Please... please don't hurt me."

Shego left the man to huddle into the fetal position, a self-satisfied grin on her face. "See, wasn't hard at all and I didn't even have to touch him. Now isn't that a much faster way to do business."

Kim's attention kept shifting between the man on the floor and Shego. "What did you say to him?"

Shego shrugged, her grin growing wider. "I just told him a little bit of a story. Poor boy, he doesn't handle scary stories very well, does he?"

"We'll deal with this later." Kim activated her Kimmunicator again, signalling Wade. "Wade, Shego just got a possible location for where Dementor might go. Any chance you can trace a similar device as this one in Chicago?"

Wade nodded once, diverting his attention. "Just give me a moment Kim, this might take a few... got it. University of Chicago, physics department."

"All right Wade, we're on our way there. And get Ron and Michelle out there as well. Dementor's playing with synthodrones now and we could use the help to make sure he doesn't get away again."

Wade nodded sharply, already alerting the other half of Team Possible. "Done and done. Good luck Kim."

"Thanks Wade," Kim glanced back at her partner, who was polishing her claws on the sleeve of her outfit, "I think I'm going to need it."


"So KP... are you sure you're all right?"

Kim sighed as she caught Ron's image on the Kimmunicator's screen. They were both still a couple hours out from Chicago and she thought it might be the best way to spend time. Of course, she hadn't thought about the fact that Shego was riding right in front of her and could hear every word at the time. "I'm fine Ron, Shego got hurt more than I did."

"Gonna tell Stoppable I got hurt saving your butt Princess?"

Kim could hear the amused tone in the former villain's voice, and so could Ron and Michelle over the Kimmunicator. "Uhh... did Shego just say..."

"Yes, she did." Kim gave an exasperated sigh, glancing up at Shego briefly before turning to Ron. "Dementor had me dead to rights and Shego... saved me. Ended up taking a few hits to do it too."

"More than welcome Pumpkin, all part of the job. Gotta save the boss whenever she messes up."

Kim glared at the back of Shego's head. "You're enjoying this just a little too much."


Kim decided to ignore Shego, returning all her attention to Ron. "Anyways, we don't know how many more synthodrones Dementor has or what his overall plan is. That's why I had Wade call you in as well."

Ron nodded quickly, looking over the instruments. "We should be there a little bit before you. But how do you know Dementor won't have been there already if you're sure this is where he's going?"

"It's going to take him time to get more of his synthodrones. We destroyed all the ones in LA and captured all his henchmen. He's not going to do this by himself."

"All right then KP, guess we'll just have to see when we get there.


"Blast." Professor Dementor cursed as the synthodrone dropped his equipment a second time. "That is sensitive equipment and I VILL NOT HAVE YOU RUIN IT!"

"Aww, your new friends not working out for you?"

Dementor whirled in place, his eyes wide as he took in the sight of Kim Possible and Shego, as well as Ron Stoppable and a woman he couldn't identify. "Vhat? How did you be finding me here?"

Kim smirked in response. "A little birdie told us. A jail birdie."

Dementor looked on in confusion. "Jail birdie? Vhat is this jail birdie?"

Shego was smirking as well, but at Kim. "What did I tell you, avoid the humour. You're no good at it. At least the buffoon has his moments."

Michelle spun quickly, stepping right up to Shego. "What the hell did I tell you about calling my fiancée a buffoon?"

Kim raised her hands quickly in frustration. "Guys, can we please pay attention to the villain and his synthodrones."

"Yes, you should pay attention to me." Dementor turned, smiling at his force of two dozen synthodrones. "Synthodrones..." Twin flashes of green shot out, followed by two more. Before Dementor even realized what had happened, four of his synthodrones were spilling their fluid all over the floor. "Vhat happened?"

Shego stood ready, her hands flaring. "Just thought I'd even up the odds a bit before the fun starts."

Dementor growled. "ATTACK!"


The remaining synthodrones moved forward quickly, dropping whatever equipment they might have been holding. Shego just grinned as she waded into the mass. "Now the party's getting interesting." The synthodrone in front of her popped like a balloon and Shego moved on to the next one.

But the injuries she had taken earlier slowed her down more than she thought. In her exuberance to join the fight, she had separated herself from the rest of her group. She choked suddenly when one of the synthodrones wrapped it's arm over her throat while anouther hit her, exacerbating her injuries.

Shego could hear Kim giving orders, including one telling Ron to save her. For a moment, she thought Kim might be delusional. Then she felt a rush of air less than an inch from her neck and found the pressure removed, allowing her to breath. Before she could thank her good fortune, the synthodrone in front of her seemed to split in half and fall to the floor.

Glancing up, Shego was surprised to see Ron standing by her side waiting for her to recover, a rather sharp sword in his hands. "You okay Shego?"

Shego raised an eyebrow, getting to her feet and starting her glow going again. "Where the hell did that come from?"

"Secret ninja school." Ron gave her his patented goofy grin and Shego couldn't be sure if he was serious or not. It didn't matter at that moment though, as they were quickly surrounded again. With a grin, Shego danced back into the fray, her fists flying, only this time she had Ron with her, slicing his way through with a skill that surprised her. For thirty seconds, the barrage continued, but nothing made it through their defenses this time.

When Shego finally ran out of targets, she paused to look around. Ron was at her back, panting and holding nothing in his hands, the sword gone as if it had never been. Kim and Michelle stood on either side of a very disturbed Dementor, who couldn't seem to decide which way to look.

He finally decided to focus his attention on Kim. "You vill not stop me Kim Possible."

Ron grinned in response. "Dude, we already have stopped you."

"Ahh, but you can not prevent me from escaping. Farevell Kim Possible, I vill be back." And with that, Dementor pressed the button on his belt before anyone had a chance to move.

Not that they needed to, since Dementor remained standing there, his expression one of shock and confusion. He pressed the button again and again, finally slamming his whole fist into the button. "Vhy vill this not vork? It vorked just a few hours ago. VHAT IS GOING ON?"

It was Michelle who was grinning broadly, holding a very familiar naked mole rat in her hands. "Oh, that would just be the jamming device Rufus planted on you while you weren't paying attention."

Kim stepped forward, grabbing the diminutive villain by the front of his coat. "You're grounded Dementor."

Shego leaned over to Ron with a grin. "Does she know how corny she sounds?"

Ron seemed to ponder that for a moment. "I wouldn't say corny, more like... wait a minute." Ron turned to look at Shego. "I don't like you right now, you forced your way onto the team."

"Ron," Kim finished putting the restraints on Dementor, "it's all right. Shego did good and she saved my life."

"Damn straight I did Princess."

"Though we are still going to have a talk about messing with my plane." Kim cast a quick glare at her new partner before leading Dementor out the door to the waiting authorities. Shego quickly followed, leaving Ron, Michelle and Rufus to ponder the new situation.

Ron let out a slow breath as he held his fiancée close to him. "So... two weeks before one of them kills the other?"

Michelle considered it for a moment. "I give it a week."

Rufus popped out of Ron's pocket waving a twenty in his paws. "Hrk... month tops."

As the loving couple walked out of the building, Ron's final comments followed after them. "Wonder how much Wade's gonna bet on this one."


Author's Notes – On the next Life's Strange Turns... Shego settles into her new life, Kim tries to readjust to hers, and the two meet somewhere in the middle.