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"We're here."

Sakura blinked and looked up to find herself in front of a rather large house. Tilting her head to the side she asked,

"Its just you, Temari, and Kankuro here?"

Gaara nodded and Sakura repeated the action.


He sent her a sharp look and Sakura took a breath,

"Er, Gaara, gomen. Tsunade-sama forgot or either purposely hid how long I'm going to be staying here. Do you know?"

Sakura saw him hesitate before his jaw set in a firm line and he spoke in that rather deep voice yet again,

"We do not know. It may be a few days or a few months, perhaps even years. I suggest you get used to it here."

Blinking, Sakura fought off tears at not seeing her friends for months, or even years. But she wouldn't show weakness, she had promised herself that a long time ago, when Sasuke hurt her. She wouldn't show her weakness again. She nodded firmly to Gaara with a small smile on her face. He narrowed his eyes and searched for a sign of emotion from her, but could find none. He knew that must have taken her a long time to master, as it had taken him. It was hard not to show your emotions, but if you were determined, you would hide them. Nodding, Gaara opened the door and led her in, only to hear a gasp behind him. Giving a small grin, he quickly hid it as he turned to her with a look that clearly said 'what?' Squealing, Sakura shook her head with a huge grin.

"It's just, it's beautiful! I wish my house looked like this!"

"Hn, Temari decorated it. Kankuro and I decorated our own rooms, but the rest was left to her."

Sakura composed herself and once again had a blank look on her face, though he could tell she was fighting to keep from smiling. She gave him a nod and gestured to him to lead the way, and he did so. He led her up a flight of stairs and into a rather long hallway. They walked past two doors and stopped at the end of the corridor. Pointing to the door behind him, Gaara spoke,

"This is my room. Your room is there."

He pointed to a room behind Sakura, the room directly across from his.

"If you want, we can arrange it so you can stay across from Temari."

Sakura shook her head almost immediately.

"This is fine; I wouldn't want you to go through any trouble."

"Hn. As you wish. You may go get yourself acquainted with your room, I'll call you down for dinner."

Without so much as a nod, he turned and walked into his room. Sakura got a glimpse of blood red sheets on a rather large bed before he closed the door. She knew Gaara didn't sleep,

So why would he need a bed?

What else do people do on beds?

Inner Sakura laughed perversely and Sakura immediately turned red and let out a squeal before she quickly ran into her room, shutting the door behind her and leaning against it. She had never thought of Gaara as the type of person to do… that, but she guessed it could be expected, he WAS a guy. Inwardly she pondered if he was a virgin or not. She most certainly was not. She had only gone that far twice, but she wasn't a virgin.

I wonder if he's-

Big? Only one way to find out!

No! I wonder if he's shy when it comes to that…

Still, only one way to find out…

Shaking her head, she knew she would never get that close to him. He really didn't like people that much, or at least that's what she had gathered a few years ago. But he may have changed. His looks certainly have.

He looks so different…

Yeah, he looks better than any of the guys in Konoha…

True, but he's a lot different then the Konoha guys…

I wonder if that's true in bed too…

Inner Sakura laughed perversely yet again and Sakura squealed, jumping on her bed and throwing the pillow over her head as an attempt to keep the voice out. A knock came on her door and she sat up, her hair a bit ruffled as she tilted her head to the side,

"Dinner already?"

Smoothing her hair she walked to the door and opened it, seeing Gaara outside.


He nodded,

"Are you alright? Your making some rather… weird noises in there…"

Blushing, Sakura nodded.

"Yeah, just thinking."

Gaara gave a grin, as if he knew what she was thinking about. Her blush immediately grew darker and she fought to keep from blurting out some words she normally wouldn't say.

"Hn. I'll be downstairs. Its time to start dinner."

Sakura blinked,

"Do you need some help?"

Gaara stopped in his tracks.


Sakura leaned against the kitchen counter, as she was done with her job for now.

"I didn't know you could cook, Gaara…"

"Hn. You have no choice but to learn when you live with my sister."

Sakura giggled and Gaara, for some reason, felt a jolt go through his body at this sound. He immediately stiffened and Sakura tilted her head,

"Gaara? You okay?"

"Hn. I'm fine."

She seemed to copy him, though not on purpose,

"Hn. Alright then."

Going back to stirring her half of dinner, she pushed her hair behind her ear, and Gaara found himself staring. He never realized how truly beautiful she was. Her slender nose and perfect lips. But it was those eyes that captivated him. Such a beautiful green. Her hair had grown out, but she still kept it short, as it stopped just after her shoulders. It had darkened just a bit, so when the light hit it it had a bit of a magenta color.


He blinked, being caught staring wasn't a very attractive idea. But luckily for him she hadn't looked up.


"Do you like living with your brother and sister?"

He almost smiled,

"Hn, they can be a pain sometimes, but it's not bad. Why?"

Sakura shrugged,

"I don't know. I've always lived alone after my parents died. I kind of forgot what its like to live with other people."


The making of dinner continued on in silence until Kankuro seemed to pop out of nowhere, standing behind Sakura,

"Mmm, smells good."

Sakura jumped and turned around with her hand placed against her chest.

"Kankuro! You scared me half to death!"

Turning around, Kankuro could have sworn he heard her mumble,

'Must run in the family…'

Grinning, he turned to Gaara,

"Didn't want Sakura to eat Temari's cooking eh?"

"I heard that!"

Sakura turned around and smiled at Temari,

"Its okay, I don't mind helping. In fact, I'd like to cook you guys dinner sometime by myself."

The siblings glanced at each other, nervous of trying someone else's cooking, especially another female. Sakura giggled,

"I promise it'll be good. Tomorrow night okay?"

Sakura looked to Gaara, and he hesitated, but eventually he gave in and gave her a nod of approval. Kankuro sighed,

"I guess I'm up for trying something new. You'll probably be here a while anyway."

Sakura frowned, and said nothing. Not that she didn't like hanging with the sand nins, but she missed her friends. Gaara seemed to notice, but he said nothing. And she was grateful for that. She didn't want to discuss it just yet. Sakura suddenly smiled and shooed Temari and Kankuro out of the kitchen.

"Out! Out! It'll be ready soon!"

The two just rolled their eyes and smiled, but they left. With Sakura and Gaara alone in the kitchen once again they went back to cooking, not really saying much. A 'pass the salt' once or twice, but nothing really social. In a few minutes dinner was finished and Sakura told him she would serve. Gaara nodded and went to grab his siblings while Sakura set the table. Kankuro entered first,

"Mmm, man that smells good!"

Temari entered next,

"Mmm, it does! I can't wait to try it!"

Gaara just gave his trademark 'Hn' and sat down. Sakura entered carrying four bowls, two on each arm. As a ninja, she had incredible balance and was able to carry them without spilling. She set them down at their rightful places and sat down at the last seat. Almost immediately Kankuro started to dig in, making Sakura laugh. Gaara stiffened as another jolt ran through his body.

What is this? Why do I feel strange every time she laughs?

Ooohhh, sounds like someone's in loooove

I am not! That's… impossible.

Suuure, tell me that after you finally kiss her.

That's not going to happen.

Right… and I'm a ball of fluff.


Gaara frowned, and Sakura noticed he wasn't eating. She gently nudged his leg under the table to get him to look up at her. She mouthed the words 'what's wrong' and he just shook his head in reply. She sighed and went back to her food. She shouldn't expect him to open up to her so quickly. It was just that she was used to people telling her what was bugging them. Even Naruto did. But this was Gaara. Sabaku no Gaara. Gaara of the Sand. She couldn't expect him to do the same, at least not yet. She shrugged and ate half of her soup, but she really wasn't that hungry. She got down a bit more, then pushed the last of it away. By that time everyone else had finished and she went around grabbing the bowls and rest of the dirty dishes, balancing them and taking them into the kitchen for washing.

"You don't have to do that, you know."

Sakura turned around and smiled,

"Kankuro. Its okay. I don't mind. I helped make the mess."

Kankuro smirked,

"So generous. I could get used to someone like you being around."

Sakura smiled and went back to doing the dishes. Unknown to her Gaara had just walked in. He looked at Sakura and couldn't help but stare again, she was a rather lovely sight, even from behind. His arms crossed over his chest most people wouldn't notice the change in his demeanor. But Kankuro did. Kankuro nudged his brother and gave him a wicked grin, looking at Sakura then back at him. He turned to leave, but before he did he leaned down and whispered to Gaara,

"Go for it little bro."

Gaara hesitated. He just might…