Title: Operation: New Mommy

Rating: PG-13 or T

Summary: AU. Kagome is an elementary teacher. Shippou is one of her students. Inuyasha is his father. What happens when Shippou gets a bright idea? IK MS SR

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha and company. The wonderfully talented Rumiko Takashi does.

Chapter 1: The Meeting

"All right class, Christmas is next month and I want you all to draw me a picture of your family at Christmas," said Kagome Higurashi to her first grade class. "Once you are done, come up front and tell me and the rest of the class what you drew."

Kagome sat down at her seat and fifteen minutes later two of her students came up, Misa and Muteki Ookami. "You two ready?" she asked. The duo nodded and explained their picture.

Misa began, "This is our mommy Ayame, our daddy Kouga, and our Uncle Ginta and Uncle Hakkaku."

Kagome looked closely at the picture, "What are your uncles doing?"

Muteki replied with a grin, "They're passed out from all the eggnog!" The class burst into fits of laughter.

"Okay, thank you two. Does anyone else have their picture ready?" Several hands went up, and Kagome pointed to one of her brightest students. "Shippou, why don't you come up and tell us about your picture."

Shippou slowly walked up to the front of the class and started to explain his picture, "Here is my Granddaddy and Grandmommy; my uncle and my aunt; and finally me and my Dad, Inuyasha."

One of the kids from the back of the class spoke up, "Where is your mommy?"

Muteki was quick to answer for the kitsune, "He doesn't have a mommy cause he's a stupid half-breed!"

Kagome was floored, "Muteki Ookami! You are coming with me to the principal's office right this second! Shippou, you may go back to your seat." Kagome put a firm hand on Muteki's shoulder and lead him out into the hallway. They stopped in front of the principal's office and knocked on the door and a deep "come in" was heard.

Kagome opened the door and led Muteki towards the desk. "Mr. Myouga, Muteki here insulted one of my other students. He called Shippou Takahashi a half-breed."

Mr. Myouga pulled his spectacles off and looked at the wolf demon child before him, "Miss Higurashi, you can leave him with me. We shall have a chat and I will call his parents for a meeting tomorrow."

"Thank you, Mr. Myouga," and with a bow, she left and walked to the secretary's desk.

"Oh! Kagome, are you doing anything after school?" asked the secretary.

Kagome thought for a moment, "No, I don't have anything. Why, Sango?"

Sango looked at the computer screen in front of her before turning back to Kagome, "I thought you could use a good night of shopping."

"Don't you know it," Kagome said with a grin, "Anyways, I need you to look up a phone number for me."

"Okay, shoot…"

"Can you find me the number for Shippou Takahashi's father?"

"Yeah, hold on…yep, here we go…" Sango dialed the number and handed the phone to Kagome.

It rang a couple of times before someone finally answered, "Moshi moshi?" said a gruff voice on the other line.

"Um, Mr. Takahashi?"

The gruff voice was a bit clearer, "This is him."

"I'm Miss Higurashi from Shikon Elementary School. I'm Shippou's teacher…" Kagome was quickly cut off.

"Is he okay? Is he in trouble?" The voice was filled with concern.

"Oh, no, everything is fine. He's not in trouble I just wanted to talk to you in person about some things another student brought up in class. Could you meet with me right after school?"

"Of course, I'll be there right at 3."

"Thank you, Mr. Takahashi." Kagome hung up the phone, thanked Sango and walked back to her class.

(3 O'Clock)

"Everyone put your things away. Have a good weekend!" her students quickly put their things away and walked out the door as Kagome leaned against her desk.

Shippou started to leave, but Kagome stopped him, "Shippou, your father is coming to pick you up and we're going to talk a bit about what happened. He should be here any moment."

"He's already here," said a deep voice coming from the door.

"Dad!" Shippou cried and jumped into his father's arms.

Kagome looked towards the door and saw Inuyasha standing with his son in his arms. His silvery-white hair was pulled into a low ponytail, his dog ears twitching at the slightest sound. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a nice button up dress shirt in a deep shade of red with a nice black leather jacket to keep him warm in the November air. He smiled at the woman before him.

Kagome stood up and walked over to greet the inu-hanyou. "It's good to meet you, Mr. Takahashi."

Inuyasha winced, "Mr. Takahashi is either my father or my brother. Just call me Inuyasha."

Kagome smiled at Inuyasha and shook his hand, "Then you can call me Kagome." She then turned to Shippou, "Shippou, why don't you grab some crayons and paper and draw something while I talk to your daddy?"

"Okay!" he said as he jumped down from Inuyasha's arms and started pulling crayons and paper from his backpack and sat down at his desk to draw.

Kagome walked back over to her desk and sat on top of it and motioned Inuyasha to sit down as well. Inuyasha grabbed a chair and pulled it around so he was facing her. "So, what is this all about?"

Kagome took a deep breath, "Well, one of the kids in class today made a comment about why Shippou didn't have a mother. The kid said it was because he was a 'stupid half-breed'."

Inuyasha was fuming, "WHAT?!?!?!"

Kagome tried to calm Inuyasha down, "Now, Inuyasha, I sent the child to the principal's office and he's on 3 days suspension." Inuyasha noticeably relaxed and Kagome continued, "I know this is kind of nosy of me, but why are you an Inu-hanyou and Shippou is a Kitsune-hanyou?"

Inuyasha tensed again and took a deep breath, "It's kind of a long story, but when I was 19, my then-girlfriend got pregnant. Since we had never done anything, I knew the baby wasn't mine, so she told me she was raped. When Shippou was born, she told me the that she had been cheating on me, shoved Shippou in my arms, and left me. I haven't heard from her since."

Kagome's features softened, "I am so sorry. That had to be hard, raising a child all on your own."

Inuyasha shrugged, "Not really. My family helps as much as they can, mainly when I'm at the hospital. I'm in my first year of residency as a doctor. The hardest part is trying to find time to sleep."

"If you ever need anyone to watch Shippou and your family isn't available, let me know. I'd be happy to watch Shippou; he's a great kid."

"But I couldn't afford to pay you much…"

"You don't have to pay me anything. It would get me out of my mom's house and give me time to grade papers and such."


"Hey Miss Higurashi! Look!" Shippou came running up to Kagome and Inuyasha with a piece of paper in his hands. Shippou handed the paper to Kagome and she smiled and took it from the energetic child .

"Wow, Shippou, this is really good! I love it!"

Shippou beamed with pride, "It's of my grandparents' backyard. You can have it."

"Thank you, Shippou. It's going on my refrigerator when I get home," Kagome tucked it into her messenger bag and turned back to Shippou, "Shippou what would you think if I came over to play while your dad was gone?"

Shippou grinned from ear to ear, "Really? That would be awesome! Can she, Dad?"

Inuyasha looked from his son to Kagome and sighed in defeat, "All right, fine. Kagome can watch you when I have to work."

"YAY!!!!" Shippou cried and hugged both Inuyasha and Kagome. "This is gonna be great!"

"Come on, Shippou, we better head back home," Inuyasha said as he stood up and grabbed his jacket from the back of his chair.

Kagome grabbed a piece of paper and wrote something on it, "Here, Inuyasha. It's my cell phone number. I would give you my home number, but my mother or grandfather would probably pick up and go all 'Inquiring Minds wants to know' on you."

"I see. Come on, runt…" Inuyasha headed for the door and Shippou followed close behind.

"Bye Miss Higurashi!" called Shippou over his shoulder. When he was in the car he smiled to himself. 'She's perfect! Miss Higurashi would be a great mommy for me! Now, how to get her and dad together…'

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