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Author's Note: This is going to be a series of drabbles about the Slayers gang having to raise their kids. So, there's no real big overall plot to these.

"Grey Hairs"

Zelgadis always made sure that his sword was sharpened and polish. It was a personal rule that was just as important his rule to keep up his fighting skills. With a wet cloth in hand, the chimera polished his sword blade hilt to tip.

True, it had been a long time since his days of adventuring and exploring unknown lands, but trouble was like a wild animal. It remained still and silent until suddenly attacking before its' prey realized what has happened. That was why Zelgadis refused to let his skills rust, especially now that he had his family to protect.

He put down the cloth and held up his sword, nodding in satisfaction. Zelgadis returned his sword to his scabbard and retrieved his ring from the side table. He had taken it off in fear of getting sword polish on it during his cleaning. Zelgadis paused and carefully fingered the small band of gold.

"Has it really been 10 years since Amelia and I got married?" he thought. "There are times I think these years are just a dream and I'm going to wake up." Zelgadis held the ring up to the window. It sparkled as the sunlight bounced off its' golden surface.

It felt like it was only yesterday that he, Amelia, Lina and Gourry were traveling together looking for a decent inn for the night during one of their adventures. A lot had changed since those days. Lina and Gourry had gotten married, opened a magic shop in Seyrune and had their hands full raising their two children.

He and Amelia had also gotten married, but the one thing that hadn't changed was the fact that he was still a chimera. Zelgadis still searched for a cure, but he wasn't as persistent as before. He was more concerned with taking care of Amelia and Zack.

Zelgadis smiled. Zack, the son that Zelgadis and Amelia had never imagined that they could ever have. Since he was a chimera, it was very unlikely that Zelgadis and Amelia could have any children. He clearly remembered having a serious discussion about that with Amelia before their wedding. Then, without warning Zack came along. He still wasn't sure if he had recovered from that shock.

Thinking of his young son, Zelgadis remembered he had promised the boy that he would take him to visit Lina and Gourry's shop that afternoon. He slipped on his ring and ventured out into the garden. He scanned the area looking for Sylphiel. She was suppose to be teaching Zack a bit of healing magic. Normally, Amelia would be the one to handle this but she and Phil were busy in a meeting.

"Your highness! Please come down!"

Zelgadis's ears twitched. That was definitely Sylphiel and by her tone it would appear that Zack was causing trouble again. The chimera followed the desperate pleas.

"Prince Zackery this is not the way for a prince to act!"

He went around the rose bush. Sylphiel was standing beneath the giant oak tree. A person walking by might have thought she was begging.

"Prince Zack, please..."


The girl spun around. "Mr. Zelgadis?! You're here early."

"No actually, I'm on time,"he sighed. "Now where is my son?"

Sylphiel nervously twiddled her fingers. "Well...he's um...I don't want you to over react..."

"Sylphiel, where is..."


A fat acorn bounced off of Zelgadis's head. He stared at the acorn. The blood drained from his face. Fearfully, he lifted his head up to the tree. He saw his young six year old son high up in the tree, joyfully climbing onto an even higher branch.

The boy looked down and only now seemed to notice that his father was watching him "Hi Daddy!" he happily waved.

"Zackery Rodimus Zolf Seyrune, what are you doing up there?!"

"Climbing," the boy stated, in a matter of fact tone.

Sharply, Zelgadis turned back to Sylphiel. "How on earth did he get up there?!"

"I don't know!" Sylphiel stammered. "I only turned my back for a second and when I turned around he was halfway up there!"

The chimera twitched and returned his attention to his climbing son. "Zack come down this instant!"

"In a minute Daddy."

"Not in a minute young man! You'll come down right now! You're going to break your neck!"

"Wow! Daddy, I think I can see Aunt Lina and Uncle Gourry's house from up here!"

Zelgadis was positive he could hear a vein popping. "Zack climb down right now or I'll..."


Zelgadis's fears came true. The branch Zack was currently on snapped. To his horror, the boy was plummeting to the ground. Zelgadis's brain didn't have time to register the situation as his body took over. On instinct, he cast a levitation spell. He flew upwards, holding out his arms as if he was catching a ball and caught Zack. The chimera held his son tightly as he made his way back to the safe solid ground. Zelgadis breathed deeply as he felt his momentary fear go away and relief come to take its' place. However, his relief was quickly forgotten as his eyes began twitching at his son's words.

"Daddy, that was fun. Can we do it again?"

"So he climbed a tree. Kids tend to do that, Zel. What's the big deal?"

From his seat on the couch, Zelgadis put down his cup of tea and glared. "Lina, he was almost at the top! If Sylphiel and I weren't there he could have gotten hurt or worse."

Lina folded her hands. "But he's fine now right? You can't stop a kid from climbing a tree."


Gourry and Amelia sighed. Neither of them were in the mood for one of these arguments. "Okay, you both can agree that kids climb trees." Gourry replied. "So can you two please not turn this into a debate?"

Lina shrugged. "Fine."

Zelgadis just grumbled, picking up his tea cup again.

"Speaking of which, where are the kids?" Amelia asked.

"In the backyard. I think Lori is trying to get Rowen and Zack to play hide and seek." Lina replied.

"Just as long as they don't get into anymore trouble." Zelgadis mumbled. "He's my son, and I love him, but that boy is aging me faster than anything Xellos ever did."." He massaged his temples. "Last week, Amelia caught him riding a silver tray down the stairs."

"Well, at least he was wearing a pot for a helmet. You have to admit he's ...adventurous." Amelia pointed out.

Zelgadis turned to his wife. "Well, I don't recall you being so happy last month when he brought that snake home and let it escape from his room." Amelia shuddered. She hadn't been able to get a wink of sleep that week. The thought of a snake crawling into her warm bed and cuddling on her chest kept her more awake then a week's supply of coffee.

"Where did that snake end up anyway?" Gourry added.

Amelia sighed. "In the room Mrs. Martina and Mr. Zangulus were staying in. Remember, it was when we were negotiating trade terms with Xoana."

Lina giggled. "I still wish I could have seen her face when she found that snake in her trunk."

"It wasn't so funny when Mr. Zangulus went chasing after it with his sword,"Amelia muttered. "I'm still not sure how many vases he broke."

Zelgadis sighed, putting down his tea cup again. "My point is that Zack is giving me grey hairs."

Lina rolled her eyes. "Zel, I think you're exaggerating. Chimeras can't get grey..."

Zelgadis plucked a hair and showed it to Lina.

She blinked. "Well I'll be damned. A grey hair. Zack sure seems to have a knack for making the impossible happen."

"I just don't know where he gets it from..."

Amelia blushed. "Um...I'm pretty sure he gets it from me." Amelia cleared her throat. "You may have a hard time believing this, but I was a bit of a wild child myself."

The group stared at her in disbelief. "You're kidding, right?" Lina asked. She had always pictured Amelia as being a good little girl who always did what she was told to do.

Amelia shook her head. "You can ask Daddy if you need proof, but I was always doing stuff like Zack does." She stared at the group seriously. "Why do you think I'm so good at climbing high places?"

Zelgadis was stunned. Suddenly, in his mind he had visions of Zack climbing high pillars and making speeches of love and justice. He groaned. "Wonderful..."

"Relax Zel, Amelia obviously got better. I'm sure Zack will too." Lina replied.

Gourry eased back, laughing a bit. "This is really ironic."

"How so?" Amelia asked.

"I always thought that if you guys ever had kids they would be the well behaved ones and it would be our kids driving us up the wall."

Lina raised an eyebrow. "And why might you say that?"

"I was positive that one of them would inherit your short temper..."

"I do not have a short temper!"


Lori came running in as fast as her little legs would take her. Her blond pony-tail bounced along with her. "Rowen and Zack won't play hide and seek with me!"

Gourry patted her four year old daughter's head. "Honey we've been through this, you can't force your older brother to play with you."

"Well technically she can if she threatens him enough." Lina thought. "But we're probably better off with her not knowing about that yet."

"But what they're doing is really dumb!" Lori pouted. "And I don't like heights."

An eerie silence fell upon the room.

"...Lori why would you say that?" Amelia asked.

Lori sighed and folded her arms. "Zack said he wanted to fly but he can't cast magic spells like Uncle Zelgadis, but Rowen said he just needed a cape like in the storybook Mommy reads us."

Zelgadis groaned. Please, oh please don't say it..

"Lori..." Lina said slowly, "Where are the boys now?"

Thump, thump, thump

The group looked up toward the ceiling, dreading the sounds coming from it.

"On the roof." Lori huffed. "I told them it was stupid."

"I'm going to kill them!" Lina growled as she scooped up Lori and frantically ran outside. The other three followed with many grumbles from Zelgadis. He could feel more grey hairs growing with every passing second.

Author's NoteFor this drabble, I focused more on Zack then I did Lori and Rowen, but I will write some drabbles that will show more of their personalities. As for Zack, I thought it would be amusing for him to inherit Amelia's energy and seeing him drive Zelgadis a bit crazy.