Angel's Reprieve

By: Awlric Hayell

Hmm…The people have spoken! The last chapter was a disappointment. Now, we have room for a possible sequel! As such, here is an inspired epilogue to hint a multichapter story that will NOT be updated beyond a prologue chapter. It will be an inspiration story, to be built upon by you out there who have the guts to do such a thing. Now, GET ON WITH IT!

Angel's epilogue: An End (or, the beginning of something completely different.)

Manda sat, in human form at his dinner table, sipping a cup of tea. He used a small fork to stir it, because, as we all know, there is no spoon. Sephiroth faded in, sitting opposite Manda. Manda simply raised an eyebrow. "Back already, Seph?"

Sephiroth simply poured himself a cup of tea in silence and took a sip before answering. "This tea is amazing Manda. Where do you get it?"

Manda took another sip. "I grew the herbs myself, Seph…you still haven't answered my question."

Sephiroth stared off into the distance and took another sip. "This dimension's Naruto is a good person. The fox inside is a bit of a bastard, though."

Manda took a final sip before setting his cup down. "You think you can do better?" this was more of a statement then a question.

Sephiroth nodded, not really listening. "Of course I can. I'm me. The real problem is getting sealed in the first place. I'd have to do some sort of time travel or something."

Manda stood up and faced the window, which showed a family of snakelike beings ut in the front yard, lounging in the sun. He smiled. "Perhaps there is a way."

Sephiroth looked up, surprised. "There is?"

Manda looked over his shoulder and smirked. "Of course, you would have to use Kyuubi-teme's body for it to work, but it could be done with a massive henge. I've got some friends who can set up the time travel and you…well, you should be able to act like the fox if you revert to your old habits."

Sephiroth thought on this possibility. "Yes…yes, that could work, but what about Kyuubi?"

Manda shrugged. "Perhaps trading places? Make him a summon instead."

Sephiroth thought on it. "A Kitsune summoning contract…It's been done before, but not with something else sealed instead. Yes, it should work. And I should hold the contract!"

Manda smiled. "Good to know you agree." He snapped his fingers three times and Sephiroth was henged into Kyuubi, sent to the past, and switched places with the original, pre-seal Kyuubi no Kitsune. Manda smiled as he began to change forms, becoming a black-haired, browned-eyed, Samoan-looking 18 year old with glasses. The new guy smiled. "Sometimes it's good to have Author Powers. They make things a lot easier." He snapped his fingers one more time and disappeared in a flash of light and a puff of smoke.

The End…or is it?

Well, this shall be my inspiration for the prologue. Remember, it's coming soon, to a fanfiction page near you! (actually, it might be a while .;)