by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva or Ghost Rider.

Summary: The Riders encounter Blackheart and his lethal associates.


Chapter 6
Enter Blackheart!

The demonic entities were thundering through the city one after another, attacking people at random, and like predicted, the Riders had been out sending those transformed souls back to hell. And from the top of the tallest building, four dark figures watched with interest.

"They certainly aren't wet behind the ears, are they?" a soggy-looking man in drenched greenish clothes and long hair said.

"Too bad it's just dirty laundry they're airing out." a dark-garbed dreadlock-wearing man said, his hair whipping in a non-existent wind.

"Didn't take much to unearth them, huh?" a tough-looking dirt-covered bald man said.

"And it won't be long before we get what we want." the scary, gothic-looking man said.

"Are you sure about this plan?" the dreadlock man asked.

"Defeating a bunch of enslaved souls is no true test of their powers. But we'll give them something to really fight for." the gothic man said.

"Their lives?" the dirt-covered man said.

"Their souls!" the gothic man said with an inhumanly devilish grin.


The four Riders quickly dispatched the other demons and eventually met up in the center of the city.

"The Eastern Sector Is Clear." Spirit Rider said.

"Nothing In The Northern Sector." Soul Rider said.

"Same For The South." Phantom Rider said.

"Then Why Do I Still Sense The Presence Of Evil?" Ghost Rider asked.

"Perhaps I can help you with that." a curt echoing voice said.

The four Riders looked over their shoulders and saw a young man with short raven-dark hair dressed all in black, with pair skin and a cold gleam in his eyes.

A cold shiver went down the spines of the three male riders, as they realized who he was. Spirit Rider on the other hand, merely thought he was evil.

"So... the Riders are here! And four of them no less." he grinned.

"You Must Be Blackheart!" Ghost Rider said.

"If I must be, I must be." he said as he casually approached them.

"You Were Responsible For Second Impact." Phantom Rider said.

"And You've Been Trying To Bring About A Third." Soul Rider said.

"We Won't Let You!" Ghost Rider said.

"Really. Well... I imagine you must be pretty tired after fighting off dozens of my warriors. Let's see just how tired." Blackheart said as he was suddenly surrounded by three other individuals. "Allow me to introduce my associates: Gressal.... Wallow... and Abigor." he said, indicating a dirty-looking bald man in the brown longcoat, a soggy-looking man in the greenish coat, and a dreadlock wearing man who's hair was still blowing in a non-existent wind.

"Nice To Meet Ya. We're Going To Send You To Hell!" Ghost Rider said.

"Or Back To Hell!" Phantom Rider said.

"What's the plan?" Gressal asked.

"Divide and conquer." Blackheart said.

The trio suddenly took off in different directions. The Riders looked over at Ghost Rider, who let out a small growl.

"Find The Hidden. Leave Blackheart To Me." Ghost Rider said to the trio.

The trio quickly bolted through streets, leaving a fiery trail as they did.

"So... It's Just You... And Me."Ghost Rider growled at the Devil's son.

"Let's play." Blackheart grinned.


Phantom Rider rode Enton through the tree-filled park of Tokyo-3, his ears and eyes open for any sign of danger.

Suddenly, the ground underneath the dark samurai exploded upwards and knocked the Rider from his mount.

He looked up as the bald man in the brown overcoat walked up to him.

"I don't suppose I can convince you to give up your powers, Rider?" Gressal asked.

"Never!" Phantom Rider hissed as he stood up, drawing his sword.

"You really think you can beat me... old man?" the gritty-looking Hidden asked.

"Not Alone." he said as a fierce snort caught Gressal's attention.

The Earth Hidden turned around as a pair of mighty hooves kicked him in the face. Phantom Rider lunged forward and slashed at Gressal, slicing him across his arm. Gressal sprung back and punched the older Rider in the face and gut, before grabbing his collar and lifting him over his head to slam him into the ground.

He kicked him several times, before Enton rammed him with his head. Gressal stumbled backwards as Phantom Rider gripped his sword and impaled him through his chest.

"Feel The Burn!" Phantom Rider said as he forced a fiery bolt through his sword and into the Hidden, incinerating him from the inside out and turning him into ash, screaming as he did.

The Hidden defeated, Enton snorted and came over to the samurai.

"Thank You, My Friend. Now... Let's Get Back To The Others." he said as he mounted his steed.


The N2 Mine-made lake was surrounded by what had been thick forests and a partial neighborhood. The person visible in the area, in the middle of the night... was a slim female figure with a flaming head on Air Trek's.

Spirit Rider had tracked the Hidden creature to this area, wondering where he had gone to. Though the obvious answer was...

"The Lake." she said as the surface of the water stirred and rose up, taking the shape of a water-logged man in green.

"Good guess." Wallow grinned as he stared at her. He made a 'come hither' gesture with his hand.

Spirit Rider stared at him for a few seconds before racing out across the water to attack him. Racing along the surface, her fiery Air Trek's boiling the water as she went. She leaped into the air and threw a kick to his chest, splashing through his body and falling into the water itself.

Blast! She gasped as she struggled to get back to the surface.

However, the water around her held her fast as an image of a face took place in front of her.

"Water extinguishes fire!" Wallow gurgled through the lake as he grabbed her throat.

He gripped tightly her neck, the pair thrashing around violently as the female Rider soon ceased her movements. Spirit Rider suddenly changed, reverting back to the human form of Rei Ayanami.

Wallow laughed as he held the female Rider in his grip. However, Rei's eyes suddenly opened and glowed brightly as she transformed once again into Spirit Rider, letting loose a powerful blast of hellfire that caught the Water Hidden by surprise.

The middle of the lake exploded in fire and steam as a gurgled scream echoed into the night.

The raging waters settled down as a single, water-logged female form pulled herself to the lakeshore. She stood up and shook the water from her body before turning back to stare at the lake.

"Fire... boils water." Rei said, before transforming back into Spirit Rider and rushed off to find her brother and the others.


The tallest building in Tokyo-3 found two figures dancing around as if it were a choreographed fight scene.

One was an intangible man in a thick coat with dread locks and a toothy grin. The other was a young man with Air Trek's on his feet, and a flaming skull for a head.

"You're a fool, boy!" Abigor said to the young Rider, who leaped into the air to kick at his face, only to pass right through him. "You cannot catch the wind!"

He clenched his fist and hurled a forceful surging wind at the Rider, slicing him across his chest and the side of his stomach.

"I can touch you.... but you can't even touch me." Abigor grinned maliciously.

"I Don't Have To Touch You... To Beat You!" Soul Rider hissed as he suddenly started racing around the Air Hidden in circles, going faster and faster.

Abigor realized what he was doing and lifted himself off into the air to escape. However, Soul Rider's flames were quickly rising the faster he went, resulting in a spiraling tower of fire that caught the Air Hidden by surprise. He screamed as he burned away into ash.

Soul Rider stopped circling, which caused the tower of fire to extinguish.

He cocked his head to the side and looked around.

"That... Was Too Easy." he said as he sped off to find Blackheart.


"ARGH!" Ghost Rider shouted as he was hurled through his third wall of the night.

"Give up yet, Rider?" Blackheart asked as he stepped through the wall and walked over to spirit of vengeance.

"Never!" Ghost Rider hissed as he slowly got back up.

"You can't win! You can't beat me!" Blackheart hissed as he grabbed Ghost Rider by his shoulder.

Ghost Rider snapped his head up and threw his arm up to punch Blackheart in the face, knocking him back. He grabbed his chain and whipped it at the Devil's son, wrapping it around his neck and pulling hard. Blackheart went through his second wall of the night as Ghost Rider went after him.

"Give Up?" Ghost Rider asked.

"Never!" Blackheart said as he got back up and leaped into the air to kick the Rider down.

Ghost Rider leaped at him, punching and kicking Blackheart in the face and chest. Blackheart in turn punched and kicked Ghost Rider, eventually knocking him back through yet another wall.

"I have no weaknesses for you to exploit, Rider! But You Do!" Blackheart hissed as he grabbed The Ghost Rider by his neck, lifting him into the air and hurled him through yet another wall and into a packed car.

"Ouch." Ghost Rider hissed as he struggled to separate himself from the car.

"This is obviously not going anywhere. I guess we'll have to finish this another way." Blackheart said as his ears detected the approaching Riders. "I'll see you soon, Rider. All of you." he hissed as he disappeared into the night.


"So What Happened?" Phantom Rider asked his cycle-riding ally.

"Standstill!" Ghost Rider groaned as he sat on his bike.

"Blast!" the samurai said.

"Sorry." the biker replied.

"Don't Be. Blackheart Is The Devil's Son After All."

"You're Alive. That Means You Defeated The Hidden. Where Are The Others?" Ghost Rider asked.

"Right Here!" Soul Rider shouted as he suddenly appeared and skidded to a halt next to the biker.

"That's Good At Least." Phantom Rider said.

"Where's Spirit?" Soul Rider asked.

"Haven't Seen Her." Ghost Rider said.

"If Anything Happened To Her..." Soul Rider hissed.

"I Am Here, Brother!" an echoing female voice said as the fourth rider arrived.

"Spirit!" Soul Rider shouted as he raced to the girl.

"Soul!" Spirit Rider gasped as she was embraced by her brother.

"Oh, How Cute!" Ghost Rider said.

"SHUT UP!" they shouted in unison.


With the Hidden defeated and Blackheart gone, the Riders decided to retire to their homes.

However, when Kaji returned to his apartment, the unshaven man found Misato waiting for him at his door. And needless to say she wasn't exactly thrilled to see the man limping and holding his ribs. To be honest, he looked like he had been in a fight.

"Jeez, Kaji! What the hell happened to you?" Misato asked.

"Interesting choice of words." he mumbled as he drug himself to his apartment door.

"I'm serious! You look like you got hit by a car!" she said as he forced his key into the door lock.

"More like I hit a car." he said, turning and opening the door.

"You should report it." she said, following him into the apartment.

"Can't." he mumbled.

"Why?" she asked.



"Because.... it's complicated."

"And you're making me suspicious." she snapped.

"Misato....... I care about you too much to drag you into my problems." he said, pausing as he tried to derail this conversation from it's potential course.

"Then tell me what they are so I can avoid them." she said.

"We both know you won't avoid it. You'll charge headlong into it." he said with a small grin.

"Yeah. You're right." she shrugged. "So why not save me the trouble and just come clean."

"Oh? Is that an offer to give me a sponge bath, or join me in the shower?" he grinned.


"Ouch!" he gasped, holding the side of his face.

"Does your mind revolve around anything but sex?" Misato huffed.

"When it comes to you? No." he replied.


"Thought you'd appreciate my honesty. Although.... one other thought does come to mind."

"Do tell." she huffed.


Misato looked stunned. That had obviously not been what she was expecting him to say.

"I hurt you a long time ago Misato. I owe you a lot. And all things considered....and all totaled up... I figure I owe you that at least." he said as serious as possible.

"You.... you...."


"You're absolutely incredible!" she shouted.

"I always thought so." he grinned.

"I mean in the bad way!"


"You get me worried that you were run over by some drunk in a car, and then butter me up with an apology that comes out like the weakest marriage proposal in the world!" she said.

"But after all this time.... it seemed appropriate."

"I....yes, but..."

"Yes? Are you accepting?"

"I can't!" she said. "It took me so long to get over you and then you just waltz back into my life like nothing ever really happened, like you got something to prove, and just expect me to accept it? No! I can't! I won't!" she said.

"You could. You should." he prompted.

"Don't! Do! That!" she snapped again.


"Just... sit down and let me patch these injures." Misato said, sitting him down on the couch and then going into the bathroom to get the first aid kit.

At least she still cares. He thought.

"With burning, stinging Iodine!" she called out.

Then again...


Since NERV was closer than his own apartment, Fuyutsuki had returned to the base and had found Ritsuko still working. He tried to avoid her, but it was a lost cause.

"Sir! What happened to you?!" Ritsuko gasped when she saw the man limp in.

"A... small matter." he said, wincing a little.

"You're bleeding! You need medical attention." she said, ushering him into her office, which was close by.

"It's not that serious, Ritsuko." he said.

"Well.... at least let me tend to it. Make sure nothing is too badly damaged." she said.

"Ritsuko that's not necessary. I'm perfectly capable..."

"Please." she said softly, cutting him off.

He stared at her as she looked at him with pleading eyes.

"Please just let me help."

The implored sound of her voice quickly folded him.

"Alright." he said.


When Shinji and Rei arrived at their apartment, they found another devil waiting for them.

"Where the hell have... what happened to you?" the redhead asked, seeing Shinji being helped by his recently discovered sister.

"Uh..." he started to say.

"We were in a fight." Rei said.

"WHAT? Who? Who the hell would attack two Eva pilots?" Asuka asked.

"Crazy people." Shinji said.

"Guess so." the redhead said.

"I am fine, Pilot Sohryu. But my brother could use some attention." Rei said, helping Shinji to the kitchen.

"Right. Okay, Shinji, park it!" Asuka snapped.


"Sit down, In the chair, And let me take a look at your injuries!" she said.

I wonder if this is how she shows her concern? Shinji thought, wondering if he should be grateful or upset at his sister for letting Asuka take care of him.


"Is something wrong, sir?" Ritsuko asked the elderly commander.

"No. I just wonder why you've been smoothing out the bandage across my chest for the last ten minutes." Fuyutsuki asked, his shirt off and the lovely blond scientist tending to him.

"I, uh... wanted to make sure it was on properly." she said with a blush. "Besides.... you haven't complained in the last ten minutes, either."

"That's because I haven't been touched by a beautiful woman in years." he muttered under his breath.

"What was that?"


"You said something.... about being touched by a woman in years?" she asked.

"No, I said a beautiful woman, and I thought I was thinking it only. I'm sorry." he replied, looking away from her.

"For what? Calling me beautiful?" she asked. "No one's.... ever called me that before."

Fuyutsuki looked at her.

"Well..... you are."

She looked at him.

"I'm just being honest, Dr Akagi. Don't pay any attention to this crazy old man." he laughed.

Ritsuko leaned up and gently pecked his cheek with her lips. It was an action that stunned him into silence.

"I'm just being honest too, sir. Don't pay any attention to this unattractive scientist." she said.

"I can't..... and you're not." he said.

The pair's eyes met and held for what seemed like an eternity, before the universal laws of attraction took over.


"You really are a pig, you know." Misato said as she bandaged Kaji's arm.

"I can't help it sometimes." he replied.

"I know but..... what?"

"I said I can't help it sometimes."

"Did you just admit that you are a pig?"

"I am admitting that.... I made a lot of mistakes in my life. Leaving you was one of them. And even if you accepted my reasoning.... it doesn't make it right."

"Reasoning? What reasoning could you possibly have?"

He looked at her. "To save the world?"

She stared at him. "You.... are going to save the world?" she started laughing. "From what? The Angels?"

"No. From the demons."

She stopped laughing. "Excuse me?"

"Misato.... there are a lot of things I want to tell you... and I don't know if you can accept them." he said, almost cryptically.

"Such as?" she pressed.

"Such as.... I'm.......... I'm Ghost Rider." he finally said.

Misato just glared at the man, as if confused.

"Who?" she asked, causing him to sweatdrop.

"Uh.... the guy with the flaming skull for a head... on the motorcycle?" he said, bracing himself for her reaction.

Misato's eyes opened wide. "WHAT? Are You Kidding Me?"

"No, Misato. I'm Ghost Rider, and I'm not alone."

Misato's lips turned into a small grimace, as if wondering how this could get worse.

"You mean.... the other fire-headed guys? They're...."

"Sub-commander Fuyutsuki..... Rei Ayanami..... and Shinji."

That was when Misato exploded.

"WHAT?!!" she shouted, grabbing the man by his collar.

"It's a long story." he groaned.

"Then Start Talking Mister!" she said, shaking him.


"You don't have to do this, Asuka." Shinji said as the girl bandaged his stomach.

"Hey, you bandaged me, so this is only fair. I mean... I don't want to feel like I owe you." she said.

"You don't owe me anything. I was happy to do it for you." he said.

That caught her slightly off guard. "You were?"

"Of course."


A flush of his cheeks was threatening to explode his head. But something inside him told him that it was time for him to confess his feelings.

"Because... I like you, Asuka."

The redhead gasped. "You... you like me?"

"Yes. I do." he stated. "Even though you're mean to me, you hit me, yell at me, boss me around... I still like you."

Asuka started to feel a little guilty as he said that.

"But.... but why? I mean you just said..."

"I know. And it's strange for me too... but you don't show anyone else that kind of attention. And I know what I feel... and what I feel is... I like you."

She laughed a little. "You've got a messed up sense of affection, Shinji. Everything I've done to you and... you like me? As in..."

"I like the way your hair flows behind your back.... I like the way you smile when you're happy.... I like the way your eyes sparkle when something good happens.... I like your strength, your intellect, your motivation... and I like you.... your soul."

"My soul?" she asked, slightly confused.

"You have a good soul, Asuka. Not many people can see it... through that facade of strength you always put up. But I can. Don't change, Asuka. Promise me." he said.

Asuka was in tears now. Everything Shinji had just said... was exactly what she wanted to hear.

"And what if I wanted to change.... a little?" she asked, sitting down next to him.

Shinji just smiled, as if knowing what she meant by that.

"But you could change a little too, you know." she said.

"Me? How?" he asked.

"Well.... for one thing, you could be a little... bolder."

"Bolder, huh?"

"Yes. It wouldn't kill you to show a little backbone once in a... MMPH!" she gasped as her oration was cut short by the lips of one Shinji Ikari.

It was several seconds after their lips parted that Asuka found her voice.

"Why... why did you kiss me?" she asked, almost out of breath.

"You told me to be bolder. And I've wanted to do that for a long time." he said in a soft voice.

Asuka grinned. "Well what took you so long?"

"I was actually hoping to take you out to dinner, buy you flowers and a gift, go to a movie..."

"That is such a cliché, Shinji." she laughed.

"Maybe, but I felt you deserved to be treated like a lady before I asked you to be my girlfriend."

Asuka froze and blushed at that.

"You.... think I'm a lady?" she asked.

"Of course." he said, thinking that she looked cuter when she blushed.

"Thank you." she smiled.

"Well, it would be the gentlemanly thing to do. And I thought women liked getting gifts."

"They do. As long as you don't try to get us into bed the same night."

"Oh, I'm not that bold, Asuka-chan." he chuckled.

The pair laughed. Once they stopped laughing, they looked into each others eyes, silent.

"Shinji... do you...." she started to say, her heart beating wildly in her chest.

"What, Asuka?" he asked, his own heart thumping hard.

"Would you... would you stay with me tonight?"

He looked at her as if he hadn't heard her right.

"What?" he asked.

"I mean will you sleep with me, in the same bed, fully clothed and everything."

"Uh... I thought you didn't want me to get you into bed on the first night."

"We've been together... what.. about a month now?" she said. "And.... I think I can trust you, Shinji. So... will you?"

"If you want me to."

"But I swear if you do anything inappropriate and perverted..."

"You can use me for a scrub brush to clean the toilet." he said.

"Right. Good. Glad we got that cleared up." she stated with her usual fire.


It was nearly dawn when Misato came home after a long talk/shouting match with Kaji, and saw both Shinji and Asuka snuggled up together in the living room on a futon. The both of them fully clothed, but Asuka was hugging the boy tightly around the chest. Said boy had his arms around the girl, hugging her protectively.

Misato just smiled as she saw that.

I wish Kaji would hold me like that.... and get a shave and a haircut once in a while!

In his apartment, Kaji sneezed.


Dawn had just peaked as Shinji awoke and turned over to look at the sleeping redhead. Her eyes blinked open as she stared up at him.

"Asuka-chan?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, Shinji-kun?" Asuka replied.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

Asuka was stunned. Boy, he really is getting bolder. She smiled. "And what if I told you I was still in love with Kaji?"

Shinji smiled. Was that a challenge to see what he could offer her?

You can't live in fear. Shinji thought as he moved to the girl and pressed his lips to her own.

Asuka moaned in surprise as Shinji moved up to where he was practically on top of her, kissing her and wrapping his arms tightly around her body. Her muffled protests subsided as she felt his tongue invade her mouth.

Yes! She thought. This is the kind of guy I want! Strong, assertive, caring! And he is pretty handsome and all. Oh God! His tongue is driving me crazy! Where did Shinji learn to kiss like this? He's too good! I'm getting all... light.. headed....... Goodbye... Kaji...

"Asuka?" Shinji asked after pulling away from the girl, seeing her rather blank and dazed look.

"Yes." she said dreamily.

"Yes, what?"

"I'll be your girlfriend." she sighed as she buried herself in his chest, his own arms wrapping around her and holding her tightly.


The sun was rising slowly over the land as a dark figure stood at the edge of the volcano, peering down deeply into the molten lava, his gaze coming to rest upon the sleeping Angel deep within.

"The Hidden preformed like I expected. I'm definitely going to need a new strategy." Blackheart said as he stared into the volcano. "This... is going to be fun." he grinned.


Author's Notes:

It's been a while since I updated this story. Hope no one minds the lateness, or that I went a little quick in some places, like with getting Shinji/Asuka and Ritsuko/Fuyutsuki together, or even the Riders battles with the Hidden. In the movie, Ghost Rider's battles with each of the Hidden didn't last too long. Abigor was the longest, only because GR had to chase the Air demon.

As for Misato and Kaji, they are still going to get together, but it's gonna be a while. Also, I was originally intending to have Blackheart cause some trouble using Lilith... but I decided to save that until later.

Hope everyone liked this update, cause I've got other stories to update before I do anything more with this story.

And just so everyone knows, my next updates will be for 'Shinji X' and 'Shinji Meets The Avengers'. Hopefully for tomorrow or the next day.