by Gunman

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Authors Notes: I am basically basing this story off of the upcoming Ghost Rider movie and toyline in which there were three Ghost Riders instead of one. (Ghost Rider, Caretaker and Vengeance)


Chapter 1

The Deals

(America, 2001)

His name was Ryoji Kaji. Japanese/American, born and raised in the United States. Fourteen years of age and crying his eyes out.

Before him laid the bodies of his friends and brother, blood oozing from the bullet wounds made by the soldiers.

In the aftermath of Second Impact, governmental control over the planet had all but collapsed. The world had become little more than the wild west. In this time, those with guns took control.

Kaji had been one of several children crammed into a shelter when the Impact happened. Because their parents didn't survive, the children were forced to survive on their own. And that meant steal in order to survive.

Kaji had been caught by the soldiers and was about to be executed unless he gave up the location of his thieving friends.

Fear had gripped him, and he did.

At the last second he managed to escape from the guard who was watching him, but arrived too late to warn his friends and brother.

His tears and relentless beating of his fists against the floor had brought the attention of another.

"I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry!" Kaji cried as the blood from his friends and brother stained his hands. "If there was anything I could do to change this, I would. Make things different. Take your place. I was such a coward, but you all paid for it. I'm sorry."

"Are you?" a new voice said.

Kaji looked up and saw a tall man in a black leather jacket.

"Who.. Who are you?" the boy asked, too depressed right now to care if this man was a soldier or someone else affiliated with the government.

"Someone who can offer you a chance at redemption." the man said.

His eyes beamed as he stared at the man.

"What do you mean?" Kaji asked.

"What happened here today is a result of Second Impact, and the blame rests with those who initiated the impact." the man explained.

"Someone... caused all this?"


Sadness and sorrow was replaced by a new emotion... anger.

"Tell me how I can avenge my brother and friends!" he shouted.

"You want vengeance?"


"It won't bring them back. Nor will it ease your conscience over what happened." the man argued.

"I don't care! It's all I have left!" he sobbed again.

"There is another path you can take. One not stained with the blood of others."

Kaji looked at the man in confusion.

"What path?" he asked the man.

"One of justice."


(Japan, 2003)

Kouzou Fuyutsuki fumed as he made his way home.

He had just been told by his former pupil, Gendo Rokobungi, now Ikari, of the truth regarding the worldly destructive Second Impact.

It was a truth that he wanted to expose, only to have Gendo tell him that there were people in play who would stop at nothing to keep the entire affair a secret.

They would also kill him if he tried to do anything.

And Fuyutsuki knew they would do it.

As he rode back to his apartment on the train, he pondered what he was being told.

SEELE was behind the Katsuragi Expedition to Antarctica in order to find the Angels and trigger an explosion. But for what purpose? As a method to weed out the weak so that they could use Adam and Project E to combine all of the strong humans on the planet into a single, unified being? That is insane! What were they possibly thinking? Trying to unite all the strong of mankind just because they believe we've hit out evolutionary limit. That's ridiculous! And all because of a few scratches on some outdated piece of parchment!

Fuyutsuki was fuming at this point.

And to make things worse, Gendo and Yui are involved in this. Yui must know what is happening and what it will lead to. Mankind has survived and thrived for centuries. We still can. For it to end like this is just so... it can't end like this! It can't!

However, his sigh revealed his true thoughts.

But what can I do about this? Gendo is already in a position to make these changes and my star pupil is helping him. And to make things worse... she married him! God!

He continued to ride in silence, totally unaware that he had just missed his stop.

I want to stop this, but how? What can I possibly do alone?

"You won't be alone." a voice said to him.

"What?" Fuyutsuki gasped, shaken out of his musings and looking over to see a man he hadn't noticed until now, sitting across from him wearing a black leather jacket.

"You won't be alone." the man said.

"Alone for what?" Fuyutsuki asked, slightly confused.

"When you put a stop to what Gendo and SEELE are doing."

Fuyutsuki's eyes widened as he continued to stare at the man. "Who are you? How do you know what I'm thinking? And where did you come from?"

"Blaze. I can read your mind. And you wouldn't believe me if I told you." the man in the leather jacket said. "Does that answer all your questions?"

"I can't remember what I just asked." Fuyutsuki replied, sitting back and just staring.

"But to answer your question more appropriately, I'm a person who can help you stop Third Impact."

"How do you know about that?" he asked cautiously, looking around the train car, which was empty.

"The same way I know about the truth behind the Second Impact."

"Can you help me expose their plans?" Fuyutsuki asked quickly.


He looked at him strangely. "But you said..."

"I said I can help you stop Third Impact. I didn't say anything about helping expose the truth of the Second Impact."

"But for what they've done... three billion lives!"

"I know. The blood of the innocent are on their hands. And they will be dealt with via the appropriate punishment. In time."

"In time??!!!" he gasped incredulously.

"Were you to act now, even the help I could give you would not be enough to stop their mad plans."

"So... what can you do?"

"I can give you the means to stop them on the eve of their plans fruition."

Now Fuyutsuki was even more confused. "Give me the means? Does that mean you're not going to help me?"

"I'm not. I can't."

"But you said I wouldn't be alone."

"And you won't. There will be others called to your cause, drawn by common purpose to avenge that which has gone wrong."

"Common purpose? What common purpose would that be?"



(Japan, 2005)

"FATHER! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME! I'LL BE GOOD! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!" Shinji shouted as the grim man slowly walked away, not looking back even once.

Gendo Ikari got into his car and drove away, shedding no tear and not even breaking his stride.

As the man left, Shinji Ikari just wiped his tears away as a sneer came to his mouth.

"Why? Why father? Don't you love me? Did you even love mother?" Shinji whispered, not knowing where the words were coming from. "You shed no tears when she was not brought back. You cast me aside, abandoned me, like I was nothing. Why? Why did you do this?" he cried as more tears came and he wiped them from his eyes yet again. "I hate you, father. I HATE YOU!" he shouted with unfamiliar anger.

"A heart filled with hate, will only make you worse than him." a voice from behind said.

Shinji turned around and say a man in black leather jacket. "Who are you?" he asked.

"Someone who wants to help you."

"Help... me?"

"Yes. I can give you the power to avenge the wrongs that have been wrought upon you. Give you the strength to not be used for whatever evil purpose your father intended."

"Can you bring back my mother?"

"I can't. But there are ways she can be returned to you."

"How?" he asked excitedly. "How can I bring her back? I'll do anything!"

So young, yet so mature. He thought. "Would you give up your soul for her?"



"Because... because she loved me."

One borne of justice. One borne of truth. One borne of love. He thought with a grin. "Then I will give you the means to fight back against those who have taken your mother from you. And in return I only ask one thing."

"What thing?"



Authors Notes:

Well, here's my newest superhero story. This one is going to be based on the Ghost Rider movie that is coming up on the 16th of February.

Well... loosely anyway. I'm using some material from the Internet movie databases and the comics.

And just so you know, the title is appropriate. As you might or have not guessed, the heroes in this story are going to be Shinji, Kaji and Fuyutsuki. I chose them because each of them have their own reasons for doing what they do at NERV. Kaji wants to expose the truth, Fuyutsuki I eventually realized wanted Gendo's plans to fail, and Shinji... he just wanted to be loved by his mother. Her death hit him so hard, as it should.

When I heard the Ghost Rider movie was coming out, and after seeing several previews for it, I realized that I wanted to do a fanfic for it.

And anyone who has seen my writings, knows I can write superheroes. Just check out my 'Devil of Eva' story, which I do plan to update someday.

Other superhero stories in the works, but this I felt demanded more attention. Time-wise, I mean.

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