My own skin

Miss Parker sat in front of her fireplace.

It was cold outside and so she had lit a fire.

But her inside was much colder than her living room.

It was New Years Eve and she was alone at home.

Broots and Sydney had invited her to spend the evening with them.

But she had rejected their invitations.

And she neither wanted to spend the day with Lyle nor any other member of her so called family.

She had decided that she should use the time to think over a few important things.

Like what her future would be if she went on like she was now.

And how it could look if she left the Centre.

To stay at the Centre after all that had happened in between the last months, had no longer felt right – if it had ever felt that way …

But the latest events had shown her that she no longer knew what she really wanted or who she was …

And she couldn't accept it …

I just want to feel safe in my own skin
I just want to be happy again
I just want to feel deep in my own world

Once, she had wanted a life with Thomas. But they had stolen her that chance.

And she could understand that no man wanted her when she acted like a cold hearted bitch.

Often, she hated herself for being so aloof and unfriendly.

But I'm so lonely
I don't even want to be with myself anymore

In her childhood, she had dreamt of a different life. She had always thought that she would become a mother like her own.

Everything had felt so easy back then …

On a different day
If I was safe in my own skin

Then I wouldn't feel lost and so frightened

But she was no longer a child. And she didn't know if she would ever again feel strong enough to dream.

And even if she allowed herself such luxury, what should she wish for?

But this is today
And I'm lost in my own skin

Maybe he would help her find the answers … and maybe, just maybe her own life.


P.S. The song is called "Honestly Okay". It belongs to Dido.

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