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Just Like My Dad

Joey stood looking down at the face of his son and a tear fell down his face. How did he get so damn lucky to have found Mai again and then to have her marry him and give him a son. Matthew was the splitting image of his father. Always doing everything that his father did.

Mai would stand looking out the window and she would laugh till she cried when she saw their son try to hit a nail and when he hit his thumb he would jump around and then a word came out of his little mouth and Joey spun around and said "son where did you learn to say that word?"

What Matthew said then brought tears to both Joey's eyes when he said "you dad, I learned it from you. Don't you know that I want to be just like you?"

Joey held his son to his chest and looked up towards heaven and silently said how did I get to be so lucky to have a beautiful wife and a son?

That night as he stood listening to Matthew say his prayers he wonder how his son learned to talk to God like an adult and when he asked Matthew he told his dad "you dad, I learned it from you. Don't you know that I want to be just like you?"

Through the years their son grew up and they couldn't of been more proud of him as they were when he graduated from High School. He was Valedictorian and when he stood up in front of his peers and all the parents and visitors and said "we are here today to celebrate our passing from this place to what ever comes our way. I know that each of us have someone who helped guide them along the way and I'm no exception. The persons who showed me that I could do what ever I set out to do are my parents. Mom you gave me life and showed me love every day of my life and Dad, well what can I say except I learned it from you. Don't you know that I want to be just like you, and dad I am."

When the speeches were over and the diploma's were handed out and each one of them went to be with their families, well when Matthew went to his father and Joey was so damn proud of him and he grabbed hold of his son and he gave him a big hug and kissed his cheek and he whispered "God blessed us with you and I love you so much."

Matthew went on to do everything he wanted to do and as his parents got older he was there for them and when their time came to leave this earth and go home to heaven, he was there to lay flowers on their graves and he whispered "Mom I love you and hey dad, I'm more like you every day. I love you too."