A crazy game

"Where is Greg ?" Nick asked .

"I haven't seen him today , since he left to the crime scene." Sara said

"Neither do I . I called him on his cell and on his home phone , but no answer . I'm worried . He should have arrived here by now ." Warrick spoke

"You're right . Grissom knows ?"

"No Sara , I haven't told him yet. Well let's talk to him .


"Grissom , you saw Greg today ?"

"No Nick, why ?"

"He didn't arrive yet and he's not answering on any of his cell-phones . "

"Well , I left him behind at that crime scene . He was with two officers . I'll have Brass to …"

Grissom's phone rang .

"Grissom " he answered .

"Hey , Gil . Bad news ."

"What happened?"

"Um , well , the cop who was there to keep Sanders safe … was found dead at the scene and… Sanders isn't here any more . "

"What ? "

"We found some blood and his leather wristband …"

"Wait for us , Brass , we'll be there within minutes "

He hung up . Gil looked scared at the others .

"Gris , what happened ?" Sara asked .

"Brass called … he think Greg has been kidnapped "

"He … what ?!" Catherine yelled .

"Let's go there."

They left in a hurry .There , Brass showed them the blood , Nick took some for evidence . Then he gave them the wristband , who was immediately recognized as Greg's .

"God , it's happening again…" Sara whispered , looking at Nick ."Catherine , what's that ? " she asked pointing to a white piece of paper .

Catherine took it . It was a letter . On the envelope it wrote : for my beloved CSIs .

"Guys , come here now !" Sara yelled .

"What happened ?" Nick and Warrick asked

"This happened " she said pointing to the letter .

Catherine opened it with trembling hands . She took a letter where it wrote some words that scared them all .

"My dear CSIs ,

You don't know me . I know you all . Very good . Now I took one of you just to show you that I'm the master and I make the rules .

If you want to know what will happen next with your buddy …look on the case no. 9087.

Don't try to find out who I am , you'll not succeed .

Hope we'll talk soon,

Someone who knows you ."

"No…" Nick whispered .

"Why him ?" Warrick asked , nervous .

"Grissom , what is with that case ?" Catherine asked .

"Well , I don't remember , let's go to the lab and see what' with the case .Nick and I will stay here ."

"I want to stay here too " Warrick said .

"Well girls , it's up to you to go to the lab and look on the file ."

"Okay Gris. , Let's go , Catherine" they rushed to the lab .

"Where the hell is that file ?" Catherine yelled , nervous .

"Can I help ?" David Hodges asked .

"Yes , David , have you seen the file no 9087?"

"Um , yeah , I looked on it today " he got out of the room and brought the file "here you go" he said giving it to Catherine .

She read it and gasped in horror . Sara took the paper from her hands and read it , her face changing to white

"Oh my dear God…" she whispered calling Grissom .


"Hey , Gris is Sara"

"Hey , have found the file ?"

"Yeah …it's horrible …"

"What ?"

"The killer from this file… how he killed his victims …. "

"How ? "

"First kidnapped them .. sending letters to the relatives …about releasing the victims if they'd do some things hew said them too … then he told the relatives that he fooled them and sent a video tape with how he killed them…. To make them suffer …"

"What ? "

"He had only one type of killing"

"What type ? How he killed them ?"

"Slowly torture … cuts …whippings , beatings , …then…."

"Then what , Sara ?"

"Then he burned them alive ."

Grissom closed his eyes .


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