Back to normal

"We find David Hodges guilty of all three charges : kidnap , torture and attempted murder . He's sentenced to fifty years of prison ."

This is how the most beautiful part of every CSI in the court room sounds . When the judge read the verdict , they smiled happily and walked out of the room , feeling much better .

"Hodges ? " Greg approached the ex lab tech "I just wanted you to know that I forgave you … I'm not mad at you anymore because I see you received the biggest punishment they could give you . Hope you'll go out soon ."

"I hope you'll die Sanders , a slow and painful death , that's what you gave me ! I'll get my revenge , I swear !"

The officer took Hodges away .

"See , Greg ? justice was made ! now we can live in peace , he'll die before he'll even finish the sentence . " Nick patted the young CSI on the back . "Let's celebrate , guys , I'll buy the drinks " he yelled to the others .

"Okay then , but I wanna get drunk !"

"Okay then ! Warrick is buying then !"

Greg laughed at Nick's joke , who was meant to make him laugh . To help him feel safe again , surrounded by friends , by his family .


-after two weeks-

"Greg ! We have a case in Henderson , quickly take your kit ! "

"'Kay Sara ! Here I am !"

"We'll take my car , and I'm driving ."

"Why do you bother to tell me ? You know you always do …" he mumbled .

"Yeah , you really can't convince me do otherwise !" she laughed .

They climbed in the car and they started to walk to the crime scene .

"So , Greg , you like the new girl ?"

"Oh yeah , she's definitely cute " the new girl was Dawson's replacement , a girl from Denver . A cute blonde girl , with blue eyes , like a Barbie doll and smart , just like Greg . Everyone observed the sparks between , the blush in her cheeks while he was near her , the light in his eyes when he was looking at her . They made a sweet couple together , a really pretty one . All the lab hoped there will be more , because it was too obvious .

"So , you like Gail , don't you ?!"

"I like Gail ?"

"Greg , don't talk like that , it's in your eyes a shinny star every time you talk to her , you like the girl "

"I might , I really don't know , everything is possible "

"And she liked you too !"

"What ? Gail … Gail likes me ?"

He wasn't asking with curiosity , in his words was more love than just curiosity . Sara saw it and hesitated a little before answering .

"Sara , answer to me ! She likes … me ? Me ?"

"Yeah , Greg , she thinks you're hot !"

"She thinks I'm hot" he whispered "she's hot too , she's such a fire …"

Sara laughed . Seeing Greg back , the old Greg , was the best thing that could happen after so much time of pain and sufferance .

"So , what's the case ?"

"A man killed in a club . Nothing special , gunshot wound from what I heard ."

"Uh uh . You know I love you right ?"

"What ?"

"For what you told me earlier … you think me and Gail have something , I mean there is a possibility that we can be together ? "

"Of course it is , Greg , you like each other , that's enough to start a relationship "

"I haven't turned into a monster after all that have I ?" he asked her the question that disturbed him for more than three months .

"No , Greg , don't worry , you're as crazy as you were before"

"Good to know , thank you"

After that , no one broke the silence . Greg was thinking at what o do about Gail , Sara was busy with driving . Gail was an wonderful girl , very cool and had such a body … everyone at the lab liked her and Greg knew . But she refused Nick's request to go out , she was always smiling near him and now Sara told him that … he wanted to jump happily because the next night he decided to ask Gail out .

"Gail !" Greg yelled entering the lab

"Hey Greg , here is your stuff "

"Thanks" hew took the bag "yeah , I'll do it "he thought "Gail Grissom gave us two tomorrow night free and I was wondering if …"

"He's going to ask me out ! he'll ask me out ! finally ! how should I dress ? he'll like my blue dress ? should I take the pink one ? no pink makes me look fat .. maybe the black one … no I'll be too skinny … the blue one is perfect … and my white shoes … or the blue ones ? "

"You'd like to go out ?"

"Oh yeah !" she yelled , but closed her mouth when she heard all lab asking what just happened "of course" she tempered herself .

"Okay then , I'll come and taker you around eight o'clock , is okay with you ?"

"Yeah is perfect" everything is perfect .

Greg left the lab while Catherine entered

"My samples ?"

"Here , here , but I need your help !"

"What ?"

"I need you to make me look amazing tomorrow night ?"

"So … Greg asked you out ?"

"Yeah … yeah … yeah .."
"Okay I'll help you !"

Greg knocked to her door . He was dressed all in black , a pair of dress pants and a black shirt .He waited to see her .

When Gail opened the door , Greg saw that she was too beautiful to be real …. Way too beautiful. She was wearing a blue dress , blue shoes , a blue purse … her hair was arranged in such way to make her prettier .

"Wow … Gail … hey … you look stunning"

"So do you , Greg , so do you"

He gave her the rose he took specially for her . They walked to her car and he opened the door and helped her get in the car . Then he climbed in driver's seat . And the car left.

"Nick , what do you mean Nick ? How can that be possible ?"

"I don't know … they said they have no idea … "


"Greg , are you serious , we are going to this restaurant ? you know how expensive this is ?"

"Doesn't matter .Comparing to your beauty , money have no value "

They had a beautiful silent dinner , they ate , danced , smiled and laughed . Everything was back to normal .


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